FREE EBOOST Products at Akins & Other Health Stores Around Tulsa



I have heard people are having issues finding the EBOOST natural energy products for the freebies from Berry Cart.  The Berry Cart app has a great feature which locates all of the stores around you that carry the product offered in each rebate.   There is a small icon to the left of  the rebate amount, and directly under the featured product, that says “Where to buy.”  As long as you have enabled GPS (which is definitely beneficial as you will also get more rebate opportunities,) when you click it, it will list all of the stores that carry the product in your area.

In the Tulsa area, EBOOST natural energy shots and powders are available at all Akins stores, Deli Corp, Vitamin Shoppe, and in Broken Arrow at Martha’s Health Food & Herbs.  In other areas it is available at Whole Foods, and hopefully it will be available at our Whole Foods store soon as well.

If you are not familiar with Berry Cart, it is a FREE rebate app that ONLY has healthy and organic rebate offers.  It is really easy to use.  Once you have purchased a featured product, simply log in and snap a photo of your receipt.  That’s it!!  They also have a payment threshold of only $5 so you can get your cash quickly!


  • Purchase EBOOST Natural Energy Vitamin Shots
  • Purchase EBOOST Natural Energy Vitamin Powder

Take a photo of your receipt and submit to Berry Cart!!