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$15 Rebate With $20 Purchase at The Body Shop, Plus Additional $15!!



I know that I have been MIA, and I sincerely apologize.  I have just moved into our new home after a long ordeal with some serious health issues, and will be posting more and more!  I couldn’t let you miss one of my absolute FAVORITE deals!!  Thanks again to Swagbucks, through 12/19 get a $15 rebate when you spend $20 at The Body Shop!  That means you can get $20 in great beauty, bath, and personal care products for only $5!!  If you are wanting to spend more, there is an additional $15 rebate you can combine with a $50 in store purchase from Ibotta.  This means by combining the two offers, you can get $50 in awesome products for only $20!

It may look like it takes a bit when the instructions are written out, but it will literally take you just a few minutes in total to complete the rebates.  There is a limit of ONE offer per person/account/Visa card.  You CAN have more than one rebate per household, you just have to have an additional Swagbucks and Ibotta account for another person/family member, and a different VISA card.

If you are not familiar with Swagbucks, they are in my opinion the most important couponing and shopping site that is out there.  They not only offer all of the high dollar printable coupons available, they pay you for each one you use.  They also offer cashback, and all kinds of other ways to both save and earn money.  Their offers like these are simply amazing!!  I have received so many freebies from using Swagbucks, and a lot of it I have been paid money just to bring home!   Of course it is totally FREE to use as well!

Before shopping, make sure you also have the free Shopkick app on your smart phone.  You get paid just to walk into stores.  You can earn even more by scanning bar codes of featured products. or whenever you make a purchase. You even get paid just to look at the “Look Books” of new products and deals listed in the app.   It’s like reading a magazine and making money for it.  It adds up quickly and I get a lot of freebies from gift cards I earn!

How to receive 1500 Swagbucks ($15)  It literally takes less than a minute

  • First, sign up with a FREE account with Swagbucks.  Once signed up, click the Swagbucks logo on the top left hand corner of  the tool bar on any Swagbucks page.  Click the “Discover” link on the left by scrolling down a bit, then “Trial Pay. ” You can “Sort” by choosing “Highest Payout” to bring it up faster.
  • Next, click on The Body Shop offer, click “continue,” and enter the Visa credit card number you will use to make your purchase, along with your email address.  You will only need to enter the card number, NOT the name on your card, expiration or security code info.  It is indeed safe, and the only way to receive your rebate.  You CAN use a Visa Debit Card, I used my bank card.  Just remember the transaction HAS to be run as “Credit” as this is a deal sponsored by Visa.


  • Shop in store at The Body Shop, and spend $20 BEFORE tax for the offer to qualify.  Once you have finished your purchase, you will “immediately”  and automatically be credited with 1500 Swagbucks which is the equivalent of $15 cash.  No need to do anything else for the Swagbucks offer.  With Swagbucks you can cash out via Paypal like cash, or with other store gift cards.



  • Sign up for a free Ibotta account by clicking here.  If you’re reading this on a smart phone you can immediately download for free to your phone from the link.  If using a computer, you can download for free by simply downloading and signing in to your account using the email address you used to create it.
  • Once signed up, click the “Health and Beauty” category, and click on The Body Shop offer under the “In Store” section.  Click on the offer and “unlock it” by following the directions.
  • Simply shop IN STORE at The Body Shop and spend at least $50 pre tax to receive both the Swagbucks and Ibotta offers.  You must pay using the Visa card you registered in order to receive payment.  MAKE SURE THE CASHIER MAKES YOUR PAYMENT AS CREDIT if using a Visa debit card.  Bank cards with Visa logos will work, just have to be run as credit.
  • To receive the Ibotta rebate, after shopping, open the Ibotta app and click on The Body Shop offer from the step above.  Just follow the directions which will have you take a photo of your receipt, and that is it.  Your extra $15 rebate will be credited to your Ibotta account shortly.  You can cash out of Ibotta via Paypal or choosing store gift cards as well.




Sign up for a free Swagbucks account, and get $15 free at The Body Shop


Sign up for your free Ibotta account now, using my referral link will also allow you to be on my savings team which means bonus payments and rebates!

The Four Best Stores for Makeup and Beauty Deals & Freebies!




If you have read any of my posts, even for just a little while, you know that beauty deals and freebies are my absolute favorite!!  Since a little girl, there has been just something about those beautiful little bottles and tubes that makes me smile, but getting them totally FREE, that is just perfection!!

