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If a site or app claims to make you money from your computer or smartphone, chances are I have tried it. There are many out there with great claims, but few really do make the cut or live up to their promises. Some do pay, but take so long, or with so much effort, that they just are not worth the time. So for this list, I am only including those that are tried and true, and consistently pay out over time. These are all 100% totally free. If a site or app asks for money to join, it is almost always a huge red flag!


This online site is number #1 on my list for several reasons. It is far more than your average cashback program! I have been using the cashback sites for online purchases for years. The basic premise is giving you a percentage back of whatever you buy online. However, this site has proved to be more than the leader in cashback for online shopping.

Besides a guarantee that their cashback percentage is the highest available, there are several unique things about their program. They routinely offer deals that pay you OVER 100% cashback for a specified product. This means that you are getting that product free after being reimbursed, and also making a little bit of money. I have gotten everything from movie DVDs, to laundry detergent, to a case of diapers for free. They also have “no purchase offers.” For instance, right now they pay you $15 to try Microsoft’s Azzure program free for a month. You are also paid $10 for each person you refer. A very unique feature is that you are allowed more than one account per household. This is rare for any site or app of this kind. You can refer your spouse, children, significant other etc., make $10 for the referral, and earn double the deals and freebies! They also offer exclusive coupons and incentives on your purchases not found elsewhere.

The only downfall, if you could call free money a downfall, is that they do take a bit longer than other sites to confirm. However, I think of it as being similar to giving out a high interest loan. Once your friends see the “free stuff” you are getting, they want to know how. It is the easiest site to build up a nice referral payout very quickly. You can cash out through Paypal or via gift cards. Please note, there is a UK site where they started, but even though the link looks like it is for the UK site, you are signing up on the US version with this link.


This one is a dependable favorite, with both an online site, and app for your phone. I know people who use only what they earn from this site throughout the year, to pay for their Christmas. You CAN really make a lot of money quickly if you’re willing to put a little effort into it. Even if you just use some of the features, you will be amazed at how quickly it adds up.

The online site offers numerous ways to earn “swagbucks.” You can install their search on your computer which is powered by Google, and earn bucks for your normal online activity. The search feature pays out randomly, but I have noticed that the more you use it, the more frequently you are given them. You can complete offers and surveys, poll questions, and many other activities to accumulate your bucks. I just completed an ongoing offer where I received a free Julep make up box sent to my home, paid only the $4.99 shipping, and was reimbursed $6 by Swagbucks. This meant I got a box of free makeup, and made $1.01 for doing it! They always have a lot of great trial offers of this kind. My favorite part of the site is the coupon area. These are all of the highest manufacturer coupons available. The benefit of printing them off your Swagbucks account versus anywhere else, is that you are paid the equivalent of .10 a piece for each coupon you redeem!!

The phone app offers short videos that you get paid to watch. These are great to turn on and run during commuting, or any time you have a few minutes to burn. You also earn for referrals, which pays you 10% for life of whatever your referral accumulates. You can cash out your Swagbucks for cash in your Paypal account, or via gift cards. Anyone over the age of 13 can join, so it is a nice program to get everyone in your family involved with.


This site used to go by the name “SurveyHead,” and has both an online site and an app for your phone. The online site is primarily surveys which average from 5-30 minutes. The payout is typically from $2-$10, but do offer some really high paying ones routinely. Check your email because the best survey opportunities are sent to your email. Make sure you complete all of the profiles for your account. The more info you have filled out, the more survey opportunities are given to you. Don’t give up if you are disqualified from surveys in the beginning.

The phone app is one of my favorites. It offers short “missions” that are triggered by your GPS when you are close to an available location. Most are short shopping “missions” that consist of just a few questions, a photo, or short video. Doing these while out shopping can really accumulate a nice payout. I have yet to have one that takes more than 10 minutes, and usually run about 5 minutes from start to finish. You have to allow GPS tracking to alert you to new available opportunities, and to verify you are truly at the location in question.

I have only run into a few issues with IPOLL. I have had a few completed surveys show up later as invalid, but I emailed and calmly refuted the ruling and they were overturned. The only other problem has been the GPS not registering properly in the location I am at, or the app having server errors and closing during the survey. This has only happened a few times in the years I have used it. The benefits definitely outweigh any issues, and there are a lot of good “missions” available, and at a variety of locations. As of right now, IPOLL does not offer any rewards for referrals.


