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Multipurpose Printer Copy Paper only $0.01 at Staples, Basically Free




One of my favorite recurrent deals is active again, basically a FREEBIE!!  I grab these every time they are available.  To get the best deals, you have to print coupons, there is no way around it.  Especially since we are paid for every Swagbucks coupon we use! But, it does not have to be an expense.  I get my paper either FREE or for the Staples $0.01 deal like this one,  and I get my ink cartridges for around $0.80 each including shipping from ebay.

Print the coupon and head to Staples.   You can purchase up to four packs for the rebate per person.  You will pay only $4.80 for each pack.  After purchasing, use the online easy rebate form, and you will receive your $4.79 rebates through the mail! This makes each pack only $0.01, Basically a FREEBIE!!  You can use up to FOUR rebates!



  • Staples 8.5×11 Multipurpose Paper 500 sheets $7.79

Buy 1, Receive $4.79 Easy Rebate ( Limit 4 )

Use $2.99/1 Staples Multipurpose 8.5×11 paper ream

Pay $4.80, Receive $4.79 Easy Rebate

= $0.01

LeapFrog Leapster, Toy Story 3 Game only $1.00, Walmart Clearance Deal





I grabbed a few clearance items last night at Walmart that I wanted to share.  Make sure you ask a sales associate where all their clearance sections are, as there were two in the store I was at, and in totally different areas than they usually are.  They also were not marked visibly from the outside, and you could not see the clearance signs until you were in the aisle.

There were a lot of Leap Frog and Vtech games on clearance.  A lot were $5.00, still a great deal.  However, the Toy Story 3 Games for the Leapster are all only $1.00!  These would be great gifts to put in Easter baskets, and you can’t beat the price!


  • Leap Frog Leapster Toy Story 3 Learning Game, clearance price $1.00


FREE Windex Electronic Wipes, plus MONEYMAKER at Target, Printable Coupon




I love freebies with no out of pocket!  I love getting PAID for them even more!!  Use a printable coupon to grab Windex Electronic Wipes TOTALLY FREE, plus a MONEYMAKER at Target!  There is a rebate on Windex from Checkout51, however it excludes the electronic wipes.

Use a reusable bag and receive $0.05 for each one, makingal it an even better MONEYMAKER!




  • Windex Electronic Wipes 4 count pack $1.00, regular price

Use $1/1 Windex Product printable Swagbucks

Pay $0, Receive $0.10 for redeeming one Swagbucks coupon



This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!


FREE PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader at CVS 2/22-2/28, NO Coupons Needed!





We have another FREEBIE opportunity at CVS starting Sunday 2/22-2/28.  Get the PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader FREE, NO coupons needed! Plus, get $10 FREE just to use it!

These are found by the batteries at CVS.  I picked one up a few weeks ago when they were free, and they are actually really cool.  You also get $10 free deposited in your account upon your first transaction.



  • PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader sale $9.99, 2/22-2/28

Buy 1, Receive $9.99 Extra Care Bucks 2/22-2/28 ( Limit 1 )

Pay $9.99, Receive $9.99 Extra Care Bucks


$150 Kate Spade Bag I got FREE Thanks to Swagbucks, & Swagbucks Review




“Is Swagbucks for real?”  This is a question I get all the time.  I can not answer emphatically enough… YES!!!!  Not only is it “for real,” but in my opinion it is THE MOST important savings and earning site that is out there right now.  I have tried them all, literally, and I use quite a few regularly.  However, nothing comes even close to the savings and earnings I receive from using Swagbucks.

Today I received this beautiful $150 Kate Spade bag, courtesy of just SOME of last month’s Swagbucks earnings.  Of course I got a fantastic deal, and when all was said and done, I ended up using less than $45 equivalent in Swagbucks.


