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Hammermill Multipurpose Printer Copy Paper $0.01 at Staples, Basically FREE



This is basically a FREEBIE!!  Get Hammermill Multipurpose Printer Copy Paper for only $0.01 after Staples Easy Rebates!  I grab these every time they are available.  To get the best deals, you have to print coupons, there is no way around it.  Especially since we are paid for every Swagbucks coupon we use!  But, it does not have to be a big expense.  I stock up with the Hammermill and Staples Multipurpose Paper deals, as we typically can purchase four at a time.  Then I get my ink cartridges from Ebay, which shipped average around $0.80 each.

Print the coupon and head to Staples.   You can purchase up to four packs for the rebate per person.  You will pay only $5.00 for each pack.  After purchasing, use the online easy rebate form, and you will receive your $4.99 rebates through the mail! This makes each pack only $0.01, Basically a FREEBIE!!  Getting four packs of paper for only $0.04 is almost impossible to beat!



  • Hammermill 8.5×11 Multipurpose Paper 500 sheets $7.99

Buy 1, Receive $4.99 Easy Rebate ( Limit 4 )

Use $2.99/1 Hammermill 8.5×11 Copy Plus Copy Paper 500 sheets staples.com

Pay $5.00, Receive $4.99 Easy Rebate