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Amazon Kindle with WiFi only $27.23 at Staples!!




There is an INCREDIBLE DEAL right now on the Amazon Kindle with Wi-Fi at Staples, through Dec 27th, or until they sell out!  Get it for only $27.23!


Staples has it on sale for only $59 from $79!  But, get a $30 Visa Gift Card from Staples Easy Rebate, combine with the guaranteed highest cashback, and grab it for only $27.23


Sign up, or sign in to your Topcashback account be clicking HERE.  Type “Staples” in the search box, then “get cashback.”  Staples has a strange cashback policy, you MUST start with an empty shopping cart to receive cashback, so do not add it to your cart until you have signed in to Topcashback, and have gone to the Staples site through them. Once you click “get cashback,” this will bring you to the Staples site,  Type “Amazon Kindle Wifi” in the Staples Search Box, and add it to your cart.  It will be $59.

Once you have paid, you can submit for Staples Easy Rebate, online.  You will receive a $30 Pre-Paid Visa Card shipped to your address.

Your Topcashback cashback will confirm in your account within 7 days which will be $1.77.  Which is 3% off $59.