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Join My FREE LiveToWin Team, $500 Daily Prize, Plus Instant Win Cash Every Day




Some things seem “too good to be true,” so it is always a pleasant surprise when you find out they are indeed for real!  I first started playing LiveToWin when it first launched in 2013.  I played with absolutely NO expectations whatsoever, and never thinking that I could win.  I had been stuck in bed with health issues, and was so bored.  While browsing through apps, I ran into LiveToWin, and thankfully so.  Since then, LiveToWin has blessed me multiple times, and through sharing with friends, I now have a lot of friends that have won multiple times as well!

LiveToWin is a FREE app available for both Apple and Adroid phones and devices.  They also now offer SpinToWin, a free slots game where your points equal entries towards the LiveToWin daily prize.  In addition, they also now offer multiple instant win cash prizes throughout each day.   The premise of the app is a daily giveaway.  Each day they offer a great prize, OR $500 cash, the winner’s choice.  You can receive your payment via Paypal, or by personal check.  If you choose the prize, it is shipped to your door.

I will never forget the day I first won.  It was June of 2013, roughly four weeks after I started to play, and I was only playing sporadically.  My son had been in the backyard and was bit by what the ER said was either a scorpion or a spider.  It looked awful, and and to be honest, was terrifying for us both.  It is hard to keep your composure when there is a black hole in your child’s foot, and you can visibly see the venom spreading from the area in a red “wave.”   It had been a long, and rather emotional morning, when out of the blue we were so blessed.  We were waiting on our final paperwork, when I turned my phone back on to update family.  As soon as it turned on, my phone “dinged” with a notification.  When I opened it, it simply said  “Congratulations, you have won the daily prize!”  I was shocked and so excited, immediately running to my facebook account to announce my win!  Instead of happiness, most of my friends were under the impression that it was a scam, and one even said “You will never see that money lol.”   Admittedly, my happiness turned to anxiety as I waited the two hours it took to receive my win, but much to their amazement, it was NOT a scam!  Even better, now at least four of my friends that commented on that very same post have now won on LiveToWin as well!  Some even multiple times!   One just had their seventh win!

That year I was able to donate so much to families in need for the Holidays.  Using my deals, I stretched those dollars to the max, and literally had a truck load of gifts that went to so many different families.  And what should not have surprised me, the more I gave, the more I won!!  Call it karma, Law of Attraction, reaping what you sow, it is all the same and it really is true!

I now have all my friends and family playing and winning on LiveToWin!  It is easy, fun, and TOTALLY FREE!!  You don’t have to have a ton of entries to win.  In fact, most of my wins were on days that I did not have a lot.  You can spend as little or as much time as you would like earning entries, but you can’t win if you don’t play!!  There are some deals where you can pay for entries, like taking advantage of offers or discounts on goods and services, or for purchasing more coins/tokens.  However, I DO NOT do that, and neither do my friends who win.  All entries I submit are free, and you do not have to pay one penny for anything if you don’t want to.

Instead of simply downloading the app, it is beneficial to join my LiveToWin team which is easy to do.  You can even join my team if already signed up, as long as you do not have a referral listed.  You can do this by going to your account, and typing my referral code in, which is mg4i3.  Every day I can then send you three free extra spins, which is the most important activity for me regarding entries.  Three free spins can mean a big difference!   Everyday I make sure I use my spins and take the polls, which consist of short multiple choice questions, usually involving your personal opinion and pop culture.  And that is it!  It literally takes just a few minutes each day, and you really can win!!

Once you have signed up with your LiveToWin account and have used my referral, you can then download the SpinToWin Slots game.  It is important to sign up with LiveToWin first so you can use that same account for both.   The entries you earn on the SpinToWin slots game goes towards the LiveToWin daily prize.  Every day you receive free tokens to play.  You get a token bonus every hour as long as you click on the yellow “Claim Bonus” link.  You then receive a daily bonus every 24 hours, where you spin a prize wheel which will determine just how many you freebies you will get.   Entries for the daily prize are simply all of your “Bets,” how much you bet each time when you spin the slots wheel.  When you use my referral, I will be able to send you extra tokens EVERY DAY that you can use to play.  Free tokens means free bets, which equal free entries!!  I have had several people sign up with new LiveToWin accounts as their old referral was not active, and did not send them their daily bonus regularly.  Every little bit makes a big difference!!


How to sign up with your free LiveToWin Account:

  • Go to either the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play store, type LiveToWin in the search box, and download for free.
  • There will be a box that comes up for your referral code, enter mg4i3
  • Enter your account information, which you just need your name and email, or sign up with your Facebook account which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  The benefit of signing up with your Facebook account is that on the SpinToWin Slots Game, you can get bonuses from your friends who also play.
  • Once you have a LiveToWin account, go to the Apple or Google store, type SpinToWin Slots in the search, and download for free.
  • Use your account that you signed up with LiveTowin, and use referral mg4i3




  • If nothing else, each day do the following which takes just a couple of minutes:
  1. Spin the prize wheel daily=each spin determines entries
  2. Take the daily polls=100 for each one
  3. Rate the daily prize=500 entries
  4. Suggest a prize=500 entries


  • For every short video you watch, you receive 1000 entries.  I run the videos whenever I have time to kill, or while waiting at the doctor etc..  It is an easy way to get a lot of entries and quickly


  • Claim your hourly bonus tokens.  You must open the app and click on the yellow “claim bonus” link.  If you don’t collect by clicking on it, you won’t receive it.
  • Make sure you open the app at least once every 24 hours to receive a large daily bonus.  This amount depends on the spin you will receive off the token wheel that pops up with your daily bonus.
  • The more friends you have on facebook that play, the more free tokens you receive daily, so invite your friends!
  • The more you play, you will level up.  It is important to level up to unlock the additional slots game.
  • Every day there is an Instant Win game that will be on a different slot program each day.  If you have unlocked that slots game, make sure you choose that one to play as you can win extra instant cash throughout the day.


Sign up for your FREE LiveToWin and SpinToWin Slots Game now, use code mg4i3


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!