There are all kinds of ways to get super deals, and even FREE makeup and beauty products.  If you want to read more, you can see my “Beauty on a Budget, and Makeup for FREE” page.  However, I wanted to highlight four of the best makeup and beauty stores or companies that have email, newsletters, or loyalty programs which give you the best deals and freebies.  They also range from higher end stores which carry luxury beauty brands, to brands you can find at your local drug store.




Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation Review, plus Get it for only $42 with $20 Rebate at Sephora!

Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation only $42 with $20 Rebate at Sephora!

Sephora carries a plethora of luxury beauty lines, as well as brands that you can find in some department stores.  Sephora has their free Beauty Insider club.  When you join their program you are rewarded with extra samples with your purchases, exclusive discounts, and FREEBIES!!!  You have access to free beauty classes, events, and more!

Their birthday gift sets are always awesome!! They have a set for both men and women, and they always contain great cosmetics, beauty, perfume, and personal care products.  You are sent an email during your birthday month with notice.  You can either pick it up in store with no purchase necessary, or it is automatically added to your cart if you make a purchase online.

They also offer points for every dollar you spend.  You can redeem these points for all kinds of beauty products, even luxury beauty brands.  I have loved every product that I “purchased” with my points.  You can see their “Rewards” page here.

When you spend $350 in a calendar year, you unlock what they call “VIB Status.”

Some of the VIB benefits:

  • FREE seasonal gifts
  • Concierge service, get beauty advice over the phone
  • Private events
  • Try new products early
  • Early access to sales

When you spend $1000 in a calendar year, you unlock “VIB Rouge” status.

Some of the VIB Rouge benefits:

  • FREE shipping on every order
  • Exclusive VIB Rouge events
  • Special Gifts
  • Access to the Beauty Studio, every service free, “On the house.”  From touchups to full makeovers

There are also other ways to get freebies from Sephora.

  • SWAGBUCKSBesides being the best savings and earning site out there, Swagbucks often offers super deals for Sephora as well as cashback.  For instance, right now they are offering a $15 rebate when you spend $20 in store.  That means $15 in makeup and beauty freebies for spending only $5!!  You can see the deal along with step by step instructions HERE.  This deal is also a great way to score your favorite products at a total steal.  I grabbed my Dior Airflash Spray Foundation, my #1 “Must Have,” for only $42 combining this deal with a $5 Ibotta offer.  You can see how HERE. Swagbucks also offers deals periodically where they actually PAY YOU to get FREE beauty boxes and products from companies like Julep.  It is a good idea to check their offers regularly.  Freebies are awesome, but getting PAID just to get stuff free is even better!

Sign up for your free Swagbucks account now to both save and earn money, plus get great freebies as well!

  • Ibotta– Ibotta offers rebates both online and in store shopping at Sephora,

Sign up for your free Ibotta account now to start saving and making money!

  • Shopkick Shopkick offers discounts and coupons for Sephora, and also FREE Sephora Gift Cards!!  You can redeem your Shopkick points for free money to use at Sephora, which equals awesome freebies!

Sign up for your free Shopkick account now, and get 50 FREE bonus points!



The Body Shop Rebate Deal & Review, FIVE FREE Products!!

The Body Shop Rebate Deal, I was able to grab FIVE FREE Products!!

Right now we have an AMAZING freebie opportunity for The Body Shop thanks to Visa and Swagbucks.  Get a $15 rebate when you spend $20 in store.  This means $15 of beauty product freebies!!  You can see the deal and review HERE.

I love The Body Shop for all kinds of reasons, but one of the most important is the ethics and environmental policies that the company adheres to.  The Body Shop’s Love Your Body Rewards Program offers quite a few benefits.  It is a bit different in that it does charge you$10 a year to be in the rewards club.  However, you save much more than the $10 in the end.

Some of the Love Your Body Reward benefits:

  • 10% off most in store and online purchases
  • $10 Reward in your birthday month
  • Accumulate points for spending
  • Exclusive member only coupons and discounts

Even if you don’t want to spend the $10 for their reward card, there are other ways to get great deals and even freebies from The Body Shop.  Make sure you sign up with a free account, and opt for their email updates.  You receive coupons, free shipping, and notice of upcoming sales and offers.  Using these combined with their online outlet sales section, means you can snag a ton of awesome products for pennies on the dollar.  Always check the outlet and sales section before making a purchase.  I have been really surprised at the deals I have been able to manage there.

There are also other ways to save and get freebies from The Body Shop.