I normally do not spend money on myself, but treating myself every once in a while with free money that doesn’t come out of my own pocket, is now possible thanks to Swagbucks.  I am currently saving up for a Disney World trip for my teenage son, my toddler, and myself.  That one special trip we can have before my now 14yr old son heads off into the world on his own. Swagbucks will be a huge part of being able to go.  And if you have read my “About Couponing With Class” page, you know it is virtually the ONLY way we could go at the moment.

Whether you want to put a little time in, or simply use Swagbucks for their printable coupons which they pay you to use, you will earn money quicker than you ever thought possible.  And every little Swagbuck truly does add up!

I first found out about Swagbucks after taking a coupon boot camp several years ago.  The woman giving the class said she paid for all of her Holiday gifts using just the Swagbucks she earned during the year.  I was EXTREMELY skeptical, but decided to give it a try.  I am so glad I did!  For the past few years now, I have done the same!!  Not only have I been able to provide AMAZING Holidays for my kids, but I have also been able to donate a lot as well.

The premise of Swagbucks is pretty simple.  Whenever you complete activities, offers, use coupons etc., you are paid in “Swagbucks.”  You can redeem these for gift cards to various stores, or via PAYPAL which is basically the same as cash.

Within the first month of signing up, I had racked up the equivalent of over $250 in Swagbucks!  Granted I set aside about 45 minutes every evening, but it was easy money that I could make in bed from my laptop after the kids were asleep.   While I no longer spend ANY time, I still rack up a substantial amount of Swagbucks.

There are so many different ways to make money on Swagbucks.  You can make as little or as much as you want, and there are a lot of things you can do that do not take any time at all.   They also offer a free mobile app, which is great for anytime you have a few minutes to burn.  Make money while waiting in line or at the doctor.  The more you use it, the more you earn.  It is also a great way to get deals and a lot of FREEBIES as well!

Sign up for your free Swagbucks account now, and start saving and earning money today!


  • Printable Coupons-  They offer an extensive printable coupon section, all of the high dollar manufacturer’s coupons that are available.  Along with saving a fortune on your purchases, you are also paid $0.10 for every coupon that you redeem!  They also offer $0.25 when you print 10 or more coupons periodically. These are the exact same coupons available on, or through coupon and deal site links.  The difference is, instead of other people collecting the affiliate commissions, Swagbucks turns it over to you.  Always check to see if a coupon is offered in Swagbucks FIRST.  It is very rare that a coupon is offered that isn’t.  These are the cases when a coupon is zip code dependent.   Getting $0.10 per coupon may not sound like much, but over the course of a few months, you will be surprised at how quickly it adds up!!!!!!


  • SHOPPING-Earn Swagbucks for every dollar you spend on your online purchases.
  • PAID TO SEARCH–  They offer a great “paid to search” program.    I have Swagbucks search installed on my laptop, and use it for all of my online endeavors.  I bookmark the sites I use routinely so that I get credit just for signing in to Facebook, etc..   With the search feature, you are offered “random” payments sporadically, but I have discovered a few tips to increase your earnings, which you will find below at the bottom of the post.  They also offer search on their phone app, so you can earn money searching from your phone and other electronic devices as well.
  • OFFERS- Get paid to try products, and save money on things you may buy anyway.  They offer an extensive offers sections, which pays you to complete any one you choose.  There are a lot of totally free offers, that you get paid to try.  I try to take advantage of all of these.  There are a lot of trial offers as well, that offer a free period that you can cancel and still receive payment.  Some will require a credit card for verification, but most do not.  As long as you cancel the offer before the trial period Is up, you are not charged and you still are paid unless the offer states otherwise.  For example, I completed the offer where I received a FREE Julep beauty box, and was paid $6 on top just for doing it.  I also was paid $15 to try for free, plus given $10 in free shipping.  Right now there are super deals for Sephora and The Body Shop, where you end up getting free money to shop.  You can find the Sephora deal here, and The Body Shop deal here.  There are also offers like this one where you are paid $1.30 just to get a free Target Red Card, you can find it here.
  • GAMES- They offer a games section where you can earn money just for playing!
  • SURVEYS- Swagbucks offers by far the best survey site available.  Except for Ipoll on a mobile device, it is one of the only survey sites that I really use anymore.  I know a lot of people do not like doing surveys, but I recommend you try them on Swagbucks.  They offer high pay outs, and the surveys are usually short enough that it is definitely worth the time.
  • PAID TO WATCH VIDEOS-  You are paid to watch short video clips on both the online site and the mobile app.  These are great to use while out, and any time you have a few minutes to wait somewhere.
  • REFFERALS- Swagbucks has changed their policy so you receive 10% of what your referrals make for a LIFETIME!  Since most sites offer limits, this is huge and an easy way to earn.  Your friends will love how easy it is to make free money, and you are rewarded for sharing!
  • ENCRAVE-  The Encrave is a section devoted to exploration.  Learn cool facts and read interesting articles, while earning money for it!  If you are like I am and thrive on superfluous information, this is something you probably do regularly anyway.  Why not get PAID for it?
  • READING- You can get paid for downloading and reading books.  Whenever you are purchasing a book, make sure to check the section first to see if it is included.   Money for reading…. who knew???  I wish I had this during throughout college!!
  • DAILY POLLS and TASKS- Get paid to answer the question of the day, and for completely easy tasks such as looking things up online.



