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Disney Frozen Activity Table & Chairs only $17.66 from $40 TODAY ONLY



HURRY for a SUPER DEAL for your Disney Frozen fan!!  Right now at Kohl’s, the Disney Frozen Activity Table is on sale for only $29.99 from $39.99!  But, TODAY ONLY, use a 20% off character coupon code, with an additional 20% off coupon code, and a whopping 8% cashback, and get it for only $17.66!!



  • Sign up with a free Topcashback account by clicking here.
  • Type “Kohl’s” into the search box, and click “get cashback.”  This will bring you to the Kohl’s website.  You must click through using Topcashback to receive your money.
  • Once on Kohl’s, type “Disney Frozen Table” into the search box, and add it to your cart.
  • When ready to checkout, use code “KAPOW” to receive 20% off character items, and also use code “MOBILE20.”  This will bring the total to only $19.19.  It is best to purchase something else to get free shipping once you have only $25 or more, and there are lots of other great items to add.  I found the Disney Princess Aurora My First Bedtime Baby on sale for only $15.39, making it only $9.84 after coupons.  Buying both they are only $29.04, only $26.72 after cashback, and FREE SHIPPING!!


  • Pay, and that is it!!  Topcashback will confirm your cashback within 7 days.  They have gotten really great about tracking cashback, but if it does not show after a bit, simply send a “missing cashback” claim with a copy of the email invoice that Kohl’s send you, and it will credit shortly.  Sometimes stores try to avoid paying cashback, so I always keep a record, and you can find a record under your Topcashback account as well.

With Topcashback you can cash out via Paypal, or several other banking methods.  They have the guaranteed highest cashback available, and this Holiday season have the highest cashback I have ever seen at stores like Kohl’s, Walmart, etc.


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This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!


We have another AWESOME FREEBIE from TOPCASHBACK!  Get a FREE, HUGE 138 ounce bottle of Tide Laundry Detergent from Walmart which is $8.97, and get paid $9.90 for it!  This means a MONEYMAKER of $0.93!

This deal is for NEW members of TOPCASHBACK only.  HOWEVER, a great feature of this cashback site is that you can have MORE than 1 household account!  As long as you have a separate email address, you can have accounts for everyone!  This means double, triple etc. your free products and extra cash!!!

If you are not familiar with TOPCASHBACK, it is my absolute favorite cashback site for several reasons.  Not only do they have the guaranteed highest cashback rate for online shopping, but they consistently have these offers which pay 100% cashback for a featured item, plus extra!  I have gotten everything from coffee, diapers, cleaning supplies, and makeup totally free!!!  Walmart, Target, and Kmart offer the most deals routinely, and we just had one from ToysRus too!  Plus, being a rare site that allows multiple accounts per household, your freebies and earnings are multiplied!  You also are paid $10 for each friend you refer that uses them.  Since everyone will want to know how you are getting all these FREEBIES and EXTRA MONEY, your referrals will add up fast!  You can read more about TOPCASHBACK on my “Guide to Extreme Couponing, Saving, and Making Money to Shop” page.



Sign up for your free account at TOPCASHBACK.  Once finished, make sure you are logged in, and type Walmart in the search box.  It will bring up a Walmart logo box, just click on it.  This will bring you to the Walmart details page.  Once you have read the offer details, click the orange box to the right that says “Get Cashback.”  This will bring you directly to the Walmart site.  Add the item to your cart and choose IN STORE PICK UP.  Do not add any other items to your order, or have it shipped, as the offer will then go to the regular Walmart cashback rate.  Choose the store you would like to pick up from.  If it is sold out, just try a different store.  Checkout, pay with whatever method your prefer, and that is it!

TOPCASHBACK will confirm your cashback, usually within 7 days, and once Walmart confirms your order, you will receive your $9.90 directly into your TOPCASHBACK account!  I use the Paypal option for my cashback, so it is basically getting cash for getting cool products TOTALLY FREE!

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Bath & Body Works Deal! Full Sized Products only $1.92 each After 70% off Sale, Extra 40% off Code, and 4% Cashback!


Bath & Body Works Deal, over 70% off, PLUS an extra 40% off, and 4% cashback!  I bought 16 products regularly $200 or $12.50 a piece, and paid only $1.92 for each one!

Bath & Body Works has been having unbelievable sales lately.  This one makes it the lowest price per item that I have yet to see!  Over 70% off their Signature Body collection, and a TON of NEW products reduced!

Bath & Body Works Deal!  Newly Reduced Products from Their Signature Collection

Bath & Body Works Deal! Newly Reduced Products from Their Signature Collection


70% off is fabulous on it’s own, but add at least $50 to your cart, use the promo code SMILE4SALE20, and get an EXTRA $20 off!  This equals another 40% off on top of the already HUGE SAVINGS!




Since no great deal is complete without stacking as many discounts as you can, sign into your free TOPCASHBACK account for 4% Cashback!  If you are not familiar with TOPCASHBACK, they have the guaranteed highest cashback percentages for online shopping!  They also offer OVER 100% cashback regularly for featured items, which makes them totally FREE, plus you are paid just to get them!  You can read more about TOPCASHBACK on my “How to Coupon, Save, and Make Money Shopping” page.

Full Sized Products for only $1.92 a piece after sale, promo code, and cashback!

Full Sized Products for only $1.92 a piece after sale, promo code, and cashback!

I just ordered 16 items which Subtotaled $52.  After the promo code, the subtotal dropped to only $32!  Add the 4% cashback, and my total before Taxes and Shipping was $30.72 for 16 full sized products, or $1.92 a piece!!!  This is like buying 3 products at a discount, and getting 13 FREE!!!!!  Shipping for all 16 items was only $5.99!




Hurry while there still is a great selection!  Have fun shopping and SAVING!



FREE STUFF and Money Maker at Target TODAY ONLY!



This only takes a minute to complete, and you can pick up the free item at your Target of choice on your own schedule!!!  But, must be ordered today!

If you are not a member of TOPCASHBACK, you are missing out on the guaranteed highest cashback for online shopping, instore deals, and lots of totally FREE STUFF!!!

I have received everything from diapers to laundry detergent in the last few months with 100% cashback PLUS EXTRA MONEY!!  Refer your friends so that can get great free stuff, and make $10 for each one!

Today only, type Target into the search bar and it will show you this deal! Click through to Target.com, order the item listed for $3.99, pay for it with in store pick up ONLY, and you will be reimbursed $5!!! Free stuff, plus extra, you can’t beat that! They have these deals regularly and I love them! It can take up to 6 weeks for the money to confirm, but it always does. Even better, you can have more than one household account! That means double the deals, triple the deals, for every member of your family with a good email address and over the age of 13!

Happy Memorial Day, and hurry to get your FREE STUF and FREE MONEY!