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FREE Organic Seeds of Change Rice & Sauce, NO Out of Pocket, Still Available




My FREE Seeds of Change Organic Rice or Sauce coupon voucher arrived, and it is still available!!  Simply take the coupon voucher to any store that carries Seeds of Change, give the voucher to cashier at checkout, and get it totally free!  Whole Foods, Walmart, and Target all carry Seeds of Change products.

My personal favorite, and the one I purchase the most for my family is the Quinoa and Brown Rice.  It is SO good, and so easy!  It comes in a pouch, and all you have to do is heat and serve!  My children with vast age differences love it, and I love the fact that it is a healthier, cruelty free product!  I have not tried their sauce yet, but am anxious to try it as well.  However, I have tried all their products available in my area, and have not brought home one that wasn’t good.  Before trying it, I wasn’t sure about heat and serve rice, the only others I had tried were sticky and just didn’t taste good.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of their products.  All are listed as “Vegetarian” on their site, but according to their ingredients, they are in fact Vegan friendly.  You can find a full list of ingredients on their website.

How to get the coupon voucher:

  • Go to smartsource.com
  • Scroll down to the Seeds of Change “coupon.”  It is NOT listed in the list, but shows up when you scroll through.  It looks like this:


  • Click on the link where it says “Click here to receive your free voucher.”
  • This will take you to the Seeds of Change form.  Fill in your address and info, and you will receive a free voucher in the mail.

NOTE*** if you check the “Select This Coupon” box and click “Print,” nothing will happen but will just send a blank page out of your printer.  You have to click the link to receive voucher.

FREE Seeds of Change Organic Rice or Sauce Product Coupon Voucher