Swagbucks Star Wars Team Challenge, Earn Extra Money through May 8th




Once again Swagbucks has an awesome team challenge going on! Through May 8th, join the Swagbucks Star Wars Team Challenge to earn extra Swagbucks that can be cashed out via Paypal, basically cash, or for a variety of store gift cards!  I have now been using Swagbucks for years, and it is my opinion the absolutely best savings and earnings site out there.  Of course it is TOTALLY FREE to use as well!

How to join the Star Wars Team Challenge:

  • Sign up for a free Swagbucks account by clicking here.
  • Once logged in, click the Star Wars Team Challenge logo on the top left of the tool bar
  • This will take you to the details page.  Click the “Join” button to join a team.  You will be automatically assigned to a team.  I am on team Obi-Won.
  • Anyone who earns 100 Swagbucks through May 8th will receive their team payment.

It is really easy to earn Swagbucks by searching, payment for every coupon you use, shopping, surveys, offers, freebies, and more!

Sign up for a free Swagbucks account now to start saving and making money immediately!


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