Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pawsabilities only $1.64 at Target, PRINT NOW!!






I ran to Target this evening to grab a few deals before the new sales cycle starts in the morning.  Things have been so crazy lately that I have not been able to shop as much.  I brought the great BOGO coupons for the Littlest Pet Shop, and ended up with even a better deal than what I had planned!!  The coupons are Buy 1 Get 1 FREE up to $5.99, plus we are paid to use them.  Target has the Littlest Pet Shop toys on price cut for only $4.69.  I expected to receive the $4.69 off for three, which is an AWESOME deal.  But, the coupon actually rang up taking the $5.99 off for three.  When I saw it, I notified my sales associate and she said it rang up that way, so she didn’t change it.

The coupons are still available to print, but PRINT NOW!!  Coupons have been coming and going quickly, and especially for rare toy coupons like these, they can disappear at any time.

Like all printables, you can print 2 copies of each coupon per computer. For SWAGBUCKS coupons, it is the same, you just need to also have an additional account per each computer. You can share a printer as coupon prints are based on computer IP address. You receive $0.10 for every SWAGBUCKS coupon you redeem, and an additional $0.25 every time you hit 10 prints!  To print the coupon click the “Discover” tab on the top tool bar, then “coupons.”  Scroll down just a bit to “Categories” on the left, and click “Toys.”  Just click any coupon you wish to print, then click the red “print” button on the top right above the coupons.

Bring your reusable bags and receive $0.05 off your receipt for each one you use. Use a Target Red Card and receive an additional 5% off all your purchases. If you are like I am and refuse to use credit cards, you can get a Red Card simply linked to your bank account, and use as a debit. All the savings with none of the fees!




  • Bought 6 LITTLEST PET SHOP PET PAWSABILITIES Toys (sku# A7313) price cut $4.69

Used THREE B1G1 FREE Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pawsabilities Toys SKU A7313 up to $5.99 printable SWAGBUCKS

(it rang up taking $5.99 off 3)

Paid $10.17, Received $0.30 for redeeming three SWAGBUCKS coupon

=$9.87, only $1.64 each when I bought 6!


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