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FREE Halloween Costumes Plus MONEYMAKER at Walgreens, RUN!




UPDATE!!!!!  I hit a Walgreens on the way home today, and at least all the kid’s costumes are not marked, BUT are ringing up as clearance!  Using the coupon and rebate below, almost all are free with moneymakers!  Great stuff for dress up.  I took only three to donate, and hit only one store and tons were left there!


RUN, DON’T WALK to your local Walgreens!!!  People have been grabbing Halloween costumes on clearance for $3-$5!! Plus, there is a coupon in the weekly ad to take $5.00 off!  Have the cashier scan the coupon once at the register, and it will automatically take off the discount on all items that apply!  You can grab the ad at the front entrance of every store.

BUT, it gets BETTER!  Sign up for your free JINGIT account!   The great thing about JINGIT is that the rebates are based on the “value,” not on what you actually pay!  Purchase any costume with a “value” of $10 or more, and get paid $2!!  Making a super MONEYMAKER OPPORTUNITY!

Sign up for your FREE JINGIT account by clicking this link.  Once you have signed up, you can also download the free app to your phone, or also just use from the online site.  Purchase your costume at Walgreens, snap a pic of your receipt, and get paid! They now also pay CASH that you can have direct deposited into your bank account!

Don’t miss this, head to your Walgreens and see what you can find!  Great time to grab a costume for next year, or to donate next year as well!  I am going to check a few more stores today to find some to donate next year!