Guide to Extreme Couponing, Saving, and How To MAKE Money Shopping!





Learn how to coupon, save, and make money shopping!!!

Typically on “How To Coupon” sites, you get the information that people are paid more to list.  While I do appreciate any and all referrals I get, I am not technically a business. and I want to list the ones that in my personal opinion will save you the most, make you the most, and give you the best results.  I absolutely put my referral links in whenever it is applicable, but some of the sites I list do not have any.  Because I use a multitude, I will only list the ones that are absolute staples of my savings repertoire, and have proven to save the most or earn the most over time.


Everything here is 100% FREE!! If a site or app charges you, it’s most likely a scam, pyramid scheme, or just not worth the time.

  •  First and extremely important- Open a separate free email account in Yahoo, Gmail, etc.  You will receive a lot of emails, and most offers require an email registration, but I also get the best opportunities sent to my inbox.  A lot of free offers require a Facebook “like” and share.  I get a lot of free full size product vouchers through company Facebook pages. and through the Twitter feeds.
  • Next, if you do not have a PayPal account, you need one.  It is safe and FREE with no fees for a personal account.  It is also the easiest and quickest payment option, and some sites will require a Paypal account for payment.
  • Join any and all of the store loyalty programs.  They often offer exclusive coupons, discounts, sales, and savings not offered if you are not enrolled.  They are free, and you can join by visiting their individual websites.
  • Join all of the newsletters for stores that you purchase from, both in-store and online.  It lets you know of upcoming sales, and also they will send you exclusive coupons and savings!
  • Become familiar with the coupon policies of all the stores that you shop at.  They all have them listed on their websites.  Each store will vary, and often times even store associates are not familiar with their policy, so carrying a copy with you is always a good idea.  It has come in handy for me on several occasions!!
  • Stores like Walmart and Target Pricematch!  This means when you find an item advertised for a lower price, they will match it.  This also means you can add any of your coupons and store discounts on top of the matched price for even greater savings!  Become familiar with each store’s matching policy as they do vary greatly.

Target stores will often match an Amazon price listed online which usually means finding a great deal!  So having the Amazon app available on your phone will come in handy.

If you have an Aldi store in your area, I recommend always carrying the Aldi weekly circular to price match produce especially.

Using an app on your phone like RED LASER can be helpful.  It gives you the lowest price and the store which carries it in a matter of seconds, by either scanning the barcode of the item you are researching, or typing in the information.

Some stores will only match locally advertised prices, and not even their own online sites, so make sure you keep up to date with changing policies.

  • ALWAYS be patient, courteous, and as organized as possible at checkout.  “Couponers” have developed a bad reputation amongst store associates for being rude and demanding.  Not only will it ruin your trip with negativity if you aren’t, but developing relationships with associates at the stores you shop regularly, will be rewarding financially as well.  I have gotten so many deals, freebies, and coupons from sales associates that I would not have found otherwise.  A recent example, last week I got over $600 of vitamins totally free from several different locations,  after an associate showed me manufacturer’s stickers on vitamins being put out on clearance.



For the most savings, and especially to obtain products for FREE, STACKING several different discounts together is the key!  There are only a small percentage of times that you will be able to get an item free with just one coupon.  Combining manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons, timing with store sales, and using store loyalty programs and other discounts available together, is going to be your goal.  Finding coupon “matchups,”  will be the foundation for your shopping strategy.

Coupon matching/matchups– Coupon matchups are essential to extreme couponing.  This simply means to match different savings methods available for one item.   Pairing a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon together for a single product.  Then timing your purchase to coincide with a store sale or other discounts for maximum savings.  Here is a example based on a previous purchase from Target:

  • Say you have a $4 off Almay coupon and want to purchase their Foundation which is regularly $10.  Instead of purchasing right away for the $6, you hold on to the coupon until you can use it during a store sale.  Just make sure you stay within the coupon’s expiration date.  You see that Target is now having a sale on Almay.  So you look at their coupons and find a $2 off Almay store coupon.  You then search Target cartwheel and find a 5% off discount on Almay cosmetics.  You see there is also a 25% off beauty purchase coupon in their mobile offers.  Then you check your rebate apps and see there’s a $1 rebate when you purchase an Almay product.  When you make your purchase, it would now look like this:Almay Foundation $10

Use one $4 off Almay manufacturers coupon=$6
Use one $2 off Almay Target printable =$4
Scan your Target cartwheel for 5% off (0.50)=$3.50
25% off beauty (2.50) = $1.50

At what point a percentage off entire purchase coupon is scanned, can determine the amount of savings applied.  Some stores instruct associates to apply “entire purchase” coupons only after every other coupons have already been processed.  It will differ store to store, and even with different store associates in the same store.  You can ask for it to be scanned directly after the total.  Some people will wait to present coupons until these types of coupons are applied.  I just ask if it can be scanned first.

Your 10$ foundation is now costing you $1.50 out of pocket.  But, after you purchase, you submit a photo of your receipt to Ibotta to receive $1.  You now have paid $0.50 in total for your $10 item.




You are almost always allowed 1 manufacturer’s coupon and 1 store coupon for each item.  So there would be two coupons on a single product.  A common example of limits written on the front of a manufacturer’s coupon is “Only one coupon per purchase.  Limit 4 like coupons.”  The “one coupon per purchase,” language sometimes confuses people and also store associates not familiar with coupons.  All this means is that you are allowed one manufacturer’s coupon for each product you are buying.  Then you are only allowed four of the exact same coupons per your purchasing transaction.  If it does not say “per household, per day, per trip,” etc., if it has a limit of 4 like coupons, and you have more than 4 you need to use, you can just separate your items into multiple transactions.  Meaning after every 4 of the same coupon, you would end the transaction, pay, then purchase the next four.




