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FREE One Year Magazine Subscription, Parents, Shape, Car Craft, Bridal Guide, & More




I stopped purchasing magazines about three years ago, and have a free subscription to just about every magazine I could ever want, and here is one of the sites that I get them from.  It is totally safe, and not a scam or an offer to make you buy more.  Get a whole year TOTALLY FREE!  NO bill, no credit card on file, just FREE!!  At the end of the year you will receive a notice to renew if you want with a savings offer, but you don’t have to, and don’t need to do anything else.  Just FREE MAGAZINES sent to your house!

Just click on the link below, then click on whichever magazine you would like.

FREE One Year Subscription to Parents, Shape, Bridal Guide, Car Craft, & more!

FREE 2 Year Subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine!




TOTALLY FREE 2 YEAR subscription to Cosmopoliton ( Cosmo ) magazine!!  I know it sound too good to be true, but it isn’t!!!

The ONLY magazines that I purchase now are specialty magazines such as Art Jewelry, Archaeology, etc..  All other magazine subscriptions I get totally  FREE.  I receive everything from Cosmo, O, Glamour, Parenting, Rolling Stone, Family Fun, US Weekly, Bazaar, Redbook, Lucky, In Style…….

My free Cosmopolitan subscription is from here.  This is one that I do whenever my subscription ends and it is available.  The only thing you have do is fill out a short survey, 5 minutes at the most, always takes me less.  If any other offers pop up during the survey, say no, or it can sometimes override the Cosmo offer.

At the end of your subscription you will get a renewal notice ( at least I always do.)  THIS IS NOT A BILL.  It is only an offer to renew for a subscription at a discount.  There is nothing to pay for ever!!

Get your FREE 2 year subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine now!