Even if you don’t want to spend time on things like surveys, watching ads, etc., you still can rack up substantial money from Swagbucks.  It is easy to use, and is truly 100% legitimate.  Even if just using for search and coupons, it is amazing how quickly your earnings will add up.  You also can get great exclusive deals and discounts on purchases and services you might be using anyway.  There are frequently offers that pay you to try things for free like Gamefly, subscription boxes, and all kinds of other products and services.  I have been paid for so many things that I was going to do anyway.

Use Swagbucks a little, or use it a lot, but I definitely recommend using it.  You won’t regret it and you won’t believe how much you end up saving and earning over the years.

Sign up for your FREE Swagbucks account now, and start saving and earning money today!





  • Open a separate email account and use it solely for SWAGBUCKS, or other like sites.  You get a lot of email, but a lot of the emails can save you money, or make you money. 
  • When using SWAGBUCKS search, always clear your cookies/cache when you sign on, it triggers more rewards.
  • When doing surveys, clear your cookies/cache frequently, it also triggers more survey opportunities the more you use it, and by clearing it out, it thinks you have signed on in a new session.
  • Check your email!  A lot of high paying opportunities are sent directly to your email. 
  • Whenever you have a few minutes, turn SWAGBUCKS mobile on and let the videos play.  Check in from time to time as once in a while it will prompt you to click “next” in order to continue. 
  • When completing “trial” offers, set an alarm in your phone or whatever device you use, so you don’t forget to cancel before a payment is taken. 
  • Make sure you install the Swagbucks tool bar for your searching on whichever browser you are using.  You will find it on your Swagbucks home page.  They notify you when Swagcodes are available for free bonus Swagbucks.  These take just a minute to find, and really do add up.


Sign up for your FREE Swagbucks account now, and start saving and earning money today!


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HURRY! LeapFrog Learning Bus only $6.87 from $20!


LeapFrog Learning Friends Adventure Bus only $6.87 from $20!


HURRY!!  Amazon deals can change in seconds, and this has already gone up a few cents since it first popped up this morning.  Get the LeapFrog Learning Friends Adventure Bus for only $6.87 from $19.99!  Already cheaper than normal retail!!  These are great toys if you have never purchased them before, and your little ones will love them.  Fun while learning about the world around them!

Shipping is FREE with Amazon Prime, or with orders of $35+. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, get it FREE for a month, see below!


Get Amazon Prime for a whole month TOTALLY FREE!! You get FREE 2 day shipping on all of your purchases from Amazon, free music and movies, and more! If you don’t love it, you can cancel before the 30 days are up, and you never spend a penny for it.


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!

My Weekly Favorites! Moneymakers, Freebies, and Super Deals!