Because of shows like “Extreme Couponing,” coupons have changed.  Most “Double Coupon Days,” are things of the past.  Very few stores will now double coupons, and many coupons now state on the them “Do Not Double.”  There are sometimes restrictions placed on coupons, so make sure you read the fine print  and pay close attention to the expiration date.

  • Manufacturer’s Coupons-These come in several forms.  These are coupons made by the manufacturer/company.  When you redeem a manufacturer coupon, the store sends it in and is reimbursed the amount.  Expiration dates are very important.  If a coupon is somehow put through after the expiration date, the store will not be reimbursed the value, so it is stealing.  It is also illegal to make copies of coupons.  Some coupons have unique bar codes, so a copied coupon will not be reimbursed, which is also stealing from the store you are purchasing from.  Along with the bar codes, there will typically be a number to be entered manually by the store associate if the coupon can not be scanned.
  • Store coupons-These are coupons put out by the individual store and can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons.  It will have the store logo or store name visible on the front.

               Inserts/Mailers-These are the coupons found in the paper or in your mail.  These are mostly manufacturer’s coupons, but store coupons with the store logo on the front can be in an insert as well.

               Peelies-These are manufacturer’s coupons in the form of stickers placed directly on the product, which you peel off and scan at the register to receive an immediate discount.

                Blinkies-These are becoming more rare, but are still found in the aisles of some stores.  They are typically a little box with a red blinking light, which dispenses the coupon.  They can be used on the same shopping trip, and sometimes saved for a later purchase.

               Tearpads-These are the pads found on the aisles with paper coupons you tear off.

               Catalinas-Named for the company who puts them out, these are usually manufacturer’s coupons printed with your receipt.  It will say whether it is a manufacturer or a store coupon.  If a manufacturer’s, you can even use it at a different store than where it was printed.

                Mobile or Ecoupons-These are the electronic coupons you find on phone apps.  They can be both manufacturer and store coupons.  They have a bar code that is scanned at the register to receive your discount.  More and more coupons are becoming electronic, and I really see more and more coupons moving towards electronic in the future.

               Printable-These are coupons that you print at home.  The majority of my coupons are now printable.


  • SwagbucksI am listing this site first because of its versatility.   It will save you money when buying online and when making in-store purchases.  A great feature is that you can also earn quite a bit of money by using it as well.  They pay you to use them as your search engine, for doing surveys, trying products and programs for free.  They also have exclusive discount offers and cashback.  It is free to join, and they offer a variety of ways to actually earn money as well.  One of their many features is that they offer free printable manufacturer coupons.  Besides having the best “high dollar” coupons available, they also PAY YOU to use them! For every coupon that you redeem at a store, they pay you the equivalent of .10.  All you do is click on the coupon you would like, print, and give them to your sales associate at checkout.  Each coupon has your unique member code, and will automatically show in your account. On Swagbucks as with almost all printable coupons, you are limited to TWO PRINTS per computer

  • have the same manufacturer coupons that are listed on SWAGBUCKS.  I use them whenever I need to find a coupon not put out in my regional area or zip code since you can change the zip code search on


  •   Sunday Paper-The inserts that come in Sunday Papers vary by region.  You can subscribe to different papers outside of your area for variety.  Check your local stores for discounts when buying multiples.  In Tulsa, our QuickTrips charge only $3 for two papers, the second half price.  I also gather the inserts from my friends, family, and neighbors that they are not using.  I know that the television show portrayed people gathering inserts from trash dumpsters, but don’t.  It has now become illegal in many areas.
  • Coupon Clipping Services CouponDeDe There are quite a few coupon clipping services available online. I know it sounds strange to pay for coupons, but it is a great way to get coupons in multiples, without the expense of multiple papers.  It is also a great way to get coupons that did not come in your regional inserts.  My personal favorite clipping service is Coupon DeDe.  I have tried several, but her site usually has the best prices, fastest service, and the best coupon inventory available.   Ordering from her site generally takes 2-3 days from the time you order until delivery, and typically costs 10% of a coupon’s value.  For instance a $1 off coupon will typically cost .10 cents.  Even when you pay for high value coupons, it still will save you a great deal of money in the end.

Visit Coupon DeDe now


  • *SavingStar-Mobile coupons that are super easy to use.  Every Friday they also give a totally free product!  All you have to do is purchase the featured offer from a store where you have a loyalty card linked to your SavingStar account, and you are reimbursed for it 100%! saves you money on groceries. 100% digital eCoupons



