Sign up for a FREE Target Red Card Or Debit Card, Get $1.30 FREE!




If you have seen my deal posts for Target, I always mention getting a Target Red Card.  If you ever shop at Target, you need one!  If you are like I am and refuse to use credit cards, you can get a Target Red Card linked to your bank account and used as a debit card!!  You get all of the savings, with none of the fees!

With a Target Red Card you get an ADDITIONAL 5% off ALL of your Target purchases.  You also get FREE SHIPPING on ALL of your orders.  You are also given special coupons and offers only good for Target Red Card members.

If you have not yet signed up for your free card, now is the perfect time as you are PAID $1.30 from SWAGBUCKS!!

If you are not familiar with Swagbucks, they are in my opinion the most important savings site that is out there, and I have tried them all!  They not only offer all of the high dollar printable coupons available, they pay you for each one you use.  They also offer cashback, and all kinds of ways to both save and earn money.


How to receive your $1.30 for signing up for a FREE Target Red Card:

  • First, sign up with a FREE account with Swagbucks.  Once signed up, click on the “Discover” tab on the top tool bar, then “Offers.”  You can click on the “Most Popular” tab on the top of the offers, and it will put the offer close to the top.
  • Next, click the offer and follow the directions to sign up.  You can choose it in credit card form, or as a debit simply linked to your bank account.  You just need your bank routing number.
  • After signing up,  you will “immediately”  be credited with 130 Swagbucks, which is the equivalent of $1.30 cash.  With Swagbucks you can cash out via Paypal like cash, or with other store gift cards.  If you choose to be paid via an Amazon gift card, they actually add extra money.

Sign up for your free Swagbucks account now, and start saving and earning money immediately!


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