We have so many great FREEBIES this week!!  You can find the full list HERE.  But, we also have some really awesome deals as well that aren’t quite free, but still pretty amazing!!!  A lot of people search only for the free stuff, so I wanted to highlight a few of the deals that you don’t want to miss, as well as some of my favorite freebies too.



  • Get $20 FREE at The Body Shop- This is a combination of two separate rebates combined together for one super deal.  Spend $20 and get $15 cash back, and spend $30 and get $5 cash back.



Free Aveeno Shave Gel at CVS

Kleenex only $0.24 at CVS



Free Better Oats Oatmeal and Free Truvia Sweetener at Walmart

Speed Stick Gear and Old Wisconsin Turkey Bites $0.33 each at Walmart

Free Tate & Lyle Vanilla and Caramel Vegan Friendly Syrups at Walmart

Jergens Lotion $0.29 at Walmart

Maybelline Lash Blast Mascara $0.87 at Walmart

Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce $0.88 at Walmart

Hamburger Helper $0.38 at Walmart



Free Glade Candles, Wax Melts, and Scented Oil Refills at Target

Free Ziploc Storage Containers and Bags at Target


GoGo Squeez Fruits & Veggiez $0.50 at Target

Green Works Cleaner $0.15 at Target

Aquafina Water $0.27 at Target

Special K Bars $0.53 at Target

Windex Touch Ups $0.74 at Target



Maybelline Eye Shadow $0.84 at Walgreens

Cheerios Cereal $0.99 at Walgreens

Windows Glass Cleaner $0.55 at Walgreens



This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!





HP Wireless Optical Mouse $7.97 from $25, plus $10 Cash! TODAY ONLY!



HP – x3000 Wireless Optical Mouse – Black only $7.97 from $25, plus get $10 Cash FREE!!  TODAY ONLY!!!


Best Buy has the HP x3000 Wireless Optical Mouse in black on sale for only $7.99 from $24.99!!!  But, get 2.25% cashback which is the guaranteed highest percentage right now, plus get $10 cash FREE for new accounts!!  This means you get it FREE, plus MAKE MONEY!

For a short time, Topcashback is offering $10 for new accounts.  They offer the guaranteed highest cashback available, along with their Snap & Save grocery rebate program, and other ways to both save and earn money.

How to get the HP x3000 Wireless Optical Mouse for only $7.97, plus get $10 cash:

  • Clear your cookies, and delete your history, especially if you use any other sites that track your activity like other cashback sites.  Sign up for your FREE Topcashback account by clicking HERE.
  • Once signed up and logged in, type “Best Buy” into the search box, the click “Get Cashback.”  This will take you to the Best Buy site.
  • Type “HP Wireless Optical Mouse” into the Best Buy search box, and add it to your cart. Choose “Free Store Pickup” to avoid shipping charges.
  • Checkout and pay with whichever payment method you prefer.

Topcashback will confirm your cashback within 7 days.  This will make your total only $7.97.  Once you have reached $10 in cashback, your free $10 will be automatically added to your account.  So it is like getting the mouse totally FREE, plus MAKING MONEY!! You can cash out via Paypal, or through various other options they have available.


TIps to ensure you receive your Topcashback cashback payment:

I have heard some users have had some issues with missing cashback from Topcashback.  After contacting them, I have some tips to ensure your cashback is confirmed.  First, before signing into Topcashback, make sure you delete your cookies and clear your history.  This is extremely important, especially if you are like me and use various cashback sites.  This has interfered with some merchants confirming cashback with them.  Make sure you use Topcashback to access the website you are purchasing from, and do not hit the back button etc.  Make sure you keep your invoice or confirmation email from the retailer you purchase from, until your cashback has been confirmed.  If your cashback is not confirmed within the stated time (it will say next to the merchant on the site as each one can be different), make sure you send a support ticket with your information.  Because I use so many, I keep a log on my computer with date, time, merchant, and purchase amount.  It takes just a second and I can tell right away if anything is missing.  You can also find the tracking of all of your website visits with info on date, time, etc, under your Topcashback account information.