  • FACEBOOK-Most companies now have a Facebook page.  Many will offer special discounts and coupons on their pages, or just for “liking” their page or sharing certain “updates.”
  • coupons, more than what is distributed publicly. These also come in your print ads, but more online.
  • Tons of great printable coupons on healthy and environmentally friendly products.
  • and more than what you receive in your paper inserts.
  • have high dollar coupons, but is set up a bit more interactively.  Instead of just clicking to print, you have to perform tasks like “like” a company on Facebook to earn points.  You can boost coupons, increasing their value into really high values.  It is free to join, and the tasks do not take long at all.  A fun way to save money.
  • Healthy Essentials-Has high dollar printable coupons for all the brands under Johnson and Johnson
  • Rite Aid Video Values– Watch the short ad videos for really great high value coupons on products from beauty to home.
  •– They offer coupons that help the community and your wallet.  They focus on healthy foods and the environment.
  • a comprehensive site with deals, coupons, free, samples etc.
  •  Healthy Essentials-Great coupons for lots of products.
  •  WHOLE FOODS= Has UNADVERTISED loyalty and savings opportunities in stores.  You need to call your local Whole Foods to find out which programs they offer. Shop on Wednesdays when the old ads roll to the new ads so double the product sales.  Get the WholeDeal newsletter for deals.
  • can typically find an offer on Swagbucks to sign up free for these coupons, and even get paid for it.
  • both an online site for printables, and a phone app with mobile coupons which you can link your store loyalty cards to.
  •  Kellogg’s Family Rewards-Coupons and rewards for buying Kellogg’s products.  Sign up for emails and get extra coupons and extra points.  Points accumulate quickly for free stuff. Can combine with store coupons. A fun interactive site that offers more rewards for getting their newsletter.
  •  Proctor and Gamble-Coupons, deals, recipes, free, etc.
  •– Lots of great printable high dollar coupons for various brands.
  • Pick Up The Values-Great coupons for Huggies, Kleenex, Cottonelle, Scott, Kotex, VIva, Poise, Depend, Colgate, Palmolive, SoftSoap, Speed Stick, and Irish Spring.  Tyically has the best printable coupons available for Huggies Pull Ups.
  •–  Earn points by liking facebook pages and signing up for newsletters which you can redeem for high dollar coupons.
  • Campbell’s Kitchen-Campbells soup and products
  • Reynold’s Kitchens
  • Scotch Brands-Great coupons for all types of Scotch items
  •  Arm and Hammer-Exclusive deals, discounts, and coupons.
  •  Enjoy Life Foods-Coupons, recipes, etc.
  •  Lauras Lean Beef
  •  Driscolls Berries
  • Gold N Plump
  • Target Mobile coupons- Sign up here at Target or Text 827438 coupons are sent to your phone which you just scan one barcode at the register to activate all coupons on the list.

Rebate Apps

Shrink is a newer app by Itunes which has more of a social media based earning system.  Besides earning just cash for rebates, you earn points for sharing deals, referring, and posting offers to social media outlets.  It makes it a little more fun to save and earn.  Use Code EUPSGK upon sign up


Groupon has a rebate app now which is really awesome.  You can purchase the products from ANY store, and some rebates have no limit, meaning you can use them over and over.  There are some great high dollar rebates which combined with other discounts can give you free products, plus pay you just to take them.

No relation to SNAP is a rebate program by TOPCASHBACK.  They offer great, high dollar rebates.  You can find their current offers by clicking the “offers” tab on the top right toolbar, then clicking “Snap & Save.”  They also have a free phone app you can use once you have signed up with your free account.  On the app, the rebates are found under the “In Store” tab.

Berry Cart rebate app program is based on healthy food offers only.   Healthy offers used to be hard to come by.  Now with Berry Cart you can save a fortune, and combined with other offers, it also mean great FREEBIES!  It also has a cool GPS feature that tells you exactly which stores in your area carry the featured offers.


Jingit has both an online site and an app for your phone. It is a cross between a grocery rebate app, a program like app trailers, and shopkick all rolled into one. It has a changing list of products that you are paid to purchase. Jingit does not use a point system like most others, they use actual dollar amounts, so it is easy to see your money accumulating quickly. Open the app while shopping to check in. Once the GPS locates you in the store, you can scan items listed to earn even more. For right now, in my area at least, it only works with Target and Walmart. However, new stores will be added soon. Since I shop those stores regularly anyway, it works very well. The rebates offered on grocery items are typically a little higher than other rebate apps.  The online site offers short video advertisements that you are paid to watch. They add new content regularly so make sure you check in weekly.  The only issue with Jingit is that payout is only in the form of a Jingit debit card. You are also charged a small fee of $3, taken from your earnings, to first issue you the card. Afterwards, you can reload it with the money you continually make



  • IBOTTA-Ibotta was one of the first grocery rebate apps I used, and I was hooked immediately! It is a phone app that offers a changing list of product offers. If you purchase one of these products from a participating store, they will issue you a cash rebate for your purchase. Most stores participate, and all you have to do is scan your receipt. All this entails is taking a photo of your receipt with your phone, and uploading it to the app. It is quick, easy, and a great way to make money on items you are already purchasing. Using Ibotta combined with the following apps I am listing, will often get you free products and will sometimes even make you money off of them. They also offer a $5 referral for people you invite that sign up and use the app at least once.
  • CHECKOUT 51-Checkout 51 is one of my favorite grocery rebate programs. They have an online site and phone app. Each week you are given a list of “offers” or products, that if you purchase, they will pay you for. They also offer “Brand Programs” you can join, which give you even more earning opportunities. They always have a great list of “offers,” with high paying rebates, and stacking with other rebate sites, will result in amazing deals and even “freebies.” All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt from a participating store, upload it to the app, and you are credited the amount very quickly. The only drawback with Checkout 51, is that the payout threshold is $20. However, this happens very quickly! Right now they do not have a referral program.
  • SHOPMIUM-This is another great grocery rebate app. Purchase a product on their offer list, upload a photo of your receipt, and they immediately deposit your money into your bank account or Paypal. While their offer list does not change quite as quickly as the others, they offer nice rebates and they typically will coincide with offers on other apps. This means serious savings and free items! They also offer a $2 referral for each friend that enters your code upon sign up.

Use code GYMFGUVF at sign up to receive a FREE gourmet Lindt Chocolate Bar!


*Clear your browser cache a lot.  Whether printing coupons, doing surveys, or any other deal.  When cookies are stored it can keep you from getting a lot of deals and coupons.  While most coupons are limited to 2 per computer, some will reset if you clear them out.  With surveys, more survey opportunities and offers will pop up as well.

*There are more coupon inserts buying your newspaper at a convenience store than getting an out of town subscription at your house.  In Oklahoma, the Oklahoman has more coupons than the Tulsa World, so check your newspapers in the state you live.  It may be worth it to buy another paper from another city.

*Check your local stores for the best deals on newspapers.  Some stores offer multiple discounts.  Quiktrip stores have 2 papers for $3.

