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Physician’s Formula Cosmetics only $2.99 at CVS This Week



No other store has deals on Physician’s Formula Cosmetics like CVS, and since I LOVE Physician’s Formula, every deal week gets me so excited to shop!!!  I have been able to donate so many nice makeup and skin care products over the years, and only because of CVS promotions.  This week they have another!!  Spend $10 on Physician’s Formula Products, Receive $7.00 Extracare Bucks!! Get Physician’s Formula Makeup for only $2.99!!!  They have a lot of different products at the price point I used, so you can just choose what you need/want the most.

Remember the unwritten “98% Rule” at CVS.  When an Extracare Bucks promotion or coupon has a minimum amount specified, you only need to spend 98% of it to activate the promotion.  So for this $10 minimum, you need to spend $9.80 and the Extracare Bucks will print automatically.

We also have my favorite mobile coupon available through 6/15 onl.  Spend $25 before coupons and discounts, get $5 off via Retailmenot.  I recommend printing, but you can have the cashier scan the bar code in the free app as well.  You can use these more than once, you just have to have $25 subtotal before coupons.  Printing it I have not had any issues using more than once, but have with scanning.  I use it every time it is available and keep watch for it constantly!   Anyone can use it, but although it is not linked to your CVS Extracare card in any way (why you can use it more than once,) you do need an Extracare card to use it.


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Physician’s Formula Deal Scenarios:

  • Physician’s Formula VaVaVoom Sexy Booster Mascara $9.99, Regular Price
  • Physician’s Formula Organic Wear and Most Other Mascaras $9.99, Regular Price
  • Physician’s Formula PH Powered Lip Gloss $9.99, Regular Price
  • Physician’s Formula Cat Eye Liquid Eyeliner $9.99, Regular Price

Spend $10, Receive $7.00 Extracare Bucks

Pay $9.99, Receive $7.00 Extracare Bucks



Or deal idea if needing more:

  • Physician’s Formula All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cheeks and Lips $6.79, Regular Price (my store prices them lower, some are at $6.99)
  • Physician’s Formula Lip Plumping Crystal Potion $8.99, Regular Price
  • Physician’s Formula Mascara or Cat Eyeliner $9.99, Regular Price


Spend $10, Receive $7.00 Extracare Bucks

Use $5.00 of $25 CVS Purchase Retailmenot Coupon

Pay $20.77, Receive $7.00 Extracare Bucks

=$13.77, only $4.59 each when you buy 3

FREE Physician’s Formula Cosmetics, plus MONEYMAKER at CVS!



What is better than great beauty products?  Great FREE beauty products!  And especially FREE Physician’s Formula products!!

We have an AMAZING freebie opportunity on Physician’s Formula Cosmetics at CVS from 3/8-3/14!  Once again I can add to my stash of free Physician’s Formula makeup products, and I love every one!!

Starting Sunday, CVS is offering $7 Extra Care Bucks when you spend $10 on Physician’s Formula Cosmetics.  Already an amazing deal.  However, check your Extra Care Card.  We have two household accounts in my family, and both received a $3 off Physician’s Formula CVS coupon good through 3/16.  Plus, there are other cosmetics coupons that CVS has out.  You can use any and ALL that apply which means you can end up with a really nice MONEYMAKER as well!! Make sure you send any available coupons to your card.  If you don’t have a card, it takes just a minute to sign up online, and you can use it immediately!  Make sure you sign up for their free Beauty Club as well, and receive $5 Extra Care Bucks for every $50 of product you purchase.  It is based on the price of the item, NOT what you actually pay after coupons and discounts!

Remember the “98% Rule” at CVS.  In order to trigger an Extra Care Bucks reward, you only need to spend 98% of the minimum.  So for a $10 minimum, you just need to spend $9.80!  Limit of one offer per card.  You are allowed more than one card per household.


Here are some of the products that will be FREE:

  • Physicians Formula PH Powered Lip Gloss $9.99, regular price
  • Physicians Formula Cat Eye Collection Eyeliner $9.99, regular price
  • Physicians Formula Cat Eye Collection Mascara $9.99, regular price
  • Physicians Formula Sexy Booster VaVaVoom Mascara $9.99, regular price
  • Physicians Formula Organic Wear Curl+Care Mascara $9.99, regular price
  • Physician’s Formula Fake Out Mascara $9.99, regular price

Spend 10.00, Receive $7.00 Extra Care Bucks ( Limit 1 )

Use $3.00 off Physician’s Formula Cosmetics Product CVS Coupon, CVS Coupon Center

Pay $6.99, Receive $7.00 Extra Care Bucks