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FREE Gwynnie Bee Month Trial, Plus MAKE $2, Unlimited Plus Size Wardrobe




Gwynnie Bee has now been active a while and I keep hearing great things about them.  I have not tried them yet personally, but I do have friends that use them, and love them!  The concept is much like the companies that rent purses and accessories.  You pay a monthly membership fee, receive and wear the clothing, and send back when you are finished with them and ready to receive more.  Gwynnie Bee is geared towards “Plus Sized” clothing in sizes 10-32.  I do not consider a 10-12 to be “Plus-Sized,” (especially since I am close to 5’11) so I was glad to see that the range of sizing was as great as it is.

I am really surprised at the extensive category of clothing, and right now they use over 150 brands.  While they are not what I would consider “Designer” clothing, they are really nice brands that you find in high end department stores.  Everything from dresses to casual clothing.

Normally the monthly membership fees run between $35-$79 a month, and from one to three outfits at a time.  You choose the subscription that works best for you and your budget. With a regular membership, you can keep the clothing as long as you want, and all returns and exchanges are free.  You will never have to pay for shipping either way.   However, right now courtesy of Swagbucks, you can get a whole month FREE, plus get PAID $2.00(200 Swagbucks.)

How to get a free month Gwynnie Bee Trial Membership and Receive $2.00 (200 Swagbucks):

  • Sign up for your free Swagbucks account, or sign in by clicking here.
  • Click on the Swagbucks logo on the top left of the toolbar, which brings up the featured offer home page.
  • Go to the “Sort By” box on the right, and sort by “Highest Payout.”
  • Scroll down until you find the offer, it looks like this.


  • Click on the offer, and sign up for your free trial.  You will need to use your credit card, but if you decide not to continue you can cancel before the trial ends with no obligation, and you won’t have to pay anything.

Swagbucks says you will receive your 200 Swagbucks which equals $2.00, in your account within “30 days.”  However they always end up confirming faster than the estimation.

If you decide not to keep a monthly subscription to Gwynnie Bee, you can cancel with no obligation to buy more, or pay any money.  I always recommend setting an alarm on your phone or electronic device as a reminder to cancel before trial period ends, so you will not be charged.

With Swagbucks, you can cash out via Paypal which is basically the same as cash, or for a variety of store gift cards.  Make sure you check all the other great offers available right now, like the $20 rebate when you spend $20 at The Body Shop.

Sign up for a free Swagbucks account now and start saving and making money immediately.

Gillette Venus Embrace Travel Bundle $4.84, FREE Shipping or Pickup


Gillette Venus Embrace Travel Bundle, contains 1 Razor, 1 Cartridge, 1 Travel Case, 1 Travel Bag, 1 Shave Gel, only $4.84!  FREE Shipping with a FREE Staples Rewards Account!


HURRY!  This is a super deal that won’t last long!  You may not think of Staples as a place to purchase personal care or beauty items, but I have grabbed some great deals like this over the years.  Staples has the Gillette Venus Embrace Travel Bundle on sale for only $4.99!  Get 3% cashback, the guaranteed highest available, and get it for only $4.84!  Pick up in store FREE to avoid any shipping charges if available in your area.  Otherwise, shipping is FREE with a free Staples Rewards account.

Here is what you get:

  1. One Razor
  2. One Cartridge,
  3. One Travel Case
  4. One Travel Bag
  5. One Shave Gel


How to get the travel bundle for only $4.84:


  • Sign up for your free Topcashback account by clicking here.
  • Once logged in, type “Staples” into the search box, then click on the Staples logo, then click the “Shop Now” orange link.  This will take you to the Staples site.
  • Sign up or sign in to your free Staples rewards account.  Takes just a minute to sign up with your email address.  You must have this for free shipping.
  • Type “Gillette Venus Embrace Travel Bundle” into the Staples search box, then add however many you want to your cart.
  • If free store pickup is available in your area, you can choose that, or shipping is free with a free Staples account.

Here is my total WITH tax, I ordered two.  Pickup was not available at my local stores, but shipping is FREE with a free Staples Rewards account.



Topcashback will confirm your cashback within 7 days, making it only $4.84 for each one you purchase!