*Remember to get a separate email, Facebook, and Twitter account for coupons, surveys, etc., and sign up for all the newsletters available.  The best coupons come in my inbox.

*Sign up online for newsletters for every place you eat and shop.  They will send free stuff, coupons and deals not advertised elsewhere.  Plus most restaurants will send free meals etc. for birthdays.

*Join all of the online store reward programs you can.  For instance, even if you don’t use Pampers, reward codes are always found online and can be redeemed for really cool stuff!

*Call companies directly, many will send you coupons.  Also write letters, or send emails.  Companies always hear negative feedback, so it is nice to hear positive once in a while.  They often will send free product vouchers.

*Order all of the samples you can get.  I have links listed below to the best places to find them.  Not only will you receive FREE stuff, but they always come with high dollar coupons as well.

*Most free products are limited to one per household. If you have a friend or family member that would like the product as well, make sure you clear your cookies and browser history before filling out the form again, or you will be blocked from making another request.

* Get all the store loyalty or reward cards that you can.  Walgreens especially.  At most stores you can use a manufacturer coupon, plus a store coupon for each product.  Use combined with a with Store card and Apps like Ibotta (see below) and the savings can be huge or even pay you to bring the product home for free.

* Remember that “Catalina Coupons” (coupons that print from register on bottom of your receipt) are not always store specific,  they are national.  Use where the sales are best for greatest savings.

*Check local store policies as they change.

*Make sure your GPS and Notifications are enabled for each app you use.  If you do not do this, you will miss the majority of offers.

*Always use your coupons ethically.  If you pass an expired coupon, the store will not be reimbursed… we all know that’s stealing.  Coupon fraud in Oklahoma and elsewhere now carries a 17 year sentence and they are prosecuting!!

* Also remember that the TLC show often portrays practices which are now illegal in some states.  Also, no one needs 130 bottles of mustard!!  Donate what you won’t use, as selling your stockpile can also be tax fraud 😉 It is also now illegal to remove inserts from dumpsters or recycling bins.  A woman was arrested here for doing just that after seeing  it done on the show.



I never buy anything online without first searching for the currently available COUPON CODES.  Cross referencing the store name with “coupon code,” will bring up pages of options.  Combining these with online cashback and timing with store sales, will result in the greatest savings.

TIP-Many online retailers will take manufacturers coupons which you will have to send in.  Call and ask their policy.  I use a lot  for Emma.  There is always a coupon for at least 20% off plus cash back through them, which I add to the manufacturer’s coupons I send in, plus cash back from. has many sister sites such as (pets), (toys), (household) and several others.  Coupon codes are abundant for them on top of their normal discounts, plus cash back, so always search first.

CASHBACK SITES-I never buy anything online without getting the best cashback available.  Cashback sites are free and easy to join and use.  Before making an online purchase, just sign in to your account and use the cashback site to click through to the store you are purchasing from.  They get paid for driving traffic to stores, and they pass the earnings on to you.  They also have exclusive coupon codes and discounts that are not available elsewhere.  Cashback percentages vary, and they change often.  Each site also has a different list of stores that they work with.  I always check to make sure I am getting the best deal available. There are quite a few cashback sites, but these top my list of favorites and have consistently given the best deals.

  •  TOPCASHBACK-Topcashback has proven to be the best cashback site I have ever used.  It has several unique features not found with similar sites.  It offers the highest cashback percentage rate guaranteed.  It also has special offers where you are reimbursed more than 100% for products.  I have gotten everything from Coffee to diapers for free, plus even been paid a bit extra.  They also offer “no purchase” offers where they pay you for things like signing up for a store’s newsletter, or trying a program for free.  For example, right now they pay you $15 if you try Microsoft’s Azzure program free for a month.  You are also paid $10 for every friend that you refer.  And since your friends will ask how you are getting all of these products for free, your referrals will add up quickly.  The only issue with Topcashback is it takes a bit longer sometimes for cashback to become payable in your account.  However, it is worth it as the cashback percentage is often at least double of what other sites are giving, and it will eventually clear.
  •  BIGCRUMBS Bigcrumbs was the first cashback site I started using years ago. and is still a favorite.  They are also one of the only sites that gives you cashback for Ebay purchases.
  • EBATES- You have probably seen recent commercials for this one.  They have been around a long time and continue to provide great deals and referrals.
  • MR. REBATESAnother great site that has been around for some time.  They also offer deals, coupons, cashback, and a referral program.


FREE PHONE APPS (there’s over 2000, these are the highest rated and ones I prefer only)

  •  Weekly Ads & Sales-Coupons-Has print ads for stores near you
  • Grocery Pal-Weekly lists of stores sales etc.
  • Coupon Sherpa-mobile coupons
  • Key Ring Reward Cards
  • SmartSource Xpress Mobile
  • SavingStar Grocery eCoupons
  • SnipSnap Coupon App-Take a photo of any coupon to save on your phone.  More and more retailers are accepting mobile coupons or the codes of print coupons from your phone.
  • GroceryIQ-Online and phone app
  • RedLaser- Phone app will let you Scan barcode and it tells you where the best price is at

 Mobile Shopping Apps- Most stores now have a mobile app, or a mobile version.  They often have coupons and discounts you can scan at the register.  Check upcoming sale ads, specials, and they can help you plan and score cheap and free items!




      More and more companies are offering monthly subscription “Beauty Boxes.”  Every month you are sent a box with different cosmetics and beauty products.  It is a fun way to try new products, and usually for a fraction of what they would normally retail for.  Most companies also offer a “cancel at anytime” guarantee,  and let you order month by month.  Even better, there are usually deals and offers which allow you to get your first box free, at a huge , and some even pay you to try them!! Also, most offer some type of referral system which will give you more free boxes by sharing the savings with your friends.

