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FREE Gwynnie Bee Month Trial, Plus MAKE $2, Unlimited Plus Size Wardrobe




Gwynnie Bee has now been active a while and I keep hearing great things about them.  I have not tried them yet personally, but I do have friends that use them, and love them!  The concept is much like the companies that rent purses and accessories.  You pay a monthly membership fee, receive and wear the clothing, and send back when you are finished with them and ready to receive more.  Gwynnie Bee is geared towards “Plus Sized” clothing in sizes 10-32.  I do not consider a 10-12 to be “Plus-Sized,” (especially since I am close to 5’11) so I was glad to see that the range of sizing was as great as it is.

I am really surprised at the extensive category of clothing, and right now they use over 150 brands.  While they are not what I would consider “Designer” clothing, they are really nice brands that you find in high end department stores.  Everything from dresses to casual clothing.

Normally the monthly membership fees run between $35-$79 a month, and from one to three outfits at a time.  You choose the subscription that works best for you and your budget. With a regular membership, you can keep the clothing as long as you want, and all returns and exchanges are free.  You will never have to pay for shipping either way.   However, right now courtesy of Swagbucks, you can get a whole month FREE, plus get PAID $2.00(200 Swagbucks.)

How to get a free month Gwynnie Bee Trial Membership and Receive $2.00 (200 Swagbucks):

  • Sign up for your free Swagbucks account, or sign in by clicking here.
  • Click on the Swagbucks logo on the top left of the toolbar, which brings up the featured offer home page.
  • Go to the “Sort By” box on the right, and sort by “Highest Payout.”
  • Scroll down until you find the offer, it looks like this.


  • Click on the offer, and sign up for your free trial.  You will need to use your credit card, but if you decide not to continue you can cancel before the trial ends with no obligation, and you won’t have to pay anything.

Swagbucks says you will receive your 200 Swagbucks which equals $2.00, in your account within “30 days.”  However they always end up confirming faster than the estimation.

If you decide not to keep a monthly subscription to Gwynnie Bee, you can cancel with no obligation to buy more, or pay any money.  I always recommend setting an alarm on your phone or electronic device as a reminder to cancel before trial period ends, so you will not be charged.

With Swagbucks, you can cash out via Paypal which is basically the same as cash, or for a variety of store gift cards.  Make sure you check all the other great offers available right now, like the $20 rebate when you spend $20 at The Body Shop.

Sign up for a free Swagbucks account now and start saving and making money immediately.

Young Men’s Clothing only $5, Walmart Clearance, Denim Jeans, Call of Duty, Graphic Tees, & More




There are some great clearance deals at Walmart right now on young men’s and men’s clothing.  I didn’t have a lot of time, but was able to grab a few pieces that my son could use.   Everything on sale was priced at only $5.00.  They had a lot of cargo pants, jeans, graphic tees, plain tee shirts, sweatshirts, and even jackets.  I saw a really nice Starter jacket, but it was an XL which I am not sure my Vegetarian teenager will ever wear in his lifetime.   Great buy, but won’t use it, so left it for you 😉

The No Boundaries jeans for men are actually really nice looking in person.  However, I personally do not like the belt, so I will be donating it.  The Russell performance Dry-Power tee shirts incredibly soft, which is a must when shopping for my son, and I was really surprised by the quality.  And last but not least, they have Call of Duty Modern Warfare long sleeved layered look tee shirts that come with matching hats.   I will be donating the hat too, as I can’t pay my teenager to wear a hat right now.

There is a lot more available than what I grabbed, and there were four full clearance racks of clothing.  Lots of great clothing items, and all for only $5.00!


Walmart Young Men’s Clearance Deals:



  • No Boundaries Denim Jeans clearance price $5.00


  • Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Long Sleeved Layered look Tee Shirt and Hat combo clearance price $5.00


  • Russell Dry-Power Performance Tee Shirt (super soft cotton feel) $5.00


HURRY, The Children’s Place Super Sale + 20% off + 4% Cashback+$10 Cash! These Shoes are $4.69!



HURRY!!  The Children’s Place is having a SUPER SALE!!!  But, get an ADDITIONAL 20% off, plus up to 4% cashback, plus $10 cash for new accounts!!  They have tons of clothing, shoes, accessories, coats, and more for under $5!!  Coats that were $70 now are only $4.69 after cashback.  These super cute shoes are only $4.69 after coupon and cashback as well!

zzz zzz1


Topcashback (the guaranteed highest cashback) is offering:

4%-Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Newborn, and Place Shops

3%-Boy, Girl

2%-Sale Items.

If you prefer,  Swagbucks is offering double their normal rate so you receive 2 Swagbucks for every $1 spend, this equals 2% cashback.

For a short time, Topcashback is offering $10 for new accounts.  They offer the guaranteed highest cashback available, along with their Snap & Save grocery rebate program, and other ways to both save and earn money.

How to get The Children’s Place purchases with an extra 20% off, plus cashback, plus $10 Cash for new accounts:

  • Clear your cookies, and delete your history, especially if you use any other sites that track your activity like other cashback sites.  Sign up for your FREE Topcashback account by clicking HERE.
  • Once signed up and logged in, type “The Children’s Place” into the search box, the click “Get Cashback.”  This will take you to the Walmart site.
  • Shop and when finished head to check out.  Type code “SPRDMFAF20” in to the promo code box to get 20% off your purchase.
  • Checkout and pay with whichever payment method you prefer.

Topcashback will confirm your cashback within 7 days.  Once you have reached $10 in cashback, your free $10 will be automatically added to your account.  So it is like getting the set for only $37.98!  You can cash out via Paypal, or through store gift cards.


TIps to ensure you receive your Topcashback cashback payment:

I have heard some users have had some issues with missing cashback from Topcashback.  After contacting them, I have some tips to ensure your cashback is confirmed.  First, before signing into Topcashback, make sure you delete your cookies and clear your history.  This is extremely important, especially if you are like me and use various cashback sites.  This has interfered with some merchants confirming cashback with them.  Make sure you use Topcashback to access the website you are purchasing from, and do not hit the back button etc.  Make sure you keep your invoice or confirmation email from the retailer you purchase from, until your cashback has been confirmed.  If your cashback is not confirmed within the stated time (it will say next to the merchant on the site as each one can be different), make sure you send a support ticket with your information.  Because I use so many, I keep a log on my computer with date, time, merchant, and purchase amount.  It takes just a second and I can tell right away if anything is missing.  You can also find the tracking of all of your website visits with info on date, time, etc, under your Topcashback account information.


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