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Play Day Octopus Sprinkler Swimming Pool only $17 from $30, FREE Pickup




This is a great deal you don’t want to miss!!  Get the Play Day Octopus Play Center Sprinkler Pool for only $17 from $29.97 at Walmart!  Choose in store pickup for free and to avoid shipping charges!!

Play Day Octopus Swimming Pool Sprinkler Set only $17, FREE Pickup

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SUPER Gift Idea! Japanese Fuwa Clay, Make Miniature Sweets That Look Real!





Make absolutely adorable miniature sweets for jewelry, erasers, or just decorative pieces, that totally look REAL!!!  And, for great prices!

If you are looking for a fun and really unique gift idea for the Holidays, this is it!  It is also something the entire family will enjoy doing together.  A few months ago I stumbled upon Fuwa Fuwa, Japanese paper clay, and now I am hooked!!!

It is a type of molding clay, but with a super light “mousse” type consistency.  It air dries, so no need to bake, and is so incredibly easy to use.  You can make anything from it, but most kits are geared towards jewelry, erasers, and just decorative pieces.  Once you feel it, you won’t want to stop, and the possibilities are endless.  Most kits are for sweets like cupcakes and pastries, and it are pretty much “fool proof,”  which is great as the instructions are entirely in Japanese.  The kits come with the molds and the clay, and is easy enough that my 2 year old has made some really great pieces that look professionally done.  I am a jewelry artist and am really picky about kits, and these are actually quite impressive.  The molds are for “miniatures,” and the sizes are small enough that you really can make great jewelry charms and pendants from them.

There is an English version called “Whipple,” and I suggest you at least purchase one bag of the Whipple “frosting” which is called “Decorating Creme,” that you can use with all your Fuwa creations as well.  The Whipple “frosting” comes in a bag exactly like a pastry bag, and works just like one as well.  You can use cake decorating tips with it, and create absolutely anything that you can with frosting.  It dries perfectly, with all of the lovely little points and grooves left from the decorating tips.  Whipple frosting does have a bit of a strange smell while wet, but not at all when it dries.  Fuwa is odorless.  I actually added one of my scent concoctions I use for clay to scent some Fuwa macaroon charms I made, which has an Almond Extract base, and it took really well.

You can color the white Fuwa and the white Whipple by either adding other colored clay to it, or with food coloring etc.  You also can combine any clay colors together to get any color you would like, and it blends really well.  Whipple has a a thicker and more dense feeling that the Fuwa, but the Whipple “frosting”/decorating creme has literally the same consistency as frosting.

NOTE****Some of the kits will say “eraser,” but any and all kits are the same clay and you can make anything with them including jewelry.


Here are pieces that I recommend, all work well with each other:

This one is a must, I use it with the all of the kits including the Fuwa Fuwa.  It is the only type with the frosting consistency.  Any cake decorating tips you have at home will work with it.  Whipple Decorating Creme in White $5.34, free shipping with orders $35+, or with Amazon Prime.

Cupcake Eraser Kit $6.99 and FREE shipping.  I LOVE this kit, and we use the molds from it all the time.  I definitely recommend getting the Whipple decorating creme to use with it, just makes them even more impressive.

Poppin Cookin Funny Cake House $3.29 and FREE shipping!

Pospsicle, Ice Cream, and Sweets DIY Eraser Kit $6.59 and FREE shipping.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting this along with any kit you buy.  It has 4 nice sized clay blocks in the prettiest pastel colors.  These colors are good for the cupcakes, pastries, ice cream kits, etc. While kits do come with clay, the clay molds themselves are small, so there is just a small amount in the kits.  If you would like to use them again, you will need more.

Fuwa Fuwa Paper Clay in 4 Pastel Colors $14.00, free shipping on orders $35+. or with Amazon Prime.

Fuwa Fuwa Clay in colors for chocolates, eclairs, donuts, etc., $16.00 and free shipping with orders $35+, or with Amazon Prime.

Whipple Cream Filled Creations $14.19, free shipping on orders $35+, or with Amazon Prime.

Whipple Pastry Design Studio sale $18.29, and free shipping on orders of $35+. or with Amazon Prime.

Chocolates and Pralines Sweets Kit $10.00 and free shipping on orders $35+. or with Amazon Prime.

This is a really great kit. Whipple DELUXE Pastry Set $26.47, free shipping on orders $35+, or with Amazon Prime.

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Here is another great subscription opportunity!  Get a FREE subscription to Parents Magazine!  I love this magazine and have been getting it free the past few years.  Lots of great ideas, tips, and articles.  Even an occasional coupon here and there which is becoming more and more rare!

You don’t need any money or credit card.  You will be asked if you want any offers after registering your address, just click “no” if not interested.  Once you are done, your magazines will start to arrive in a few weeks.

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HURRY, SUPER SUMMER DEAL! Dinoland Play Center Pool ONLY $29!

Super Summer Deal that your whole family will enjoy!

Grab this before it is gone!  Walmart has the Dinoland Play Center on CLEARANCE online for only $29!  Amazon has it at almost $60 shipped, so this is a fantastic deal!  Plus, choose In-Store pick-up, and avoid any shipping charges!  This will sell out fast!

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Intex Dinoland Play Center Pool at Walmart Online, ONLY $29!