  • GET PAID TO GET A FREE BEAUTY BOX FROM JULEP-What is better than free makeup?  Actually getting PAID to get free make-up!  Sign up for a free account with SWAGBUCKS.  They are offering a deal to get a free Beauty Box from Julep, paying only $4.99 shipping.  BUT….When you order your first box using Swagbucks to click through, then entering the code they give you making your box free, Swagbucks will credit your account with 600 Swagbucks which equals $6!!!  You will actually be making $1.01 to get nice make-up for free!  When you receive your free box, it also comes with a coupon for 50% off your next box as well!  Invite your friends and earn even more boxes for free.   If you do not wish to receive any more boxes, you can cancel and still keep your free box and the money you made to get it.




  • TARGET BEAUTY BOX $5 – Last year, even Target jumped on the beauty box trend.  And while they only offer their beauty box sporadically and not yet one on a monthly basis, it is well worth keeping an eye out for it!  They offer the entire box with shipping, for only $5! Make sure you use one of the cashback sites I listed above and also check for any available coupon codes, and it makes an even more amazing deal!   Not only does the box come with 5 great Beauty Products, it also comes with coupons worth more than what you paid for the entire box.  Just one of the products you will receive. retails for more than you paid for them all.  They only offer their Beauty Boxes online, and these do sell out quickly.  Whenever they become available, I always buy several so I can have one for me, and at least one to keep on hand for a fantastic gift! The photo above was the most recent Target Beauty Box.

  • BIRCHBOX– Birchbox has great monthly beauty boxes and a lot of products you can purchase through their site.  You can earn points by referring friends which will give you credit on your future purchases and even free boxes.  There is a great deal for new Birchbox subscribers that will get you their monthly beauty box for only $7.  Sign up with a free account with Ibotta, a free phone up that pays you cash for products you purchase.   Click on their “Health and Beauty” category to receive your link for your discount.  Use code BB100 at checkout and get a free $10 credit as well!


  • GLOSSYBOX– There is a fantastic deal from GlossyBox.  For the month of  May, you get a free $25 gift card to Bergdorf Goodman which can be used in-store or online,  use code INT58RD at checkout, and your box of 6 “luxury sized” beauty products will only cost $17.85!!  Refer your friends and get points for more free products.




  • TOPCASHBACKI know I have already listed for cashback, but it is a great way to get 100% cashback which means totally free products.  Check daily for new offers as they come along several times a month. Some are for new members only, but many are for existing members.  Also remember you can have more than one account per household so your spouse or eligible child can participate in new member deals with a new account!


There are almost always at least some rebates available for products and beauty items.  Even if the rebate is only partial, if you time your purchase with a store sale, or use coupons, even a partial rebate can end up covering your purchase and even making money!.  Many companies also offer product guarantees.  If you purchase an item and are not happy with it, they will refund your total purchase price.    Because the rebates offered change frequently, it is a good idea to check for them often.  You can find available rebates by visiting a company’s website, or performing an online search.


FREE Physicians Formula VaVaVoom Sexy Booster Volume Mascara



This was one little haul I recently picked up all for free!


  • WETnWILD-  They regularly offer $1 off coupons in regional Sunday inserts. This means that you can get their eyeliner, nail polish and creamy lipstick totally free at Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart. Dollar General and more.  Time your purchase with store sales and store coupons and you can get a lot of nice products from their line. If you do not receive them in your region, you can use a clipping service like the one I listed in the coupon section.
  • RIMMEL- Rimmel also offers $1 off coupons both online and in Sunday inserts regularly.  This means that with these coupons you can buy their nail polish for .50 at most stores.  Time with store sales and you can get several items free and a lot of items from their line at hardly any cost.
  • NYC- They regularly offer manufacturer coupons online for both $1 off one or $1.50 off of 2.  Print these coupons off Swagbucks and you can get their nailpolish at Walmart for .50 or time with sales and store coupons to get free.  You also will be paid the .10 for each coupon you print and use.
  • REVLON– Revlon regularly offers Swagbucks printable coupons and Sunday insert coupons.  They typically range from $1-$3 off.  This means that you can get their single eyeshadows free at most stores and several products from their line free if you time with sales and other discounts.
  • NEUTROGENA– They offer both printable and Sunday insert high value coupons.  If you time with Walgreens sales and store coupons, you can get their makeup wipes and several other products free.
  • Almay– Almay on occasion offers a high dollar $4 off coupon in regional Sunday inserts.  These will get you free makeup remover at several stores.  Combine with store sales and their lip balms will be free.  If you time your purchase when other store discounts and coupons are available as well, you can get quite a few of their products for free.



 My Latest Free Pinch Me Box

  • PINCH ME– Pinch Me is a really great program that sends products delivered to your door totally FREE!  No credit card, and no subscriptions you need to cancel.  Sign up for your free account, fill out your profile, and choose the products you would like to have shipped in your box. It really is that easy and truly is totally free!  You can earn extra points for even more products by leaving feedback on what you have tried.  This program makes my favorite list, because so far I have been able to choose a make up product in every box. They ship boxes out every few weeks, so make sure you check in to see when the next shipment will be, and what time you can choose your products.  The next scheduled shipment is May 27th, 2014 at 12pm EDT.
  •    TOLUNA– Toluna is a market research site that has a phone app as well as an online site.  While it is known mostly for surveys, it offers product testing and makeup is often on the list!  Getting to test fun new products before they even hit the market is always fun.  Sign up free for an account, fill out the user profiles, and apply for any of the products that you would like to try for free. While you won’t be able to try every product you apply for, keep trying.  The more active you are, the more opportunities become available.
  •  P & G EVERYDAY-Proctor and Gamble is the umbrella company over many different brands.  They issue really nice free product boxes seasonally, and also samples you can have sent to your home for free as well.  The great thing about getting their boxes and samples is that they come with the best manufacturer coupons available.  They also send free full size product vouchers.  They have also consistently offered rebates for $15 when you spend $50 on any of their companies.
  •  SMILEY360 Is a product testing community.  Sign up for free to try free products, and share your reviews.  Get points for referrals and earn even more opportunities for free products.
  •  WALGREENS– Their hidden rebate page where you can find deals for free products.  Use your rewards card, coupons and other sites and apps like Ibotta to even make money off products.
  •  TARGET They have a sample area of their site which always has great beauty samples and even free full sized product deals.  They usually come with great coupons as well.
  •  WALMART Has a section on their website where you can order free product sample.  They change constantly and have consistently offered some really great products which come with really great coupons.



