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NEW Physician’s Formula Shimmer Eye Shadow & Liner As Low As $0.99 at CVS




I made a quick CVS run between doctor appointments today, and found a new Physician’s Formula display.  It showcased the new Shimmer Strips Eye Shadows and Liners, and some of their regular eyeliners they carry that match them, all with the pink “Save $3 Now” stickers on them!   My phone was not with me, so I couldn’t get a photo, and they have to keep the stickers to be reimbursed, but they are the same peelies we see on Physician’s Formula products.  Hot Pink in color, and are typically stuck on the front face of the packaging at either the top or bottom.  The display was on a shelf facing the store entrance, and not on the Physician’s Formula rack.  However, I have found them there in other stores as well, so if you don’t find the display in your store, check their regular location too.  There were actually a lot of products with the coupons on them still.

This week at CVS, they are having a promotion for Physician’s Formula Cosmetics “Buy one Get one 75% off.”  They also gave a $7 off $22 Physician’s Formula CVS coupon.  Check your Extra Care card and make sure you send it to your card before shopping.

They have several different new products tagged with the coupons, my daughter couldn’t resist the sparkling compacts, and opened a package so I couldn’t get a photo.  They also have coordinating eyeliners that are “regulars” in the line.  I went with the new Shimmer Strips Shadow and Liners as I already have all of the eyeliners.  I absolutely LOVE these new colors.  They are much prettier in person, as my phone camera can’t pick up the sparkle. Here is the other shadow I purchased:


MAKE SURE you remind your cashier to use the coupon on the package.  They have to peel it off and enter the bar code.


  • Buy 2 Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner with Peelie Sticker Coupon $11.99, regular price

Buy 1, Get 1 75% off= one for $3.00

Use TWO $3 off Peelie Sticker attached to packaging

AND use $7 off $22 Physician’s Formula Cosmetics CVS Coupon CVS Coupon Center from 5/11 exp. 5/25

=$1.99, only $0.99 each when you buy 2



  • Buy 2 Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Shadows & Liner with the Peelie Sticker Coupon $12.99, regular price

Buy 1, Get 1 75% off= one for $3.25

Use TWO $3 off Peelie Sticker attached to packaging

AND use $7 off $22 Physician’s Formula Cosmetics CVS Coupon CVS Coupon Center from 5/11 exp. 5/25

=$3.24, only $1.62 each when you buy 2

Physician’s Formula Cosmetics only $2.99 at CVS starting 4/12



Another awesome Physician’s Formula deal week at CVS starting Sunday 4/12!  Get $7.00 Extra Care Bucks when you spend $10 on Physician’s Formula Cosmetics.  Remember the “98% Rule” at CVS.  When a minimum value is specified, you only have to reach 98% of it to trigger the Extra Care Bucks to print.  So for the $10, you only need to spend $9.80.  The register will automatically print for you.

Check your Extra Care Card for any coupons you have that may apply as well, and make sure you send them to your Extra Care Card before shopping.


  • Physician’s Formula Sexy Booster Cat Eye Liquid Eye Liner $9.99, regular price
  • Physician’s Formula Mascaras $9.99, regular price
  • Physician’s Formula PH Powered Lip Gloss $9.99, regular price

Spend $10, Receive $7.00 Extra Care Bucks

Pay $9.99, Receive $7.00 Extra Care Bucks




Physician’s Formula 100% Pure Argan Oil only $3.99 at CVS This Week





This week at CVS, get the Physician’s Formula 100% Argan Oil for only $3.99!  This is one of the very few Physician’s Formula products that I did not have before this week, so I was really excited to take it home and try it.

Through 3/28, CVS has a promotion on Physician’s Formula Products, Spend $10, Receive $6.00 Extra Care Bucks.  You also will receive a $5 off $15 Cosmetics Purchase CVS coupon at the in store coupon machine, whenever you scan your card this week.  It does NOT show up in your Extra Care Card account, so no need to worry about sending it to your card, but it will print out for you at the store.  Remember the “98% Rule” at CVS.  In order to trigger the minimum for Extra Care Bucks, or for most coupons like this one, you only need to spend 98% of the minimum.  So for the $15 coupon, you only need to spend $14.70.

This week was the first time I have tried the Physician’s Formula Argon Oil, and after using it since Sunday, I am in LOVE!!!  It is completely odorless, absorbs quickly, and really does work as everything it is advertised to do!!  It’s labeled as a multi-purpose, multi-Tasking product that can be used as a primer, moisturizer, brightener, protector, and skin treatment.  I have fair, sensitive skin, that is prone to being dry, especially this time of year.  This beautiful little bottle (you have to admit their packaging is always brilliant) now sits on my nightstand.  I use it in the morning before applying makeup, and at night before bed.  It is gentle, but very effective!  At this price, you can’t go wrong!!




