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I always write about amazing deals, but this post although including a “freebie,” is a very personal one.  If you are not a fan of “Too Much Information,” then skipping this post is highly recommended.  The reason I have this site is for the purpose of helping people.  Something I’m compelled to do, something I feel I am called to do I guess I would say.   If you’ve read the “About Couponing with Class” page, you know a basic synopsis of the life events which brought me here. You’ve seen I have RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, now medically termed CRPS, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, which I personally consider a misnomer as it unfortunately can spread. After being hit by a City bus in MN, I had a spine surgery to replace my lower discs, and woke up in a world that I could have never imagined.

I’ve been unable to post over the last week.  My home I rent flooded, again, which started a series of health issues.  Unfortunately, though the pain of RSD never stops, and is ranked the highest on the McGill Pain Index above childbirth, cancers, and amputation, stress absolutely exacerbates it. and things can and usually will snowball.  In the last month I’ve had regular spinal blocks to help me “function,” and am undergoing a plethora of imaging and testing for serious new issues.  Unsure if the RSD is spreading from where it’s been localized from waist to toes of both legs, and unsure of what I’m about to find out.  I’m also faced with the possibility of another bout with melanoma, one I’ve not fought since I was 23, but a biopsy Friday should give me the conclusion.  Needless to say, it has been a very difficult few weeks.

Over a decade ago, I started hearing of a woman somewhere in Oklahoma who “read people’s eyes.”  I’d heard she tells you what health issues you have and how to fix them.  I’ve heard her mentioned periodically over the years, and people raving about her, but as I’m sure you’re thinking, I was skeptical, and quite frankly thought was just another scam of some sort.  Through my 9 year battle with RSD, I’ve researched anything and everything I could get my hands on.  I’ve seen doctors and specialists all over the U.S., including multiple trips to the world renowned Mayo Clinic.  On one of those trips, I was asked to join a new study program for patients with RSD, using alternative pain control methods such as mediation, acupuncture, and to stay there for 6 months to participate.  Having a child, I couldn’t, but it started me looking into alternative methods of pain control and treatment. Several years ago, thanks to an amazing doctor, I started completely incorporating natural and alternative treatments into my traditional medical care, and have seen amazing results. It is a decision I credit to saving my life, or giving me a life may be the best way to explain it.  I’m fairly open minded, but I have to be careful and knowledgeable when it comes my health.  I’ve learned that sadly, some medical professionals have more concerns with money than your health, and they really do not know everything.  You have to be your own advocate and find a great doctor who is great with you.  You have to learn to be discerning, know all the risks and side effects from all medications and procedures to make informed decisions before agreeing to them.  After all, it was a medical procedure, or the problems with one, that threw me into the world of RSD.  A spinal procedure gone terribly wrong.

Along with acupuncture, nutrition, and other natural and alternative therapies, I started using essential oils years ago, long before they had gained popularity within the mainstream public, although they have been in medical use since Ancient Egypt, most likely before as well.  Recently, after much research, I finally decided to be a Young Living Oils representative, for the sole purpose of saving on my personal oils.   I do truly believe that Young Living Oils are the some of the best available, but they are not cheap.  Becoming a rep gives such a huge discount, and the starter kit which contains many of the oils I use anyway, plus a wonderful diffuser, can be purchased at an incredible savings this way, and you’re not forced to maintain any sales.  Becoming a Young Living member put me in touch with a lot of amazing local people, and helped me end up at Rock Creek Herb & Vitamin shop in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Though I had heard of Phyllis so many years, I never knew her name, or where to find her exactly until having a Zyto Compas Scan at a chiropractic office from another Young Living member.  She mentioned seeing her, and I finally asked where.  After considering it so long, I made the decision to finally go.  With everything that has come to fruition the last few months, I had nothing to lose, and it was totally free.

I brought my kids and set off for Sapulpa, using the Rock Creek Facebook page to guide me.  I can barely remember life before Google Maps!  I tried to go with an open mind, but I wasn’t expecting anything.  I arrived at 11am, and she starts seeing people at 11:30.  The shop itself is really nice, albeit not what I was expecting.  I am not really sure what I was expecting though.  It is larger than I thought, very organized, with a beautiful rustic look.  Lots of wood!  I was second in line to a family that drove in to see her from Houston, and the line quickly grew behind me.  I was really nervous, so I was talking to others while waiting.  Each had a personal story of how Phyllis had changed their life.  People from Arkansas, Texas, even Colorado.  All with amazing medical stories and stories of incredible recovery.  People with brain injuries, people who had stage 4 cancer quickly put in remission, a Vietnam vet who has seen her for decades and in fabulous health now.  The stories were all so touching, and left me feeling somewhat hopeful.