Yes it IS possible.  Even though the majority of sites are scams or do not follow through with their claims, these have proven themself time and again.

If a site or app claims to make you money from your computer or smartphone, chances are I have tried it. There are many out there with great claims, but few really do make the cut or live up to their promises. Some do pay, but take so long, or with so much effort, that they just are not worth the time.   So for this list, I am only including those that are tried and true, and consistently pay out over time. These are all 100% totally free. If a site or app asks for money to join, it is almost always a huge red flag!


This online site is number #1 on my list for several reasons. It is far more than your average cashback program! I have been using the cashback sites for online purchases for years. The basic premise is giving you a percentage back of whatever you buy online. However, this site has proved to be more than the leader in cashback for online shopping.

Besides a guarantee that their cashback percentage is the highest available, there are several unique things about their program. They routinely offer deals that pay you OVER 100% cashback for a specified product. This means that you are getting that product free after being reimbursed, and also making a little bit of money. I have gotten everything from movie DVDs, to laundry detergent, to a case of diapers for free. They also have “no purchase offers.” For instance, right now they pay you $15 to try Microsoft’s Azzure program free for a month.  You are also paid $10 for each person you refer. A very unique feature is that you are allowed more than one account per household. This is rare for any site or app of this kind. You can refer your spouse, children, significant other etc., make $10 for the referral, and earn double the deals and freebies! They also offer exclusive coupons and incentives on your purchases not found elsewhere.

The only downfall, if you could call free money a downfall, is that they do take a bit longer than other sites to confirm. However, I think of it as being similar to giving out a high interest loan. Once your friends see the “free stuff” you are getting, they want to know how. It is the easiest site to build up a nice referral payout very quickly. You can cash out through Paypal or via gift cards. Please note, there is a UK site where they started, but even though the link looks like it is for the UK site, you are signing up on the US version with this link.


This one is a dependable favorite, with both an online site, and app for your phone. I know people who use only what they earn from this site throughout the year, to pay for their Christmas. You CAN really make a lot of money quickly if you’re willing to put a little effort into it.   Even if you just use some of the features, you will be amazed at how quickly it adds up.

The online site offers numerous ways to earn “swagbucks.” You can install their search on your computer which is powered by Google, and earn bucks for your normal online activity. The search feature pays out randomly, but I have noticed that the more you use it, the more frequently you are given them. You can complete offers and surveys, poll questions, and many other activities to accumulate your bucks. I just completed an ongoing offer where I received a free Julep make up box sent to my home, paid only the $4.99 shipping, and was reimbursed $6 by Swagbucks. This meant I got a box of free makeup, and made $1.01 for doing it! They always have a lot of great trial offers of this kind. My favorite part of the site is the coupon area. These are all of the highest manufacturer coupons available. The benefit of printing them off your Swagbucks account versus anywhere else, is that you are paid the equivalent of .10 a piece for each coupon you redeem!!

The phone app offers short videos that you get paid to watch. These are great to turn on and run during commuting, or any time you have a few minutes to burn. You also earn for referrals, which pays you 10% for life of whatever your referral accumulates. You can cash out your Swagbucks for cash in your Paypal account, or via gift cards. Anyone over the age of 13 can join, so it is a nice program to get everyone in your family involved with.


This site used to go by the name “SurveyHead,” and has both an online site and an app for your phone. The online site is primarily surveys which average from 5-30 minutes.  The payout is typically from $2-$10, but do offer some really high paying ones routinely.  Check your email because the best survey opportunities are sent to your email.  Make sure you complete all of the profiles for your account.  The more info you have filled out, the more survey opportunities are given to you.  Don’t give up if you are disqualified from surveys in the beginning.

The phone app is one of my favorites. It offers short “missions” that are triggered by your GPS when you are close to an available location. Most are short shopping “missions” that consist of just a few questions, a photo, or short video. Doing these while out shopping can really accumulate a nice payout. I have yet to have one that takes more than 10 minutes, and usually run about 5 minutes from start to finish. You have to allow GPS tracking to alert you to new available opportunities, and to verify you are truly at the location in question.

I have only run into a few issues with IPOLL. I have had a few completed surveys show up later as invalid, but I emailed and calmly refuted the ruling and they were overturned. The only other problem has been the GPS not registering properly in the location I am at, or the app having server errors and closing during the survey. This has only happened a few times in the years I have used it. The benefits definitely outweigh any issues, and there are a lot of good “missions” available, and at a variety of locations. As of right now, IPOLL does not offer any rewards for referrals.


This phone app is easy, fun, and accumulates points which turn into cash or gift cards. You can even redeem for a Coach purse or Tiffany& co jewelry! Just open the app when you first arrive at a participating store. You have to allow GPS tracking to register your location. Once shopping, you can also scan items for extra points, and get extra rewards for purchasing based on the dollar amount of your receipt. You can also link your debit or credit cards to shopkick and earn points wherever you shop. It is amazing how quickly these points add up.

