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Hello Kitty Jewelry under $3, Watches under $5, 8% cashback, FREE shipping, & $10 Cash!




SUPER GIFT DEALS, PLUS 8% Cashback, PLUS $10 CASH!!!!  You Can Get Several FREE, plus MAKE MONEY!!

I wanted to post some of my absolutely FAVORITE gift deals.  These are all items that I have purchased myself, and all have super prices!!  I have purchased a lot to donate over the year, and have given a lot to friends and their children as well.  Everyone has loved them, and you can’t beat the prices!!!

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Hello Kitty Rhinestone Necklace only $2.40 , $2.21 after CB with FREE SHIPPING!!

Hello Kitty Rhinestone Necklace, Ring, and Earrings Set only $4.99, $4.59 after CB and FREE SHIPPING!

Hello Kitty Kid’s Watch only $5.39, $4.96 after CB and FREE SHIPPING!!

Hello Kitty Adult or Junior Watch only $4.39, $4.04 after CB and FREE SHIPPING!

Hello Kitty Adult or Junior Watch only $5.95, $5.48 after CB and FREE SHIPPING!!


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