NEW Huggies, Pull-Ups, & Goodnites CVS Printable Coupon, PRINT NOW




We have a new printable CVS coupon for $2 off $10 Purchase of Huggies, Pull-Ups, or Goodnites diapers and training pants!  PRINT NOW, these typically don’t stay up long!!

Pair these with the $2 off Huggies printable coupon from Swagbucks which we are paid $0.10(10 Swagbucks) to use.  Remember that printing any other manufacturer’s coupons from the CVS site means they will still be deducted from your Swagbucks prints, and you will not receive payment for them.

I had my first major problem at CVS using these a few weeks ago.  A brand new cashier rang me up, scanned my coupons, but had used a substantial beauty reward from the computer screen before all coupons, which meant they were not used despite scanning them.  The only one that did take was a CVS $6 off $30 Diaper Purchase coupon, but because of all the rewards entered first it only took $0.75 off for it.  I had never seen this happen before.  When I tried to explain to the shift supervisor, one I had not met before, she didn’t understand what had happened.   She also didn’t understand that these were CVS coupons, and kept saying they were manufacturer’s and that I could not use two manufacturer’s coupons for the same item.  An easy way to tell is that printable coupons will say “manufacturer’s coupon” at the top, and CVS store coupons will say “CVS” or “CVS  Pharmacy” at the top.  Since my transaction subtotal was $30.57, and I had almost $30 in Extra Care Bucks used for it, I ended up returning the items as politely as I could, apologizing for the confusion, and left without purchasing anything.

When you use coupons,  you will have times when a transaction does not work, even if it should.  In most cases, a polite conversation with the manager can resolve any issues. Carrying a copy of the CVS coupon policy can also help.  BUT, there will be those times where things just do not go well.  If associates or managers are not understanding, not familiar with coupons, or do not quite understand the CVS coupon policy,  it is then best to leave and shop at a later date with someone else.  When I returned and discussed what had happened with another manager, she apologized profusely and offered to give me the same deal.  Arguing will never end well, and sometimes it is just best to return later.  Make sure you get all your coupons back, and have any Extra Care Bucks that were used added back to your card.  They can also issue a manual Extra Care Bucks slip in their place.  This is actually best, as sometimes even when they try to return your Extra Care Bucks, they still show as being used the next time around.



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