  • SWAGBUCKSSwagbucks periodically has fabulous offers for The Body Shop. I mentioned their current offer above, a $15 rebate when you spend $20 in store, just as they are offering with Sephora.  You can see the deal and review HERE. They also offer cashback, and other coupons and discounts.  Make sure that you check their “Offers” page frequently.  You can find it by clicking the “Discover” tab on the top tool bar, then “Offers.”

Sign up with a free Swagbucks account now, and start saving and making money on your beauty products!

  • Ibotta– Ibotta offers rebates both online and in store for The Body Shop,

Sign up for your free Ibotta account now to start saving and making money!

  • Shopkick Shopkick offers discounts and coupons for The Body Shop.

Sign up for your free Shopkick account now, and get 50 FREE bonus points!




While Bath and Body Works doesn’t have a traditional “Loyalty Program,”  signing up for their email alerts and home mailers means that you will get totally free products throughout the year.  It also means super deals like I managed in the photo above.  For ALL of these products, after store sale, coupon, cashback, and all discounts were applied, I paid only $15 for 17 products.  Since one alone was regularly $34, that is a lot of FREE products!

While some freebies are “Free Item With Purchase,” they often send out mailers for totally free products with no purchase necessary.  In fact, I just received one in the mail yesterday.

Simply sign up for a free account at  Make sure you fill out your home address and personal information and opt for mailers.  The best freebies without purchase deals are sent straight to your door.  Then make sure you opt for their email as well.  You will receive exclusive coupons and discount offers to your email account, along with upcoming sales and special promotions.

There are other ways to receive freebies and super discounts from Bath and Body Works.

  • Ibotta– the free rebate app Ibotta periodically has offers for Bath and Body Works. They also have grocery and product rebates that result in a ton of great freebies and even moneymakers.

Sign up for your free Ibotta account now to start saving and making money!

  • Shopkick Shopkick also offers deals and discounts for Bath and Body Works periodically.

Sign up for your free Shopkick account now, and get 50 FREE bonus points!

  • Retailmenot–  Retailmenot is a free app and free site that offers coupons, discounts, and even freebies to Bath and Body Works.
  • CouponSherpa– Coupon Sherpa is a free app that occasionally offers Bath and Body Works freebies.  I just check in periodically to make sure I don’t miss them.


CVS Pharmacy


This was all FREE from ONE CVS shopping trip last year!

This was all FREE from ONE CVS shopping trip last year!

Now, I know that this seems a bit odd, and while they don’t sell luxury beauty products per say, they have a lot of great brands, and ultimately I receive the MOST freebies from CVS.

First and most importantly, you need to have a CVS Extra Care Card. You can sign up here, and just takes a few minutes.  Your card will become active immediately.  You are required to have an Extra Care Card to receive the sales prices listed in their weekly ads, and also for all of the CVS coupons available.

Once you have an Extra Care Card, you then need to sign up separately with their email and newsletter.  You will receive additional exclusive coupons and discounts, that when combined with sales and promotions, will get you some really great freebies throughout the year. While most stores allow you to use one manufacturer’s and one store coupon per each item, CVS allows you to use any and all available coupons and discounts, along with a manufacturer’s coupon per each item.

Next, sign up with the free CVS Beauty Rewards Club.  Once signed up, for every $50 you spend on beauty and qualifying personal care products, you will receive $5 in Extra Care Bucks back.  Extra Care Bucks are basically the same as cash, and can be used to purchase almost anything at CVS.  The best part of the Beauty Program is that the $50 is based on the price of the item, NOT what you actually pay after coupons, stores sales, promotions, and discounts.  This means that you can earn a lot of free “money,” and very quickly.   I often receive Extra Care Bucks from items that were free after discounts were applied.  So you end up making money off your free stuff.

If you are a fan of Physician’s Formula Cosmetics, CVS is the BEST place to purchase from.  I have at least one of every Physician’s Formula products that CVS carries.  Most I end up with FREE, but I do not spend over $2 for any PF cosmetics item.  There are always super deals available, and if not then, I know there will be during the next few sale periods.


There are super deals and even freebies available for all types of makeup and beauty products. You just need to know where to look.  For a more comprehensive list see the “Guide to Extreme Couponing, Saving, and How to Make Money Shopping” and “Beauty on a Budget and Makeup for Free” pages. Hopefully you will be able to grab some great freebies as well after reading.  Have fun shopping, and don’t forget to open your free Shopkick app and MAKE MONEY while getting your freebies too!


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!












TODAY ONLY, Bath & Body Works New Body Creams $3.94, Coupon & Cashback!


Bath & Body Works NEW Body Creams only $3.94 from $12.50!!