You also get points daily for just opening the app and looking through the store “look books.” These showcase new items and any deals or promotions. They also offer points for referring your friends. So far the only issue I have had with SHOPKICK is having a cashier that does not know how to enter your phone number properly, which is how you receive points for your purchase. In the event this happens, there is a tutorial that pops up on your phone that will walk them through it. Using the scanning feature of this app is also a great way to keep your kids entertained while shopping.


This is an app that earns points even if you never bother to open it after registering. It works by tracking your GPS location and gathering market data. For extra points, answer the short 1-2 question multiple choice survey that shows up every few days. These just ask where you were at a specific time of day. Make sure you check your email periodically as you are sent opportunities to join more panels through your email. The more panels you join, the more points you accumulate daily. You can cash out your points through Paypal, or various gift cards. I like this app because it doesn’t take long to reach a payout, and takes little to no effort! You also receive points daily just for linking it to your Facebook and Foursquare accounts. You also get points for referring friends.


This phone app is an easy way to make a few dollars immediately. While it averages only $5-$10 a week, for the time it takes, it definitely makes the cut. All you have to do is watch short “trailers,” or advertisements for apps, that run about 14 seconds. Collect the points, and cash out. It has a really low payout threshold for Paypal, 500 points which is equal to .50. When you cash out, the money hits your account immediately. I only run the trailers that have larger payouts, but there are a bunch of small payout ones that would add up quickly as well. New app trailers are added routinely, so make sure you check back several times a week. There are also other activities and member videos that you get paid to watch. This is a perfect app if you need a few dollars right away. Once you sign up with the link, please use the following code for bonus points.  Please use code emalinedawni

HYPERLINK “”emalinedawni


While this phone app doesn’t give huge payouts, it definitely makes my list of favorites. It pays you just for taking photos of your receipts and uploading them to the app. Your information is used for market research, and you are paid for those slips of paper that just end up shredded or in your trash. It operates on a “coin” system and you can earn coins several different ways besides your receipts. It has a slot machine you can play where you can win extra coins. You can earn extra spins by completing different tasks. You are rewarded for keeping your “hog” fed which means entering receipts every week consecutively. Inviting friends gives both you and your referral extra spins on the slot machine. If you want to earn even more, they are adding surveys and product scans as well. You cash in your coins for cash or gift cards. Easy, quick, and pays you for something you have regardless.


Feature points is a phone app very similar to App Trailers. In App Trailers you are simply watching short trailers, but with Feature Points you watch, download the app, and let it run for a minute to collect your points. It takes a bit longer, but it is definitely a great app for making a few easy dollars consistently. You can cash out via Paypal or gift cards. You also receive extra points for referring friends. After downloading to your phone, use the invite code B6C79G to earn extra points.


Like using Swagbucks as my search on my computer to earn money, I rack up even more by using Bing Rewards to search on my phone. Once you open a free Bing Rewards account, use it instead of your current browser, and watch how quickly your points accumulate. They also offer different ways to earn by playing trivia, exploring content, and inviting friends.  Check in to your Bing Rewards dashboard daily to accumulate even more points.  I love these programs where you can capitalize on things you are already doing. You can redeem your points for a variety of store gift cards including Amazon and GameStop. The average person will be able to reach a payout very quickly by just using the search feature.

TolunaToluna has both a website and an app for your phone.  They are a market research based company which has paid surveys, product testing, and interactive ways to earn money.  Their phone app is great for quick ways to accumulate points/money.  Apply for all of the products they offer to test and get great stuff for free!


Field Agent

This is a phone app that pays you to go into stores, look for a certain products, and take a photo.  That is it.  The info that you give helps with marketing and promotion.  The pay is really good and you can take as many jobs as you want.  The average is about $10-$20 per job.  Tip-most jobs look like they are not available in your area, however, when you click on them you will see that they are valid anywhere.  This confused me at first as I didn’t realize that despite saying it was available in another state or city, that I could perform the task at my local store.  Dollar General and Wal-Mart seem to always have tasks available.



Another phone app that pays you to take pictures at different retail locations. For instance I worked for Bing search by taking panoramic photos inside business locations for 15$ apiece. Took me maybe 5 minutes.



You enter daily to win either the daily prize, or you can pick $500 check or PayPal instead. People that use this app get upset when I recommend it as it decreases odds, but it has been a huge blessing and I hope at least some of you win!!   There are offers available on the offer wall, which can actually save you a lot of money, but aren’t necessary to win.  I purchased my website through a Livetowin offer and saved 70% of my regular cost for the whole year.  Use my referral code mg4i3 to get extra entries and 3 extra spins on the prize wheel every day that I can send!!!



If you like playing scratch offs, you will love this app!  You can win up to $100 daily and are given a variety of electronic scratch cards to play. You can also earn tokens which can be redeemed for gift cards or money, or to play bonus scratch offs with higher pay outs. I won cash twice in just my first two days using it, and win a lot of tokens daily.


Ever dreamed of getting paid to watch TV? Well here’s your chance. You log in and click record, holding your phone where it can hear your TV, it registers what you are watching, and gives you points.  You can redeem for everything from electronics, cruises, coupons, and money!! They also have all kinds of contests and promotions.

I have tried survey sites for years and this is one of the only ones that truly pays out and really well.  Do as much as you like a day.  I got my first payout within the first few days. Make sure you fill out profiles so more surveys are sent to you.  If you only do two a day you will still average $80-100$ a month or more.

Constant Content

Do you love to write, or know someone that does? This site features short articles which are purchased by customers.  The average pay is between $50-$250!  They are however very picky about choosing writers.  They offer a short 5 question proof-reading quiz, and give you a topic to provide a 250 word writing sample.  If you are accepted, you can make a lot of money very quickly.  You also make 5% of anything a referral makes.