Sign up for your free Topcashback account now


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!

FabKids by Christina Applegate Review, $74 in Kid’s Clothing for $9.80



I always love getting a great deal, especially when it is for my kids.  Some deals are just better than others, and I like to know as much as I can before purchasing.  My mother, the original “Deal Queen” of my family, always told me to “Buy the best, but buy smart.”   In the age of mass manufacturing, we have access to “cheap” clothing.   It is made to be disposable, with the intent to keep us buying, lasting long enough to wear until the next growth spurt begins, that is if we are lucky!  I have collected vintage clothing since I was very young, and have sold it for two decades.  In previous generations, clothing was meant to last, and to be handed down through multiple family members.  Every garment was made with care, why there is so much vintage still around today.  While I do not expect the same quality in today’s market, I am always disappointed when I purchase something, only to get it home and find out that it didn’t even survive the first wash.

When I first saw the deal for FabKids clothing on Swagbucks, I wasn’t so sure if I should try it.   The FabKids line is by Christina Applegate, and to be honest, I do not necessarily equate her with “fashion.”  Yes I realize actors are only acting, but I will painfully admit that visions of “Kelly Bundy” definitely danced in my head momentarily.  I wasn’t quite sure how FabKids clothing would be.  Then when I read that it was all made in China, I really was not sure.  I searched for reviews prior to purchasing, but I couldn’t find any.  After receiving my purchases, I wanted to do a short review in case others are on the fence like I was.

****Before anything else, DO NOT click on the deal link on Swagbucks unless you are ready to order.  If you do, it disappears from your offers list, and you will not be able to use it!

Here are the two outfits I ordered:

  • Ice Princess Outfit
    Ice Princess Dress (available in multiple colors)
    Gold Bow Clippie


  • Striped Pretty In Pink Outfit
    Lace Babydoll Dress
    Fab Striped Legging


My order arrived quickly.  I placed my order 3/31 in the evening, and it arrived 4/4.  Shipping was totally free, and it arrived all together in a medium sized Tyvek style bag.  I have always shipped clothing in Tyveks, but I know that some people do prefer boxes.  All of the clothing and accessories I received were indeed made in China.


Blue Ice Princess Dress-I was the most most excited to see this “Ice Princess Dress.”  It is the same dress as in the FabKids ad, which is called “Orange Princess Dress,” or “Fire Princess Dress Outfit” when paired with leggings.  It is also available in pink. The Ice Princess is a really pretty blue.  The first thing I noticed after removing the dress from the packaging was how it felt.  The dress is a very soft, light, 100% cotton fabric, that flows nicely while worn.  It will be great for our hot southern Summers, but It will also be cute paired with a little shrug for cooler weather as well.   There are no buttons or closures, it simply slips over the head.  The front of the bodice is plain, and the back has elastic smocking which gives a great fit.  The skirt is really unique, and definitely my favorite part of the dress.  It has vertical ruffles from the waist to the hem, with the ombre style dye getting darker towards the bottom.  Due to the elastic smocking, the straps stay up and it will fit various body types.   I was eager to get my review up, so I didn’t have time to steam the garment after traveling in the Tyvek.  It really is cuter in person than in my quick photos.  My daughter absolutely loves it, and as soon as she did the telltale twirl, I knew that she truly felt like a little princess while wearing it.  This is definitely a piece I recommend in whichever color you prefer.

Gold Bow- While I love the dress, I could definitely do without the bow.  I think the idea and intention were good.  However, this bow in my opinion just was not the best choice, especially with this particular dress.   It is a cheaply made gold lame type fabric, that just looks a bit too heavy with the light flowing feel of the garment.  At least for my personal preference.  One plus is that the clip is lined with a piece of grosgrain ribbon.  But, no matter how comfortable it is to wear, It is probably not a bow I will ever use.  They do offer the dress as an outfit with leggings for $10 more.   This deal is so amazing, that I can donate the bow, and am still more than thrilled with the dress!