Sign up for a new, free Topcashback account now to get $10 cash FREE, and save on all your online purchases!

HURRY, FREE $70 Kids Wow Wee ArtSee Studio Ipad Tablet Case After Rebate!




Wow Wee ArtSee Studio Protective Tablet Case – Works with iPad® 1/2/3, App for iOS 5 and iOS 6 – 0320 Regularly $70, TOTALLY FREE after Rebate!!


HURRY!!!!  This is a SUPER FREEBIE that will sell out SUPER FAST!!  It is set to run through 1/30, but I can only imagine that it is going to sell out soon.

Tiger Direct has the Wow Wee ArtSee Studio Protective Tablet Case for Ipad on sale for only $21.99 from $69!!  Already a $48 savings!  BUT, there is a $22 rebate making it TOTALLY FREE!!!  You are allowed THREE REBATES per person, billing address, company, or household!   The case works with iPad 1/2/3, App for iOS 5 and iOS 6.  To make an awesome deal even better, we also can get cashback!!

For cashback, I am going to recommend using Swagbucks for this transaction first.  You will receive 1 Swagbuck per every dollar spent.  Next I would recommend Big Crumbs, and then Ebates,  I use different companies per transaction depending on percentage and reliability of both the cashback site and the site I am purchasing from.  Some retailers have issues tracking with some cashback companies.

If not using SwagbucksBig Crumbs has been the most reliable of all the companies I have used, and I have used them since 2008 without one missing cashback transaction.  They also pay monthly no matter how much or how little your earn.  After Big Crumbs,  I recommend Ebates.  While the cashback percentage is a fraction of a point higher, the first two have been the most reliable for me over time.  While Topcashback always has the guaranteed highest cashback percentage,  they have unfortunately been experiencing technical issues with the site and with tracking.   Until they can get the system fixed, I am recommending other companies first that have proven to be reliable over time.

How to get it FREE:

Sign up for your free cashback accounts with either SwagbucksBig Crumbs or Ebates.  For all of these, the general protocol is the same.  Once signed up and you are logged in, type “TigerDirect” in the search box, then click the “Shop Now, or Get Cashback” link/button.  This will bring you to the Tiger Direct site.  Type “Wow Wee ArtSee Case” in the Tiger Direct search box, and add to your cart.  Continue to checkout and make your purchase.  You will pay the $21.99 for each one you purchase, and shipping will be around $4.50 or less.  It was only $5.70 to ship TWO to Oklahoma.  Your cashback will confirm within a few days!

Make sure you send your rebate in as soon as possible.  There is a 60 day limit to redeem after your purchase.

Rebate Information:

Click here to download information for:
$22 (USD) MIR on ArtSee Studio (0320) – WOWWEE1-1000

Valid 01/26/2015 – 01/30/2015
This rebate MUST be postmarked within 60 days of purchase.
This rebate is in USD currency and may be paid with a prepaid reward card.
NOTICE: Limit (3) THREE rebates per person, billing address, company, or household


Sign up for free accounts with SwagbucksBig Crumbs, and Ebates now to save on all of your online purchases!!


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!



HURRY, Walking With Dinosaurs DVD Movie $2.99 from $30!




Walking With Dinosaurs only $2.99 from $30!


HURRY!!  Get Walking with Dinosaurs DVD movie for only $2.99 from $29.98!  Don’t wait, Amazon prices can change in the blink of an eye!  This would be a CHEAP, fun Valentine’s Day gift!

Shipping is FREE with Amazon Prime, or with orders of $35 or more. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, get it TOTALLY FREE for a month, see below!

Get a FREE month of Amazon Prime! Free unlimited photo storage, free movies and music, and free 2 day shipping on all your purchases from Amazon! Your free shipping starts immediately. If you don’t love it, just cancel before the end of the month with no payment and no obligation.


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!