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Exclusive 12 Cup Coffee Maker $7.40, FREE Pickup, TODAY ONLY




Hurry and grab this FANTASTIC DEAL on the Exclusive 12 Cup Coffee Maker, TODAY ONLY!  This would be a great, CHEAP, Father’s Day gift too!  Best Buy has it on sale from $15 to only $7.49!  But, get the guaranteed highest cashback percentage available which is 1.25%, and grab it for only $7.40!  Choose in store pickup to avoid any shipping charges.


How to get the Exclusive 12 Cup Coffee Maker for only $7.40:

  • Clear your cookies, and delete your history, especially if you use any other sites that track your activity like other cashback sites. You also need to have an empty cart so do not add it to your cart at Best Buy before.  Sign up for your FREE Topcashback account by clicking HERE.
  • Once signed up and logged in, type “Best Buy” into the search box, the click “Get Cashback.”  This will take you to the Best Buy site.
  • Type “Exclusive 12 Cup Coffee Maker” into the Best Buy search box, and add it to your cart.
  • Choose In Store Pickup to avoid any shipping charges.
  • Checkout and pay with whichever payment method you prefer.

Topcashback will confirm your cashback within 7 days.  This will make your total only $7.40!

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FREE Best Buy DVD Runner Runner! Plus Coupon Solution!

Grab your FREE Best Buy DVD of the movie Runner Runner!  Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck totally FREE and even a moneymaker!

We have seen this deal at Target by price matching Amazon.  Amazon had it for $2.99, and with the coupon, it was FREE!  However, a lot of people were having issues with Target denying the use of the coupon.  Then, Amazon raised the price.   Amazon has once again lowered it, and it is currently $2.99.

Now you can grab it FREE at Best Buy without having to price match.  If you do happen to have issues with the coupon, here is how you can fix it!!!

Print your FREE coupon from SWAGBUCKS in the “Home Entertainment” category for $5 off.  You can also print it directly off of coupons.comSWAGBUCKS is powered by Coupons.com, the only difference is that SWAGBUCKS pays you $0.10 per every coupon that you redeem.   From either site, you are allowed 2 prints per account/computer.

The coupon says “$5 off Runner Runner on Blu-ray and DVD.”

$5 off Blu-Ray and DVD of Runner Runner from Swagbucks

$5 off Blu-Ray and DVD of Runner Runner from Swagbucks

Because the coupon shows the blue line across the top of the movie in the photo, and the way it is worded, Target has denied it’s use saying it is “ONLY valid for the BLU-RAY and DVD Combo.”

Best Buy has the BLU-RAY priced at $7.99 and the DVD at $2.99 without having to price match.  I recommend calling ahead to your store to make sure they have copies available.  My store at Tulsa Hills had quite a few.  If you run into a problem with the coupon, I have discovered a solution.

Coupon Solution

Coupon Solution

When you look up the coupon on Coupons.com, it clearly states that the coupon is valid for the “RUNNER RUNNER DVD OR BLU-RAY.”  I took a screen shot of this, and showed the sales associate when she at first said she wasn’t sure herself.   She called the manager who looked at my screen shot and said if they look it up online at Coupons.com and could confirm my screen shot was accurate, then there would be no issue.  They did, and then she honored the coupons.


The only other issue was that the coupons are worth more than the price of the DVD.  Their policy is not to give cash back for coupon overage.  I had 3 coupons and bought 3 movies.

How the manager did it, was to use 2 of the coupons which equaled $10, and give me $0.27 back.   I tried to leave the money and even told them that I was NOT comfortable taking it since I did not pay anything for it.   She insisted and said that it was what the computer opted to do, and they needed to follow it.  I have heard of other Best Buy stores using the credit difference towards another item purchased.  It is up to the discretion of the manager on duty.

Store policies vary, and the transaction and how it is processed will depend on the manager on duty.  Showing the coupon’s actual description online, should definitely help clarify the somewhat ambiguous coupon.

Hope you all can grab a free copy, and enjoy SAVING!!!