Lace BabyDoll Dress– This is so much cuter in person, as it is difficult to capture the fabric detail on my phone.  While the top is a classic babydoll style dress, I ordered in a size larger than my daughter actually wears, and it falls about an inch and a half above her knee.  I think it is best worn with leggings, or at least a little ruffled pant or cover if wearing alone.  It has two layers, a 100% cotton liner, and a sheer 100% nylon layer over the top, with 100% cotton embroidery.  There is no liner in the sleeves which allows you to see the floral details in the sheer fabric.  It’s soft and comfortable, even the sleeves which are not lined.  Something very important for anything worn by my children.  If something isn’t soft, it then becomes “itchy,” and will remain in their closets.    You can pair this with all kinds of things to create a totally different look.


Fab Striped Legging- These leggings are paired with several different pieces on the FabKids site, and they truly are versatile.  They are 95% cotton, with 5% Spandex.  I love that there is just enough Spandex stretch for a perfect fit, but mostly cotton so they are breathable.  I have already washed these, and they did surprisingly well.  A lot of leggings I have purchased for my daughter seem to look worn after the first wash, no matter how careful I am.  I always turn things like these inside out, wash in cold, and add a little vinegar to the water for anything new to prevent the dye from fading.  These still looked new when they came out.  They can be worn with so many different colors, and are a great staple piece to have in a child’s wardrobe.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, and the pieces I chose really exceeded any expectations I had when placing my order.  The clothing is better in person than in photos, and everything is washable.  Something really important to me when choosing clothing for my kids.  To be honest, I assumed I was just getting an amazing deal, $74.05 worth of clothing for only $9.80, and probably wouldn’t continue to use FabKids.   While that is okay as there is no obligation, I am definitely excited to choose my next outfits, and will continue to purchase from them.  This truly is an AWESOME DEAL that you don’t want to miss!!



Christina Applegate has a new line out called FabKids.  They offer a full line of clothing for both boys and girls, plus shoes, and accessories.  Right now they are having a sale, buy TWO outfits for $19.95!  If you have not seen her clothing line, it is REALLY CUTE!

But, it gets better!!!!!  Thanks again to Swagbucks, an awesome deal just got almost too good to be true!!  Thankfully though, it is!  Swagbucks is giving you $0.15 (15 Swagbucks) for just signing up with your email for a free account, and $10.00 (1000 Swagbucks) when you purchase your first outfit!!!  You end up getting $74.05 worth of clothing for only $9.80!  This means a total savings of $64.25!


The Swagbucks you earn can be cashed out via Paypal, basically the same as cash, or for a plethora of store gift cards.  I have used them for years without having any issues.  They have excellent customer service, so if in the rare event a problem were to arise, they are very quick to take care of it.

How to get your two outfits for only $19.95, plus get the cashback rebate:

  • Sign up for your free Swagbucks account by clicking here.
  • Click on the “Swagbucks” logo on the top left of the tool bar.  This will bring you to the featured offer page.  Go to the “Sort By” box on the right, and click on “Highest Payout.”
  • Scroll down to the offer, then click on it.  Make sure you are ready to purchase when you click on it though, as you won’t be able to go back and do it again, it will close it out. The offer looks like this:


  • Once on the FabKids page, sign up for your free email account first, which will show a $10 credit afterwards.
  • Click on the “BOGO Outfit” under offers (where I chose mine,) and choose your two outfits.  Don’t worry, the outfits I chose were marked as $24.95 each, but it all ends up as two outfits for $19.95 in checkout.   It will also show a $10 credit on first purchase, this will slash the deal down in the end.
  • Make your purchase.  Shipping and exchanges are FREE.  Here is the total again for mine

001 002

  • Swagbucks will credit your account with a total of 1015 Swagbucks, the equivalent of $10.15 within 30 days.  (They always pay me way before their projected date, but all depends on how quickly Fabkids confirms your order with them)


FINE PRINT*** When you purchase these outfits, you are enrolled in the monthly FabKids program.  HOWEVER, you can cancel ANYTIME with no obligation.  You can also visit your account before the 5th of each month, and skip as many months as you wish without any charge.  Whenever I do deals like these, I set an alarm on my phone to make sure I do whatever I need to do within the time frame.


Swagbucks offers all kinds of ways to both save and make money,  Don’t forget to take advantage of the $10.10 rebate when you spend $20 at Zulily deal, and the $20 rebate for spending $20 at The Body Shop deal.


