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Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation Review, plus Get it for only $42 with $20 Rebate at Sephora!






If you have tried Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation, chances are that you love it.  If you haven’t tried it, I really recommend you do!!  I have seen it on so many different skin types and complexions, and it has looked beautiful on them all.  It’s retail price is rather pricey, so before purchasing, I went and read so many reviews and tips on how to use it.  Most of those actually made me more nervous to try it, and were also from people that were considerably younger, which means completely different skin issues.   Therefore, I wanted to share my own experience.  Especially since right now we have a RARE deal opportunity!  Get Dior Airflash Spray Foundation for only $42,with a $20 rebate when purchased in store at Sephora!  See deal details HERE, and also at the end of my review.

While I believe in saying only positive things about ones self, this is a review, and I need to be brutally honest about what I am “working” with.  That way you can understand just how truly amazing this foundation really is.  First of all, I must state that I have EXTREMELY fair skin.  I am very pale, okay, maybe even possibly glow in the dark. However, I do not have that natural  “porcelain” complexion by any means. I need a lot of help to balance skin tone and camouflage problem areas.

At the age of 23 I found out I had Melanoma, skin cancer, on a spot on my stomach.  Though I was not in the sun much growing up anyway, I have since avoided it like the plague.  Yet I still have areas that need heavier coverage.  All of my Scottish and Irish ancestry shows in my skin.  And like my blonde hair possesses a subtle hint of red,  so does my skin, it’s just not quite as subtle.  I have some light freckles across my cheeks, and darker spots that appeared after having my daughter 2 years ago.  Thank you hormones!!   I also have very large and very visible pores across my cheeks.  It is difficult to find a foundation shade that is light enough in color, yet still has at least a medium amount of coverage, that does not appear orange on my skin.  Even the lightest shades available in many lines leave me looking like an Oompa Loompa, and that just isn’t the look I particularly enjoy.

I first heard about Dior Airflash by reading a blog of a fellow fair skinned beauty junkie.  I then started seeing and hearing about it more and more.  I get SO much free makeup and beauty products (if you would like to read how, see HERE,) that it is hard to pay retail for anything.  Just the thought of paying full price actually produces anxiety now.  As far as makeup is concerned, foundation is the most important product for me, and the one thing I am willing to spend or splurge on.  But, I still simply refuse to pay full price.  While luxury beauty products are rarely at a huge discount, and almost NEVER free, there are always ways to save if you just know where to look.   I used the only available discount at the time,  a small rebate which is part of the current deal listed below, and made my purchase.

When it first arrived, I will admit that I was too scared to try it.  I assumed it would be difficult to control, and would end up everywhere but on my face.  While I am admittedly addicted to beauty products, I am not an expert at application by any stretch of the imagination.  And to make things worse, I have extremely shaky hands.  Since it is pricey, the thought of wasting it kept me from jumping right in.  I went online to review tutorials and read all of the application tips.  Unfortunately though, most of what I read actually increased my fears, so it remained in the box it came in for some time.   That is until the day I found out my favorite band, AFI, was coming to Tulsa.  I would be seeing friends that I had not seen in four years, since the last time AFI was here.   I was so excited that I pulled it out to try immediately, along with a new lash extension kit I had been afraid of as well, and I’m SO glad I did!

I nervously took it out of the box, shook it up, and just sprayed.  Starting at my forehead, I sprayed gently moving my hand horizontally from left to right, then right to left, in a downward motion until I reached the bottom of my chin.   Within seconds, my skin looked different.  The color (Ivory) was perfect and seamless.  The only way you could tell the difference between where it was applied and where it wasn’t, was seeing the noticeable flaws on my skin where there was no makeup.  The coverage was amazing, truly giving a polished, airbrushed appearance.  Yet it is so lightweight that it feels like air going on, and like nothing is on your face after it is applied.  And the greatest part is that it literally takes just seconds.  For the review I actually applied and timed it.  From start to finish I apply it in less than 6 seconds.

It sprays an ultra fine mist that leaves your skin looking and feeling like velvet.  The formula contains Mother of Pearl pigments that even out your skin tone and balance discoloration like no foundation I have ever used.  I don’t even need to layer concealer over spots most of the time, like I have had to with all other foundations in the past.  It also reduces and covers the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking smooth and flawless.  Whether you have acne, sun damage, or dark spots, you can create a flawless look that actually lasts all day and through the night.  You can have as little or as much coverage as you prefer.  You can layer it for heavier coverage either by spraying more, using a Kabuki brush, or even spraying directly on a blending sponge.  Some people like to spray it on the back of their hand and use a Kabuki brush to apply in full.  It all works, it just depends on what you are more comfortable with.  Even though I thought it would be difficult, it is actually much easier for me to spray, and looks better than when I try to apply in full with a sponge or brush.  I spray my entire face first, and use a blending sponge to smooth around natural creases like my eyes.  If I have a blemish, I just spray a tiny dab directly on to a sponge, then dab the area until I have reached the amount of coverage I need.