Grab your list and start shopping!  TODAY ONLY, Bath & Body Works has their new formula Body Creams regularly $12.50, only $4 with coupon code BELIEVE4ME !!!!!  This is HUGE SAVINGS!!! There are over 20 fragrances to choose from.  Limit of 15 per person.  Bath & Body Works has really changed their coupon and sales policy, and it is impossible now to get the super crazy deals of the past.  Since they require a code to get the sale price, you can’t combine with any other coupon code.

But, we can do better!!!  We also can get cashback!  Unfortunately Bath & Body Works no longer uses cashback with Topcashback.  But, ebates does, and right now they are the highest with 1.5% cashback.   

How to get Bath and Body Works Body Cream for only $3.94:

Sign up with a new ebates account by clicking HERE.

Type “Bath & Body Works” in the search box, then click “shop now.”  This will take you to the B&BW site.  Shop, and add the body creams to your cart.  When finished, enter code BELIEVE4ME which will knock the price from $12.50 down to only $4.  Pay, and that is it!

Ebates will confirm your cashback in a few days, making the final total for each body cream only $3.94!

Pampers Diapers $5.87 at Walmart, Printable Coupon & Rebate!




Use easy printable coupon and easy online rebate to score a SUPER DEAL on Pampers at Walmart!

Like all printables, you can print 2 copies of each coupon per computer. For SWAGBUCKS coupons, it is the same, you just need to also have an additional account per each computer. You can share a printer as coupon prints are based on computer IP address. You receive $0.10 for every SWAGBUCKS coupon you redeem, and an additional $0.25 every time you hit 10 prints!




  • Pampers Swaddlers Jumbo Pack Diapers $8.97, regular price

Buy 1, Receive $1.50 from IBOTTA

Use $1.50/1 Pampers Swaddler Diapers printable SWAGBUCKS

Pay $7.47, Receive $1.50 from IBOTTA and Receive $0.10 for redeeming one SWAGBUCKS coupon


This post contains affiliate links. I use affiliate and referral links whenever possible to help recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!

Bath & Body Works FREE Full Size Product, Plus Huge Sale & Cashback! Today Only!





TODAY ONLY!  Shop Bath and Body works ONLINE and receive a free gift with ANY purchase worth $15.50.  You will receive a gift bag with a full size Wild Madagascar Vanilla Shower Gel with the following promotional code!

Of course we always can do even better!  Sign up, or sign in to your FREE TOPCASHBACK account, and get the GUARANTEED highest cashback percentage available, which right now is 3%.  Once you are signed up/in, type “Bath and Body Works” into the search box, and click “get cashback.”  It will take you to the Bath and Body Works site.   When you are ready to checkout, enter code FREEWMV to add the freebie to your cart, which will also give you $1.00 shipping on all orders that are $25 or more.

The freebie truly does work with just one item. .  However, it is a MUCH better deal to go ahead and purchase at least $25 to get the $1 shipping.  I tried several scenarios and even if you use the freebie code and just one $5 item, shipping costs for one bath product and the freebie come up as $9.99.  Personally, I would rather spend a few extra dollars, but receive much more product. than pay for really pricey shipping on a freebie.

The great news is that they have some great offers right now to choose from.  They are having Buy 3 Get 3 FREE on both Signature Body Care and Online Exclusive Body Care.  They also have 50% off a lot of products.  Their Holiday traditions lotion trio is on sale for $10, which saves $5, and you can get 5 hand sanitizers for $5.  The hand sanitizers make awesome stocking stuffers!  The NEW hand soaps are on sale 5 for only $18, or 7 for only $24!  These are normally $6.50 each!

Here is a Great Deal that I Did.  It ended up being $8 cheaper than doing a Buy 3 Get 3 Free scenario with the cheapest products available:


  • 1 Maui Hibiscus Beach Body Lotion $6.25
  • 1 Maui Hibiscus Beach Shower Gel $6.25
  • 1 Aruba Coconut Shower Gel $5.50
  • 5 Pack We Love Fall Pocketbac Sanitizers sale $5
  • 1 Pumpkin Cupcake Pocketbac Sanitizing Hand Gel $1.75
  • 1 Twisted Peppermint Pocketbac Sanitizing Hand Gel $1.75
  • 1 FREE Madagascar Vanilla Shower Gel and Gift Bag

Total Products=11


After 3% cashback $25.70, or $2.33 each when you buy all 11!


Sign up for your free TOPCASHBACK account now, and your FREEBIE from Bath and Body Works now!