Sign up for your free Swagbucks account, and start saving and making money immediately!


 This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!

Ice Age: The Meltdown 2 Disc Blu-ray only $4.96, FREE Pickup




There is a SUPER DEAL perfect for Easter Baskets!!  Right now Best Buy has the Ice Age: The Meltdown on 2 Disc Blu-ray for only $4.99!!

However, make sure you get your credit for it from Swagbucks, which equals 1% cashback, the highest from the consistently reputable sites anyway.

To receive your Swagbucks credit:

  • Sign up or sign in to your free Swagbucks account.
  • Click the “Shop” link on the top left of the tool bar.
  • Type “Best Buy” into the search box, and click on the “Shop Now” link.  This will bring you to the Best Buy site.
  • Type “Ice Age: The Meltdown Blu-ray” in the Best Buy search box, and add it to your cart.
  • Choose “In Store Pickup” to avoid any shipping and get it at your convenience.

That is it.  Swagbucks will confirm your cashback (Swagbucks) in to your account within a few days!  This will make your final price only $4.96!


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!

Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Packs as Low as $0.66 at Target, Printable Coupon



This is a super price on Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Packs at Target.  Use a printable coupon that we are PAID to use, one reusable bag, and your Target Red Card to pay, and get them for only $0.66 each!  Without a reusable bag or Target Red Card, they are still only $0.73 each, an awesome price still!




  • 2 Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Pack $1.50, sale price through 3/28

Use ONE $1/2 Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Pack printable Swagbucks

AND use 15% off P3 Protein Power Pack Target Cartwheel app offer exp. 3/28=$0.45

Use one reusable bag, Receive $0.05

Use Target Red Card to pay, Receive 5% off final subtotal

Pay $1.42, Receive $0.10 for redeeming one Swagbucks coupon

=$1.32, only $0.66  each when you buy 2


Without a reusable bag or Target Red Card:


  • 2 Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Pack sale $1.50,  through 3/28

Use ONE $1/2 Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Pack printable Swagbucks

AND use 15% off P3 Protein Power Pack Target Cartwheel app offer exp. 3/28=$0.45

Pay $1.55, Receive $0.10 for redeeming one Swagbucks coupon

=$1.45, only $0.73 each when you buy 2


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!

SuperCandy Natural Energy Gummy Candy only $0.49 at Walgreens


We have a double rebate opportunity for Snap Infusions SuperCandy!  Walgreens sells the 1oz packs for $1.99.  The Ibotta rebate is for 1oz+, and the rebate from Shrink (Use Code EUPSGK for free points) states “Any” and does not have a size limit.

If you are not familiar with SuperCandy, here is a blurb from their site.

“SUPERCANDY is infused with six B vitamins for energy, vitamins C & E for antioxidant value, and key electrolytes – magnesium, potassium and calcium – for fluid balance. Each one of our products contains our patented Snap beads inside, so you can actually feel SNAP delivering natural goodness with every bite”

It is actually sweetened with Xylitol which is from Birch and Beechwood chips.  These actually taste like candy, but with all the benefits of a vitamin!




  • Snap Infusion Gummy SuperCandy 1oz $1.99, regular price (found by the protein and nutrition bars )

Buy any SuperCandy 1oz+, Receive $0.50 from Ibotta

Buy any SuperCandy, Receive $1.00 from Shrink Use Code EUPSGK for free points

Pay $1.99, Receive $0.50 from Ibotta, and Receive $1.00 from Shrink Use Code EUPSGK for free points



This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!



2 FREE Beauty Products, plus up to $500 MONEYMAKER at Victoria’s Secret!




This is an AWESOME FREEBIE DEAL!!!  Right now at Victoria’s Secret, spend $10 and get a “Secret Gift Card” worth a minimum of $10, $50, $100, or $500!!   Plus, get cashback!  There WAS a deal for TWO cards with code SECRETBONUS, however it has EXPIRED.  We still however get two products FREE, plus a moneymaker depending on which card you receive.  This deal is also available in store, so make sure you are grabbing your freebies when you are getting your freebie rebate deals in store from Sephora and The Body Shop!

