$15 Rebate with $20 Purchase at The Body Shop Through Jan 5th, plus ADDITIONAL $15 Rebate!


I love beauty products, and I love FREEBIES, and when you get FREE beauty products that are also ethical and cruelty-free, you just can’t beat it!

I am getting back to posting daily after the Holidays, but I couldn’t let you miss one of my absolute FAVORITE deals!!  Thanks again to Swagbucks, now through the extended date of 1/5/16,  get a $15 rebate when you spend $20 at The Body Shop!  That means you can get $20 in great beauty, bath, and personal care products for only $5!!  Shop sales and use any available coupons and discounts to get even more product for your money!  If you are buying more, there is also an additional $15 rebate you can combine with a $50 in store purchase from Ibotta.  This means by combining the two offers, you can get $50 in awesome products for only $20!

It may look like it takes a bit when the instructions are written out, but it will literally take you just a few minutes in total to complete the rebates.  There is a limit of ONE offer per person/account/Visa card.  You CAN have more than one rebate per household, you just have to have an additional Swagbucks and Ibotta account for another person/family member, and a different VISA card.  You can use a Visa Debit Card, just make sure that your cashier rings the purchase up as credit.  Sometimes they do not ask, so make sure you tell them.  It will NOT give your rebate if it is rung as debit, as the offer is through Visa.  I use my Visa bank account card as credit.

If you are not familiar with Swagbucks, they are in my opinion the most important couponing and shopping site that is out there.  They not only offer all of the high dollar printable coupons available, they pay you for each one you use.  They also offer cashback, and all kinds of other ways to both save and earn money.  Their offers like these are simply amazing!!  I have received so many freebies from using Swagbucks, and a lot of it I have been paid money just to bring home!   Of course it is totally FREE to use as well!

How to receive 1500 Swagbucks ($15)  It literally takes less than a minute

  • First, sign up with a FREE account with Swagbucks.  Once signed up, click the Swagbucks logo on the top left hand corner of  the tool bar on any Swagbucks page.  Click the “Discover” link on the left by scrolling down a bit, then “Trial Pay. ” You can “Sort” by choosing “Highest Payout” to bring it up faster.
  • Next, click on The Body Shop offer, click “continue,” and enter the Visa credit card number you will use to make your purchase, along with your email address.  You will only need to enter the card number, NOT the name on your card, expiration or security code info.  It is indeed safe, and the only way to receive your rebate.  You CAN use a Visa Debit Card, I used my bank card.  Just remember the transaction HAS to be run as “Credit” as this is a deal sponsored by Visa.


  • Shop in store at The Body Shop, and spend $20 BEFORE tax for the offer to qualify.  Once you have finished your purchase, you will “immediately”  and automatically be credited with 1500 Swagbucks which is the equivalent of $15 cash.  No need to do anything else for the Swagbucks offer.  With Swagbucks you can cash out via Paypal like cash, or with other store gift cards.


  • Sign up for a free Ibotta account by clicking here.  If you’re reading this on a smart phone you can immediately download for free to your phone from the link.  If using a computer, you can download for free by simply downloading and signing in to your account using the email address you used to create it.
  • Once signed up, click the “Health and Beauty” category, and click on The Body Shop offer under the “In Store” section.  Click on the offer and “unlock it” by following the directions.
  • Simply shop IN STORE at The Body Shop and spend at least $50 pre tax to receive both the Swagbucks and Ibotta offers.  You must pay using the Visa card you registered in order to receive payment.  MAKE SURE THE CASHIER MAKES YOUR PAYMENT AS CREDIT if using a Visa debit card.  Bank cards with Visa logos will work, just have to be run as credit.
  • To receive the Ibotta rebate, after shopping, open the Ibotta app and click on The Body Shop offer from the step above.  Just follow the directions which will have you take a photo of your receipt, and that is it.  Your extra $15 rebate will be credited to your Ibotta account shortly.  You can cash out of Ibotta via Paypal or choosing store gift cards as well.



Sign up for a free Swagbucks account, and get $15 free at The Body Shop


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