When our turn came, my son went first.  You simply sit in a chair in front of her, and you don’t talk except for your name. I suppose you can, but in my skepticism, I didn’t want to divulge anything.   You then just sit, she looks at your eyes, and writes everything down.  Once finished, she then discusses the findings, and writes down for you which vitamins and herbs will help, and the dosage you should take.  As for my son,  I won’t divulge details as he is a teenager and a minor, but I was blown away, seriously in shock.  Things his doctor is currently working on, and issues where we have been unsure of how to proceed.  Next came my turn.  I sent my children away, just in case she was right about me.  Over the next month I have intensive imaging sessions scheduled, covering some serious things, things I do not want my children to know or worry about, at least not yet.  After finishing with my eyes, all those things she had written down.  Minute details that no one knows but my specialists. Things uncommon for my age and so specifically detailed.  She had written down the tumor in my left kidney, specifically stating which kidney.   A tumor which took doctors over a year to find.  I had multiple trips to the ER in tremendous pain, failed imaging attempts which found nothing, and finally capturing it accidentally on an MRI, meant to look at the hardware in my spine.  The hardware casts shadows, probably why it wasn’t showing on regular X-rays, but it’s been excruciatingly painful, and there it was written on my sheet.   This growth has had me doubled over on the floor, unable to walk, off and on over the last year, and she wrote it down immediately.  She also recommended what will break it up, along with what caused it!!   I do not want to list too many personal details, but she had my blood type right, my chronic pain syndrome, and issues my doctors can’t figure out a medical explanation for, but have been testing and testing looking for reasons.  Everything was all there, written down before we even spoke.  There were no generalities, things that people who scam others in situations can pick up on.  I look healthy on the outside, which is difficult on occasion as people do not understand what I go through.  So these are not things that are common.  She had each issue detailed out, and I admittedly was brought to tears.

After handing me a kleenex, we began to talk.  She went over each and every thing she had written down.  Went over each and every vitamin or herb recommended to help, and the dosage needed.  She spends as much time as needed for each person, and doesn’t rush.  Before leaving, she actually thanked me, and said she appreciated me letting her help.  I don’t think I could even get much out to say but to thank her.  This was all FREE.  She does not charge one penny for this, ever.  You can purchase the vitamins she recommends at her shop, but of course you don’t have to.  However, I recommend that you do, because of the time and energy spent.

Before I say anything else, make sure that you clear ANY vitamins or natural products you take with your doctor first.  This is extremely important.  I am lucky that my doctor has done a tremendous amount of research and uses natural treatments as well, but I know that many don’t.  Even natural products can interfere with medications, so it is a must that you check first.  With that being said, I researched the products I did purchase in comparison to the pharmaceutical grade products that my doctor has me purchase.  The products that she carries are all very high in quality.  Not what you find on store shelves, which my doctor had talked to me about long ago.  Most of what you find at your stores have so many fillers, regardless of what their packaging says, and you are basically wasting your money and not getting the results you could be.  I compared each ingredient to the pharmaceutical grade counterpart my Dr. personally recommends, I will not say the brand here, but I am very comfortable with the products I brought home now.

If you can go with an open mind, I think it is an experience that can really help.  And if you end up talking to others while there, I think it is an experience that can be life changing.  There was so much love, so much hope, so much positive energy from everyone there I met, that it made the trip worth it just for that, and made the wait actually pleasant.  You need to get there early, there will be a wait.  People really do drive in from all over to see her, and there is not a lot of seating, but a lot of people that will come and go.

If you live in Oklahoma, or close by, saying that I recommend a visit to Rock Creek Herb & Vitamin Co. is an understatement.  Their card says that it is owned and run by Phyllis and Randy VanDeusen.  Phyllis sees people currently Tues-Fri from 11:30am-4:00pm, and Sat 10:30am-3pm.  Store hours are Tues-Fri 9:30-5, and Sat 9:30-4.  It is completely FREE to work with Phyllis, however, again I recommend making at least a purchase.


Rock Creek Herb & Vitamin Co. Address

11 E. Teel Rd. Sapulpa, Ok 74066

Phone: 918-227-3566 or Toll Free 877-883-7785