Combine the gift card deal with a store sale, and end up with two FREE beauty products, cashback, plus maybe a whole lot extra!

Victoria’s Secret has the Pink Travel Size Lotions and Sprays on sale, 2 for $10.  Below are some of them.

zzz zzz1 zzz2 zzz3 zzz4


How to get your freebies, cashback, and maybe even MAKE a lot of money:

  • Sign up with your free Ebates account by clicking HERE. (one of the few cashback companies who work with VS, and they are very reliable)
  • Once signed in, type “Victoria’s Secret” into the search box, then, “Shop Now.” This will bring you to the Victoria’s Secret site.
  • Add TWO of the Pink Travel Sized sale items in your cart, to equal $10. No coupon code is necessary, your card will automatically send with a $10 minimum purchase.
  • Checkout, and that is it.

You will receive your secret gift card worth a MINIMUM of $10 with your order, and will be worth either $10. $50, $100, or $500!

Your 1% cashback, which is the highest available now on cashback sites, will cofirm shortly.

Not only do you end up with TWO FREE PRODUCTS, plus get cashback, but there is also a chance to make a nice amount of money!


Sign up for your FREE Ebates account now, and get 2 FREE Beauty Products, cashback, and a gift card worth between $10-$500!

The Body Shop SALE plus 12% Cashback, Great Bath, Beauty & Makeup Under $5.00!





The Body Shop is having a SUPER SALE,  plus a RARE 12% CASHBACK from Swagbucks through 3/22!

If you have not shopped at The Body Shop before, now is the perfect time!  Not only do they have great makeup, beauty, bath, and personal care items for both men and women, they also have cruelty free, ethical, and environmentally friendly products as well!  Vegan friendly beauty items that are amazing as well!

Stock up for Spring with new products to lift your mood and pamper your body!  Shop The Body Shop Outlet for super low prices.  They are also having a Buy 3 Get 2 Free, or Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on favorites.  Plus lots of other great sale deals as well. FREE Shipping with purchases of $50 or more, plus THREE FREE samples!

Don’t forget the amazing rebate offer from Swagbucks and Visa, spend $15 in store at The Body Shop, receive $15 rebate.  This means $15 in FREE bath, makeup, and beauty products for spending only $5!  You can see step by step instructions here.  I also reviewed the deal after completing it myself, getting FIVE free products with it, and you can see that HERE.

Here are a few great deals available:



Wild Argan Oil Gift Cube only $3.96 after cashback!


Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm only $2.64 after cashback (this is a favorite product of mine)


Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation only $4.40 from $25 after cashback


Vanilla Brulee or Glazed Apple Tin of Delights, 6 products $45,  only $19.80 after cashback


SALE DEAL,  Get the $80 Tote Gift Bag Collection, not available in stores, with 5 really nice products for only $35.20 after cashback!


How to get 12% Cashback:

  • Sign up for your free Swagbucks account
  • Once signed in click on “Shop” on the top tool bar
  • Type “The Body Shop” into the search box
  • Click on The Body Shop Icon, then “Shop Now”
  • This will bring you to The Body Shop Site
  • Just shop and checkout

Swagbucks will confirm your 12 Swagbucks per dollar, which equals 12% cashback, shortly.  They are one of the most reliable companies out there, and process transactions quickly!  You can cashout via Paypal as cash, or via a plethora of store gift cards.


***Don’t forget the $15 REBATE when you spend $20 at The Body Shop IN STORE deal as well with Swagbucks.  This means $15 in bath, beauty, and makeup FREEBIES!!  I have done the deal already and was able to get FIVE products totally FREE!  You can read about it HERE.


Sign up for your FREE Swagbucks account, and start saving and making money immediately!


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!





HURRY! FREE Big Hero 6 Movie DVD, Plus MONEYMAKER!!!



This is for NEW Topcashback members!!  I have gotten SO many freebies, that I was also paid just to take home from these Topcashback deals!!!