Pinecone Research

Hands down the best company in this category.  You are paid for surveys and product testing.  Once accepted, fill out every single survey sent to your email address.  This will put you on their product testing list.  I get paid for the initial survey,  get several free items a month to test, then get paid to review them as well.  A few of my last month’s products were several 6 packs of a new Ginger ale hitting the market, a huge bag of cat food, enough hygiene products to last me at least 6 months, and several kinds of dog food and treats and baby food.  You get to try products right before they hit store shelves, and get paid to use them for free. The only issue is that Pinecone only opens applications for new membership periodically and they are in demand so they fill up their quota quickly.  You just have to keep checking back, or receive an invite from an existing member.  The benefits are worth checking back occasionally.


Mystery Shopping can be a great way to make a little money while you shop.  Make sure you sign up with all the available companies to receive the most jobs.  I won’t take a lot of time as it is best to Google and apply to all you find.  However, one in particular is constantly offering Casino shops in Bartlesville, Tulsa, and surrounding areas.  They pay $150, plus reimbursements.  I have performed several and they are really fun.  You have to follow the instructions to the letter though, or they will not pay for your assignment. This is easy to do, they give you  instructions which require you to check certain areas, play games, take a few photos inconspicuously, and then get a chunk of cash for an hour of play if that.


Another great way to earn money is to take advantage of store referral programs.  Whether you normally shop there or not, you would be amazed at how quickly they add up.  And who doesn’t love to shop for FREE!!!!



Deep discounts on amazing things from home to jewelry to Prada.  Plus you get paid $25 for each referral and they always offer free money coupons.


I buy both mine and my kids clothing here.  Women, kids, home, toys, books, jewelry, you name it. They have from Coach to Gucci, to carters, you name it up to 90% off. Every day there are new stores/sales so check it often.  I typically spend on average 8$ a piece on boutique outfits for Emma that are normally about 85-100$. You get between 15$-$20 for each person you refer, and at their low prices that can mean a new wardrobe!  App for phone too.

The Honest Company

Jessica Alba’s line of safe, totally nontoxic items for baby, home, and you.  I have switched over and only use Honest diapers, cleaning products, and personal care products.  They are the BEST diapers, totally chemical free and better for the environment, not to mention SO cute!!  Very absorbent as well.   They are also very reasonably priced and cheaper than normal non-toxic alternatives.  If you don’t know what is in your baby products that is something I urge you to research. If you order their bundles that are delivered to your door monthly, you save 35% on diapers and home and care products as well.  You can cancel anytime.  They have free trial packages that you pay only shipping for, which make great baby and shower gifts!!!  My daughter has not had diaper rash since switching to Honest. Even if you do not buy from them normally, it’s worth it to refer and try some with your credits. If you do not have kids, their home and personal products are equally amazing.



Free Coach purses are within your reach 😉  Private Coach sales are by invite only from an active member.  If you would like to be considered for a private Coach sale with is often 50% off already marked down 65%, send me your email address to and I will issue an invite through the system.  They pick randomly for sales so you may not get an invite to EVERY one, but you will get in.  Once you get your invite, you receive 10$ for every person that you refer if they buy something.  With just a couple off referrals with the ridiculously cheap sale prices, you make enough to purchase yourself a new Coach bag for FREE!!!!!


One of the best places and definitely the cheapest to purchase vitamins.  Refer and receive $10 for each one!


Both local and national deals on anything you can think of.  Just picked up a pair of $407 Fendi sunglasses for 60$.  Local eating and entertainment deals are great.  From travel to gifts, the deals change daily and are always great. Why not save half off or more when eating out where you eat anyway? Phone app and paid referrals too.


Basically the same concept as Zulily.  Designer and high end brands, at low end prices. Paid referrals. App for phone too.



Not only do they offer the best priced website packages for $4 and change a month, but referrals give you $10 and 35% off to those you refer.

or referral code WOWemaline



Has 80% off shoes, clothing, and accessories for the whole family.  All of the top name and designer brands at the best prices.  You also can find discounts to add on top, plus shipping is always FREE!


They have daily deals which are really amazing.  Shopping for the whole family at a huge discount.  Check daily as the deals change and are limited.

Before purchasing anything, I always check Amazon for prices first.  Tip-Use Swagbucks or a cash back site (info on coupon list) to enter Amazon to earn on your purchases.  Use the phone app to shop as well.  Make sure you always check the other price offers listed on any product as there usually is a cheaper option than what comes up on the first product page.  Click on the link that will say “x amount new at” and whatever the lowest price is.  You can usually find a store offering free shipping as well.  Many people don’t realize there are more offers than what is shown when you click on the product initially.  Also, if you purchase a lot, take advantage of Amazon Prime which offers free unlimited shipping.

Super great and fun deals for kids and mom stuff. Different product deals are offered weekly, sometimes daily, and are priced either very cheap, or free with just paid shipping.  Shipping is around $5. I’ve purchases many outfits for my daughter at just shipping.  The only downside is you are not allowed to combine shipping for multiple purchases, but at $5 for an outfit or great little accessory, it is definitely still a great deal.

Purchase a card and pay half for dining out at local and nationwide restaurants.  New restaurants are added all the time.  This has saved me a lot of money eating out.





  • Passion For Savings-Phone App and online, has everything done for you.  I love the “shopping for free” pages.  All you do is print the coupons from the links and go to the store.  This is my must have and go to for my phone.
  • My Frugal Adventures-Another comprehensive site with great info.  She has been on daytime talk shows etc.  Great ideas for saving money on everything and frugal living.
  •  The Krazy Coupon Lady-A great site for free stuff, samples, and coupons.  Has lots of info done for you. Has a coupon database.
  •  Coupon Divas-Great coupon database
  •  All You-Magazine and online site.  Coupons, deals, free etc. Purchasing the magazine at stores will make a great return on your investment.






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