I am just an average, 41 year old, single mom, who has both a teenager and a toddler.  So for every day wear, if a product takes any time at all to apply, it just won’t work for me right now.  I can apply the Dior Airflash in seconds, literally as I am walking out the door (and often do) and look like I spent a lot more time on my skin.  You really do get that airbrushed look without the work.  For every day, all I use is Airflash, eyeliner, mascara, and tinted lip balm. Here is a quick snapshot I took after a full day wearing Airflash, and chasing around a two year old.


When purchasing the product originally, I had read a review on Sephora that it had dried a user’s skin.   That review stuck with me and almost kept me from purchasing it.  My skin is prone to being dry, and I have never experienced oily skin in my life, even as a teen.  Especially in the colder Winter months, I have to be very careful.  A lot of products leave my skin dry and flaky.  Though I have not had any issues with the Airflash spray drying or flaking on my skin, if you are prone to drier skin, I always recommend exfoliating regularly, wearing a good moisturizer, and using a moisturizing primer before applying any foundation.

There are a just a few issues I have experienced with the Dior Airflash application, but I have found them to have easy solutions.  You will notice immediately that it does not smell good at all while applying.  It does however dissipate quickly.  The first time I used it, I sprayed in the bathroom with the door closed, definitely not a good idea.  Spraying in an open ventilated area is the best scenario.  While it still doesn’t smell good while spraying, there is no odor once on your skin, and a few malodorous seconds are definitely worth the results.  I compare it to spraying Aquanet hairspray in the late 80’s.  For a few seconds the smell was horrendous, yet it created those sky high bangs that lasted like no other product could.  And to fully embarrass myself, that is me below at age 17 in the purple dress along with Aquanet, sadly contributing to the hole in the Ozone layer.  In my defense, it had yet to be discovered.   The things we do for beauty, or at least what we think is beautiful at the time!


The next issue is blending around natural creases, or if you have any fine lines or wrinkles.  I have been very blessed in that most people think I am younger than my years.  But, I have some very persistent fine lines trying their best to emerge.  Once on your skin, it wears beautifully and does not cake, crack, or collect in lines or pores.  When you apply by spraying though, it can skip over those areas completely.  Now I simply take a beauty blending sponge, and gently swipe around my eyes and nose  which blends it in perfectly.  You will want to do this with any lines or natural creases on your face.  Some prefer to use brushes, but I have found the blending sponges work much better for me with this foundation, and I get my favorite ones at a total steal here.

For the next issue, things are about to get “real.”  I have a condition called PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.)  There has actually been a lot of talk about PCOS recently in the media.  Whitney Thore, the girl who stars on the new reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, suffers from it and blames the hormonal imbalance for her weight.  One of the things she talks about with PCOS that I do agree with,  is that our extra dose of hormones can potentially cause extra facial hair.  Once again, I have been very lucky that I only have pale, blond, peach fuzz.  But, I never noticed just how much there really was until I used this foundation.  I am not sure what exactly causes it, whether it is the spray action itself, or the foundation formula, but it does accentuate every tiny little hair.  Even those that are not visible to the naked eye without the makeup on, and more so than any product I have ever used.  Gently swiping a blending sponge along those areas definitely helps, but I recommend just getting rid of it all together first by whichever method you prefer.  I received a “No No” for Christmas,  so I “No” longer have to worry about it again 😉

Overall, it is by far the best foundation I have ever tried, and I have tried most of what is out there.  A lot of people use it only for special occasions due to the price.  But, I wear it every day and have been really impressed with how long it lasts.  A little bit goes a VERY long way. I think that in some of the reviews I have read complaining that it doesn’t last long, people may be  spraying much more than what is really necessary. The fine micro mist particles really cover a good sized area, and there is no need to be spraying more than 6 seconds in covering your entire face.  For me, spraying directly on a sponge for extra coverage or layering wastes much less than spraying it on the back of your hand to apply.

The price is the biggest obstacle for most people.  And while it is worth it, we can always save at least some.  In normal circumstances, I recommend using Topcashback which offers the guaranteed highest cashback percentage, 8% cashback for your Sephora purchases online.  When buying Dior Airflash Spray Foundation, that would make it only $57.04 after cashback. Right now though, we have a SUPER deal opportunity!!!

Through March 11th, 2015, Swagbucks is offering 1500 Swagbucks which equals $15, when you spend $20 IN STORE at Sephora. This means when you spend $20, you get $15 back!  This is processed immediately too.  By the time I got home from the store, I already had the money waiting for me!  We also have a second offer from Ibotta  Spend $50 IN STORE, and receive $5 back.  You can combine BOTH these offers together, as the Ibotta offer is based on your store receipt. This results in $20 back when spending $50!

Using these rebates, when you purchase the Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation from Sephora which is priced at $62, you end up getting it for only $42!!  This is a HUGE discount on a luxury beauty product, that doesn’t come along often!

I have already completed the rebates myself, and have already been paid.  If you have wanted to try Dior Airflash, or if you already use and love it, now is the time to stock up!!  You only have through March 8th to receive the rebate and get it for only $42!  See the rebate deals in full with complete step by step instructions by clicking on the link below.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Get a $15 rebate when you spend $20 at Sephora, and an extra $5 when you spend $50!  Full details and intructions here.


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