Follow the steps below to get the Big Hero 6 DVD Movie FREE, plus MAKE MONEY:

FREE Big Hero 6 DVD plus Moneymaker, Special New Member Offer

  • Click the orange “Get Cashback” link directly to the right of the $16.50
  • This will take you to the Walmart site.
  • Add the Big Hero 6 DVD Priced at $14.99 to your cart.
  • Choose “In Store pickup”, for free, if your store is sold out, just check another.
  • Checkout with whichever payment method you prefer, and that is it!
  • Topcashback will deposit your rebate which covers the cost, plus a little extra within 14 days!!


Offer Details from Topcashback:

Visit Walmart through TopCashback, purchase a Big Hero 6 DVD priced at $14.99 and within seven days $16.50 cash back will have posted in your TopCashback account.

In-store pick-up, subject to the item’s availability at the location, is free. The $16.50 should cover the cost of the product and any sales tax you may possibly be charged, effectively making the Big Hero 6 DVD a fantastic freebie that’s sure to be a hit with the famly!

Within 14 days the $16.50 will turn payable and can be credited straight to your checking or PayPal account.


Sign up for your NEW free Topcashback account now!

The Body Shop Rebate Deal & Review, FIVE FREE Products!!






Last night I loaded up my teenage son and my 2 yr old daughter, and headed to the mall to take advantage of the $35 in rebates from The Body Shop and Sephora.  I have not been to the mall in YEARS!! I do the majority of my shopping online, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for $35 in FREE bath, makeup, and beauty products. You can find The Body Shop Deal HERE, and the Sephora Deal HERE.

I ended up waiting on the Sephora deal as they were completely out of Dior Airflash Foundation in Ivory, which is my one beauty splurge that is a must have for me.  It is pricey, so the rebate will give me to opportunity to get it for only $42.  One bottle lasts a really long time, but want to grab it while I can save $20 with the Swagbucks and Ibotta offers combined.

When my son was little, we went to the mall regularly, but since it has been so long since I have been, this was my daughter’s first time.   I’ve never seen a two year old who loves fashion so much.  Clothing, shoes, accessories, she takes it all very seriously.  She also is completely enamored by makeup and beauty products already. Needless to say, shopping is her “thing” and she was in absolute Heaven!


When we arrived at The Body Shop, I told the sales associates that I was shopping for the rebate. I asked if they have had a lot of people coming in for it, but they had not even heard of it. While it doesn’t surprise me, when there are great deals to be had, I can’t help but wish everyone knew about them.   I told as many people as I could before leaving the store.  One lady was so excited that she signed up for Swagbucks right there on her phone so she could use it right away.   From that experience we learned that it really does activate immediately, and the rebate is processed immediately as well!

I always purchase products from The Body Shop online, so it’s the first time that I’ve been inside the actual store in forever. My toddler wanted to look at, and smell, everything they had. So it did take a bit, but it was so much fun to see how excited she was for every new scent. It was particularly amusing when she didn’t like one. She helped me choose every piece I purchased, and I could see other customers amused by her as well, we could hear them talking about her as we shopped.

I really wanted to stay as close to the $20 minimum as possible. I ended up choosing the travel sizes so I could try as many new (to me) scents as possible. I had the sales associates helping, and even though the entire time we were adding up the total for the products in hand, my first transaction didn’t go as planned.  There was no signage alerting that some of the products I had picked up were on sale, and the girls helping me didn’t tell me either.  Hopefully they have fixed that now.  Because of this, my first transaction ended up with a subtotal of only $19.00.  Therefore it had to be returned and rung up again.  The next time adding an additional product to reach the $20 pre tax subtotal required for the rebate to activate.  Before returning the merchandise, the manager actually asked me if it was okay to just raise the price on an item in order to reach the threshold.  However, I knew I could add a hand sanitizer for only $2, and would rather pay $2 more for an extra product, than be charged an extra $1 for one I already had. I declined her offer.  On a side note, I did find that a bit odd considering the point of a sales team is to sell as many products as they can.

After trying everything, I ended up choosing 6 products in the scents I liked the most.


