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2 FREE Beauty Products, plus up to $500 MONEYMAKER at Victoria’s Secret!




This is an AWESOME FREEBIE DEAL!!!  Right now at Victoria’s Secret, spend $10 and get a “Secret Gift Card” worth a minimum of $10, $50, $100, or $500!!   Plus, get cashback!  There WAS a deal for TWO cards with code SECRETBONUS, however it has EXPIRED.  We still however get two products FREE, plus a moneymaker depending on which card you receive.  This deal is also available in store, so make sure you are grabbing your freebies when you are getting your freebie rebate deals in store from Sephora and The Body Shop!

Combine the gift card deal with a store sale, and end up with two FREE beauty products, cashback, plus maybe a whole lot extra!

Victoria’s Secret has the Pink Travel Size Lotions and Sprays on sale, 2 for $10.  Below are some of them.

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How to get your freebies, cashback, and maybe even MAKE a lot of money:

  • Sign up with your free Ebates account by clicking HERE. (one of the few cashback companies who work with VS, and they are very reliable)
  • Once signed in, type “Victoria’s Secret” into the search box, then, “Shop Now.” This will bring you to the Victoria’s Secret site.
  • Add TWO of the Pink Travel Sized sale items in your cart, to equal $10. No coupon code is necessary, your card will automatically send with a $10 minimum purchase.
  • Checkout, and that is it.

You will receive your secret gift card worth a MINIMUM of $10 with your order, and will be worth either $10. $50, $100, or $500!

Your 1% cashback, which is the highest available now on cashback sites, will cofirm shortly.

Not only do you end up with TWO FREE PRODUCTS, plus get cashback, but there is also a chance to make a nice amount of money!


Sign up for your FREE Ebates account now, and get 2 FREE Beauty Products, cashback, and a gift card worth between $10-$500!