This phone app is easy, fun, and accumulates points which turn into cash or gift cards. You can even redeem for a Coach purse or Tiffany& co jewelry! Just open the app when you first arrive at a participating store. You have to allow GPS tracking to register your location. Once shopping, you can also scan items for extra points, and get extra rewards for purchasing based on the dollar amount of your receipt. You can also link your debit or credit cards to shopkick and earn points wherever you shop. It is amazing how quickly these points add up.

You also get points daily for just opening the app and looking through the store “look books.” These showcase new items and any deals or promotions. They also offer points for referring your friends. So far the only issue I have had with SHOPKICK is having a cashier that does not know how to enter your phone number properly, which is how you receive points for your purchase. In the event this happens, there is a tutorial that pops up on your phone that will walk them through it. Using the scanning feature of this app is also a great way to keep your kids entertained while shopping.


This is an app that earns points even if you never bother to open it after registering. It works by tracking your GPS location and gathering market data. For extra points, answer the short 1-2 question multiple choice survey that shows up every few days. These just ask where you were at a specific time of day. Make sure you check your email periodically as you are sent opportunities to join more panels through your email. The more panels you join, the more points you accumulate daily. You can cash out your points through Paypal, or various gift cards. I like this app because it doesn’t take long to reach a payout, and takes little to no effort! You also receive points daily just for linking it to your Facebook and Foursquare accounts. You also get points for referring friends.


This phone app is an easy way to make a few dollars immediately. While it averages only $5-$10 a week, for the time it takes, it definitely makes the cut. All you have to do is watch short “trailers,” or advertisements for apps, that run about 14 seconds. Collect the points, and cash out. It has a really low payout threshold for Paypal, 500 points which is equal to .50. When you cash out, the money hits your account immediately. I only run the trailers that have larger payouts, but there are a bunch of small payout ones that would add up quickly as well. New app trailers are added routinely, so make sure you check back several times a week. There are also other activities and member videos that you get paid to watch. This is a perfect app if you need a few dollars right away. Once you sign up with the link, please use the following code for bonus points.

Please use code HYPERLINK “”emalinedawni


TIP: The next four sites/apps have product rebates. To make the most money, use these all together, combined with coupons and timed with store sales. Stacking the savings by using them all will result in maximum savings, free items, and even making money while getting the product for free.



Groupon has a rebate app now which is really awesome.  You can purchase the products from ANY store, and some rebates have no limit, meaning you can use them over and over.  There are some great high dollar rebates which combined with other discounts can give you free products, plus pay you just to take them.

Snap & Save

No relation to SNAP is a rebate program by TOPCASHBACK.  They offer great, high dollar rebates.  You can find their current offers by clicking the “offers” tab on the top right toolbar, then clicking “Snap & Save.”  They also have a free phone app you can use once you have signed up with your free account.  On the app, the rebates are found under the “In Store” tab.


Jingit has both an online site and an app for your phone. It is a cross between a grocery rebate app, a program like app trailers, and shopkick all rolled into one. It has a changing list of products that you are paid to purchase. Jingit does not use a point system like most others, they use actual dollar amounts, so it is easy to see your money accumulating quickly. Open the app while shopping to check in. Once the GPS locates you in the store, you can scan items listed to earn even more. For right now, in my area at least, it only works with Target and Walmart. However, new stores will be added soon. Since I shop those stores regularly anyway, it works very well. The rebates offered on grocery items are typically a little higher than other rebate apps.

The online site offers short video advertisements that you are paid to watch. They add new content regularly so make sure you check in weekly. The only issue with Jingit is that payout is only in the form of a Jingit debit card. You are also charged a small fee of $3, taken from your earnings, to first issue you the card. Afterwards, you can reload it with the money you continually make.




Berry Cart is a fabulous rebate app based solely on healthy and organic foods!  It is one of the newer programs, but I absolutely love it!  It also has a great GPS feature that locates all of the stores around you that carry each of their featured products.  For a while, healthy and organic foods were harder to find discounts for, so I absolutely love this one!