Here is what I purchased:

  • Mega Wild Argon Oil Body Butter 1.69oz Sale $5 (when you buy 2)-  This was my absolute favorite of all of their products!  I am normally not really drawn to the smell of most Argon Oil products out there, although I love the effects, especially on hair.   So I was really surprised at just how much I like this product’s scent.  Their Body Butters are always so incredibly rich and creamy, and they really do hydrate for the 24 hours that they claim.  It smells heavenly and while the scent lasts, it is not overpowering.
  • Strawberry Lip Balm .6oz $3-  I’m going to divulge my age on this one, but I purchased this because it smells and feels EXACTLY like the Strawberry Village Lip Lickers!  The tins are just much larger and round. Lip Lickers were the must have rectangular tins that every little girl in the late 70’s and early 80’s had in their Jordache purses.  I had The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm previously, but the Strawberry is so reminiscent, that it’s just a fun little piece to keep in your bag.  If you loved those little tins when you were young as much as I did, it will definitely bring you back!
  • Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub Gelee 1.8oz  Sale $5 (when you buy 2)-  This has a VERY sharp grapefruit scent.  I love the smell of grapefruit, so I like that. To me it does not smell like pink grapefruit though, rather the more bitter yellow ones.  Their body scrubs exfoliate well and leave your skin incredibly smooth.  I liked using it this morning as the sharp citrus smell was invigorating.  However, this is not one I would use prior to bedtime.
  • Strawberry Body Puree  $4– This is a really lightweight lotion that absorbs very quickly.   I prefer to use these in the warmer months.  Though I LOVE the Body Butters, when it’s 110 degrees outside here with the heat index and 98% humidity, the Body Butters are not the best.  It feels like it slides right off your skin when you start to “glow,” as my mother used to say.
  • Satsuma Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 2oz  $2–  This has a REALLY nice citrus scent that I love.  Their sanitizers absorb quickly, and this is the perfect size to keep in your purse or car.
  • Pink Grapefruit Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 2oz  $2– This has a VERY SHARP grapefruit scent, a bit on the bitter side, and at first rather strong.  I do like it, but I prefer the Satsuma scent for sure.  Don’t make the mistake I did, accidentally squirting a drop on your face while smelling it.  It hit around my lip and I can not put into words how badly it burned!!  I can only imagine judging from the pain, that it does in fact kill every germ in sight.  Because of how strong it is, it is NOT a product I would use on children, whose hands seem to have an uncontrollable link to their mouths.   The Satsuma doesn’t have the same punch as this one does.


In total, I purchased 6 products with a subtotal=$21

Received $15 (1500 Swagbucks)

Final Price=$6, the cost of just one of the Body Butters or Body Scrubs, like getting 5 products FREE!


By the time we we made it home, we were all exhausted.  As I pulled in the driveway and took out my keys, I realized we were locked out.  Miscommunication with my teenager left the house key on the kitchen counter instead of in my purse where I thought he had put it.  After having my neighbor try to “break in” through our kitchen window to no avail, we ended up driving across town to my father’s house for a spare.  We didn’t return home again until 11pm, but when I got inside and checked, my rebate had already processed, with the 1500 Swagbucks waiting in my account.  With Swagbucks, you can cash out via Paypal, or a plethora of store gift cards.  You can even donate to different charities.  There are gift cards you can get for as low as 100 Swagbucks, which is $1.  For Paypal though, the lowest denomination is 2500 Swagbucks, which is $25.  However, if you prefer Paypal like I do, it doesn’t take long at all to have enough bucks.  If you use both rebates, you can cash out via Paypal immediately.

It definitely works, it’s absolutely safe, and you do in fact receive your rebate immediately.  It is honestly a SUPER DEAL that you don’t want to miss.  If there are other products you wish to purchase, don’t forget there is an ADDITIONAL rebate from Ibotta (I give instructions on The Body Shop Deal post) that gives you $5 when you spend $30 in store at The Body Shop.  There is also an additonal $5 for Sephora when you spend $50 in store. These both can be combined with the Swagbucks rebate as it is based on your original store receipt.

I hope you all enjoy the rebate and the FREEBIES that it brings!!  It is really easy and takes just a minute, but if you have any questions or need help, I would be happy to walk you through it.  The quickest way to reach me is to either post or send a message on the Facebook page here.


Once again, you can find the full deals and instructions on The Body Shop Deal HERE, and the Sephora Deal HERE.


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