  • Physician’s Formula 100% Argan Oil, Multi-Tasking Moisturizer, Primer, Brightener, Protector, and Treatment $14.99, regular price

Spend $10 on Physician’s Formula, Receive $6.00 Extra Care Bucks

Use $5/$15 Cosmetics Purchase CVS Coupon, CVS Coupon Center 3/22-3/28

Pay $9.99, Receive $6.00 Extra Care Bucks



NEW Physician’s Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit $4.99 at CVS, Plus Review!




NEW Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit only $4.99 at CVS, and Product Review!


I am so excited about this product, and have waited (impatiently) for just the right deal to make my purchase.  Today was the day, I couldn’t wait any more, and I took advantage of an AWESOME DEAL available at CVS.  You can get the kits for only $4.99 without bringing or cutting any coupons!

If you have priced lash extension kits, you know they are NOT cheap!!  For the average kits you will pay around $45.  Of course the higher end kits will be more.  For the really low end kits, you will still pay around $15, and they don’t work well, I know.  I have tried that route and don’t recommend it,  unless of course you are going for that “hangover” look and still wearing last night’s eye makeup.

I have already used the Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit, and am totally in love with it!!  It is easy to use, and the results are really amazing.  My eyes look big and bright, and actually look greener than they do normally.  The results also last.  After spending the day lugging my 2 year old around in a cold front that will be producing snow this evening, my eyes still looked beautiful.  The wind was strong and my eyes always water in such conditions.  My lashes didn’t run, and even after a total power nap, my lashes still looked great.  I wish I could say the same thing for my hair!!!

Since I first received the email message from Physician’s Formula announcing their new lash kits, I have been so excited to try it.  But since I now have anxiety if I pay retail for anything, I waited until I could pick it up at a fantastic savings.  Though at a lower price point, Physician’s Formula cosmetics are really high quality products.  They just come without the price tags that comparable products do. From their packaging to their formulas, they pay meticulous attention to details, and the quality is surprising for items you can purchase at your local drug store.

If you have wanted to try lash kits but just couldn’t pay the price, I really recommend trying the Physician’s Formula Kits.  Even at full retail you are getting a great kit at a great value.  But since we have such a super deal opportunity this week at CVS, now is the perfect time!

This week at CVS through 2/21, there is a $5 off $15 Cosmetics purchase CVS coupon available to everyone with an Extra Care Bucks card!!  If you don’t have an Extra Care Card, you can get one quickly online at cvs.com, and use it immediately.  If just signing up, make sure to join the free CVS Beauty Club as well.  For every $50 you spend, you receive $5 in Extra Care Bucks back.   The $50 is based on the actual price of the item, not what you pay after sales and coupons, so it really adds up quickly, and I get a lot of freebies this way.

The “98% Rule” at CVS means that when a minimum dollar amount is required to receive Extra Care Bucks, you just have to spend 98% of the amount to trigger the reward.  It also works with most CVS coupons.  So for this coupon, you need to spend $14.70 for it to work.  The kit is priced at $14.99 so it works perfectly!


But, it gets even better!!!  This week at CVS, Physician’s Formula Cosmetics are all $5 off!!  Clearance priced items are not included, but honestly I don’t think I have ever seen a Physician’s Formula product on clearance at CVS.  On a side note, there are a LOT of Physician’s Formula products on clearance right now at Target, but you still get a much better deal at CVS as usual.   I purchase ALL of my Physician’s Formula makeup there, and have never paid over $6 for anything, plus I get a lot FREE.


Here is what I used, and how to get it for only $4.99:


  • Buy 1 Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit $14.99, regular price

All Physician’s Formula Cosmetics, $5.00 Off through 2/21 (automatically takes the $5 off at register)

Use the $5/$15 Cosmetics CVS coupon, CVS Coupon Center (in the ad as well)



Here is my receipt, the coupon center machine was broken, and you need to scan your Extra Care Card to receive the actual coupon, so the sales associate just manually entered it.  As you see on my receipt, he made a mistake and entered only $4.95, so he added the additional $0.05 after.  I used a $5 Extra Care Bucks beauty reward to pay, and since there wasn’t $5 left for the total, it just took off the final price of $4.99.   My subtotal ended up being $0, and I paid nothing out of pocket except for tax.  The most you will pay will be $4.99 as your subtotal.



Grab it right now while it is at such an amazing price, and I am sure you will love it as much as I do!!  If you want to see how I get a lot of my makeup and beauty products free, you can read more on my “Beauty on a Budget, and Makeup for FREE” page.