Ibotta was one of the first grocery rebate apps I used, and I was hooked immediately! It is a phone app that offers a changing list of product offers. If you purchase one of these products from a participating store, they will issue you a cash rebate for your purchase. Most stores participate, and all you have to do is scan your receipt. All this entails is taking a photo of your receipt with your phone, and uploading it to the app. It is quick, easy, and a great way to make money on items you are already purchasing. Using Ibotta combined with the following apps I am listing, will often get you free products and will sometimes even make you money off of them. They also offer a $5 referral for people you invite that sign up and use the app at least once.


Checkout 51 is one of my favorite grocery rebate programs. They have an online site and phone app. Each week you are given a list of “offers” or products, that if you purchase, they will pay you for. They also offer “Brand Programs” you can join, which give you even more earning opportunities. They always have a great list of “offers,” with high paying rebates, and stacking with other rebate sites, will result in amazing deals and even “freebies.” All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt from a participating store, upload it to the app, and you are credited the amount very quickly. The only drawback with Checkout 51, is that the payout threshold is $20. However, this happens very quickly! Right now they do not have a referral program.


This is another great grocery rebate app. Purchase a product on their offer list, upload a photo of your receipt, and they immediately deposit your money into your bank account or Paypal. While their offer list does not change quite as quickly as the others, they offer nice rebates and they typically will coincide with offers on other apps. This means serious savings and free items! They also offer a $2 referral for each friend that enters your code upon sign up.

Use code GYMFGUVF at sign up to receive a FREE gourmet Lindt Chocolate Bar!


While this phone app doesn’t give huge payouts, it definitely makes my list of favorites. It pays you just for taking photos of your receipts and uploading them to the app. Your information is used for market research, and you are paid for those slips of paper that just end up shredded or in your trash. It operates on a “coin” system and you can earn coins several different ways besides your receipts. It has a slot machine you can play where you can win extra coins. You can earn extra spins by completing different tasks. You are rewarded for keeping your “hog” fed which means entering receipts every week consecutively. Inviting friends gives both you and your referral extra spins on the slot machine. If you want to earn even more, they are adding surveys and product scans as well. You cash in your coins for cash or gift cards. Easy, quick, and pays you for something you have regardless.


Feature points is a phone app very similar to App Trailers. In App Trailers you are simply watching short trailers, but with Feature Points you watch, download the app, and let it run for a minute to collect your points. It takes a bit longer, but it is definitely a great app for making a few easy dollars consistently. You can cash out via Paypal or gift cards. You also receive extra points for referring friends. After downloading to your phone, use the invite code B6C79G to earn extra points.


Like using Swagbucks as my search on my computer to earn money, I rack up even more by using Bing Rewards to search on my phone. Once you open a free Bing Rewards account, use it instead of your current browser, and watch how quickly your points accumulate. They also offer different ways to earn by playing trivia, exploring content, and inviting friends. Check in to your Bing Rewards dashboard daily to accumulate even more points. I love these programs where you can capitalize on things you are already doing. You can redeem your points for a variety of store gift cards including Amazon and GameStop. The average person will be able to reach a payout very quickly by just using the search feature.


This was the first cashback site I joined years ago, and it is still a great one. While Topcashback will generally have higher cashback, sometimes you are buying from a store that they do not work with, or can find cashback plus an exclusive deal or coupon that will equal a better deal opportunity in the end. Big Crumbs has always had quick confirmation, and pays consistently. They also offer lifetime referral commission which is very rare. I still receive commission from people I referred years and years ago. They also offer cashback from Ebay purchases which most do not.


Another tried and true cashback site. They also offer coupons and deals and 20% commission on your referrals.


Ebates has been around a while and you have probably seen their television commercials recently. It is another one of the best cashback sites. They also offer exclusive deals and coupons, and $5 for each person you refer.

TIP-When shopping online, always check all cashback sites to see where the best deal will be at that time. Deals and percentages do change often. Also, search for any online coupon codes available for the store you will be shopping at. You can generally use most coupon codes in addition to the cashback site you are using. However, always read the fine print. With some deals, coupon codes are limited to those only found on the site you are using for cashback. And if so, they can refuse to issue you any cashback for the transaction. You can also check CASHBACKAHOLIC, which compares the available cashback percentages for each store.