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Wooden 50 Piece Train Set & Table only $47.98, Plus $10 Cash! Like Paying $37.98!





Wooden 50-Piece Train Set with Table only $47.98, plus $10 Cash for New Accounts!  Like Paying only $37.98 for an $80 Set!!

This is a FANTASTIC DEAL opportunity!  If you have a train lover like I did, you know just how much money tables and accessories cost.  I spent thousands upon thousands when my son was younger, and before I started couponing.  Now though, I always make sure I am getting the best deal, and this is awesome!!

Walmart has the Wooden 50 Piece Set WITH the table on sale for only $49.97 from $79.97!!!

Wooden 50 Pice Train Set and Table at Walmart!

But, get the guaranteed highest cashback which is 4%, and get it for only $47.98, plus get an additional $10 for new accounts!!  This is like paying only $37.98!!!!  If you prefer using another cashback site,  Swagbucks is offering double their normal rate so you receive 2 Swagbucks for every $1 spend, this equals 2% cashback.

For a short time, Topcashback is offering $10 for new accounts.  They offer the guaranteed highest cashback available, along with their Snap & Save grocery rebate program, and other ways to both save and earn money.

How to get the Wooden 50 Piece Train Set With Table for only $47.98, plus $10 Cash for new accounts:

  • Clear your cookies, and delete your history, especially if you use any other sites that track your activity like other cashback sites.  Sign up for your FREE Topcashback account by clicking HERE.
  • Once signed up and logged in, type “Walmart” into the search box, the click “Get Cashback.”  This will take you to the Walmart site.
  • Type “Wooden Train Table” into the Walmart search box, and add it to your cart.
  • Choose In Store Pickup to avoid shipping charges, or purchase something small to reach the $50 mark, and shipping will be FREE. You literally need only a few cents more.
  • Checkout and pay with whichever payment method you prefer.

Topcashback will confirm your cashback within 7 days.  This will make your total only $47.98.  Once you have reached $10 in cashback, your free $10 will be automatically added to your account.  So it is like getting the set for only $37.98!  You can cash out via Paypal, or through store gift cards.


TIps to ensure you receive your Topcashback cashback payment:

I have heard some users have had some issues with missing cashback from Topcashback.  After contacting them, I have some tips to ensure your cashback is confirmed.  First, before signing into Topcashback, make sure you delete your cookies and clear your history.  This is extremely important, especially if you are like me and use various cashback sites.  This has interfered with some merchants confirming cashback with them.  Make sure you use Topcashback to access the website you are purchasing from, and do not hit the back button etc.  Make sure you keep your invoice or confirmation email from the retailer you purchase from, until your cashback has been confirmed.  If your cashback is not confirmed within the stated time (it will say next to the merchant on the site as each one can be different), make sure you send a support ticket with your information.  Because I use so many, I keep a log on my computer with date, time, merchant, and purchase amount.  It takes just a second and I can tell right away if anything is missing.  You can also find the tracking of all of your website visits with info on date, time, etc, under your Topcashback account information.


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Imaginarium 80pc Mega Train Set $19.59 & $10 Cashback, Like Paying $9.59





Imaginarium 80+ Piece Mega Train Set $19.59, plus $10 Cashback!  Like Paying $9.59!


HURRY!!!  This will sell out quickly!!!  My son has been a train lover since the age of one, and we have spent a fortune on trains!  This really is a FABULOUS DEAL!!!!

ToysRus has the Imaginarium 80 Piece MEGA Train Set on sale for only $19.99 from $39.99!  Already a great price!!!  But, get an EXCLUSIVE 2% cashback making it only $19.59, plus get $10 cashback for NEW accounts!!!  Making it only $9.59!!!!

For a limited time, sign up with a NEW TOPCASHBACK account using the link below, and get $10 cash FREE!   They have the guaranteed highest cashback percentage available for your online shopping.  Plus, they have their Snap & Save grocery rebates, and all kinds of exclusive discounts and savings.  They also offer over 100% cashback on featured items, which means you get it free, plus are paid just to take it! A great feature of Topcashback is that they allow more than one household account.  As long as there is a separate email, every eligible member of your household can have an account!  This means you multiply the savings and earnings!


How to get the Mega Train Set for only $19.59, plus $10 Cashback:


Sign up for a NEW Topcashback account by clicking THIS LINK.  It’s the only way to receive the $10.  Once signed up, and you are signed in, type “ToysRus” into the search box, the click “get cashback.”  This will bring you to the ToysRus site.  Type “Imaginarium Mega Train Set” into the search box.  Add it and whatever else you would like to your cart, and check out.  Choose In Store Pickup to avoid any shipping charges.

Just checkout with whichever payment method you prefer, and that is it.  Topcashback will confirm your 2% cashback into your account within 7 days making your total only $19.59!  Once you have earned $10 in cashback which does not take long at all, your $10 will automatically deposit into your account. Like getting it for only $9.59!  You can cash out via Paypal, or choose from several alternatives.


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This post contains affiliate links. I use affiliate and referral links whenever possible to help recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!