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HURRY, The Children’s Place Super Sale + 20% off + 4% Cashback+$10 Cash! These Shoes are $4.69!



HURRY!!  The Children’s Place is having a SUPER SALE!!!  But, get an ADDITIONAL 20% off, plus up to 4% cashback, plus $10 cash for new accounts!!  They have tons of clothing, shoes, accessories, coats, and more for under $5!!  Coats that were $70 now are only $4.69 after cashback.  These super cute shoes are only $4.69 after coupon and cashback as well!

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Topcashback (the guaranteed highest cashback) is offering:

4%-Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Newborn, and Place Shops

3%-Boy, Girl

2%-Sale Items.

If you prefer,  Swagbucks is offering double their normal rate so you receive 2 Swagbucks for every $1 spend, this equals 2% cashback.

For a short time, Topcashback is offering $10 for new accounts.  They offer the guaranteed highest cashback available, along with their Snap & Save grocery rebate program, and other ways to both save and earn money.

How to get The Children’s Place purchases with an extra 20% off, plus cashback, plus $10 Cash for new accounts:

  • Clear your cookies, and delete your history, especially if you use any other sites that track your activity like other cashback sites.  Sign up for your FREE Topcashback account by clicking HERE.
  • Once signed up and logged in, type “The Children’s Place” into the search box, the click “Get Cashback.”  This will take you to the Walmart site.
  • Shop and when finished head to check out.  Type code “SPRDMFAF20” in to the promo code box to get 20% off your purchase.
  • Checkout and pay with whichever payment method you prefer.

Topcashback will confirm your cashback within 7 days.  Once you have reached $10 in cashback, your free $10 will be automatically added to your account.  So it is like getting the set for only $37.98!  You can cash out via Paypal, or through store gift cards.


TIps to ensure you receive your Topcashback cashback payment:

I have heard some users have had some issues with missing cashback from Topcashback.  After contacting them, I have some tips to ensure your cashback is confirmed.  First, before signing into Topcashback, make sure you delete your cookies and clear your history.  This is extremely important, especially if you are like me and use various cashback sites.  This has interfered with some merchants confirming cashback with them.  Make sure you use Topcashback to access the website you are purchasing from, and do not hit the back button etc.  Make sure you keep your invoice or confirmation email from the retailer you purchase from, until your cashback has been confirmed.  If your cashback is not confirmed within the stated time (it will say next to the merchant on the site as each one can be different), make sure you send a support ticket with your information.  Because I use so many, I keep a log on my computer with date, time, merchant, and purchase amount.  It takes just a second and I can tell right away if anything is missing.  You can also find the tracking of all of your website visits with info on date, time, etc, under your Topcashback account information.


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This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!

The Children’s Place 75% Off, FREE Shipping, Extra 20% off Coupon Code, Plus Cashback! Tons of Clothing Under $4!




TODAY ONLY, The Children’s Place has FREE shipping on everything!!  Clearance is marked down up to 75% off, and boy’s jeans are only $6.60!!!  But, it gets even better!!  Use a 20% off coupon code, plus get 3% cashback!!!  Boys jeans are only $5.12 after discounts, and tons of clothing under $4.00!  The coupon code is good on everything including clearance, and a lot of clothing is on sale outside of the clearance section.  Some of the best deals I got today were not actually in clearance.  While Topcashback has a 5% cashback offer, because we are using a coupon code, I recommend using Big Crumbs instead.  Lately there have been issues using coupon codes at The Children’s Place with Topcashback cashback, offers are being canceled out.

I have used Big Crumbs since 2008 and I have NEVER had to file a missing cashback claim.  They pay monthly REGARDLESS of how much you earn.  I still am paid every single month for a hand full of people I referred back in 2008 when I first joined.  They are reliable and confirm and pay quickly!

I just grabbed some AMAZING deals for my toddler and purchased clothing for the next year as well.  Everything I purchased was under $4, except for a pair of the sparkly sneakers below.  However, I grabbed several pairs of sandals in larger sizes for the Summer for just a couple of bucks!

Here are just a few deals: 

This Micro Fleece Hoodie is only $2.33 after coupon code and cashback!


Graphic Tees long sleeved and short sleeved are only $3.26 after coupon and cashback!

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These awesomely sparkly triple strap sneakers available in pink and purple are only $10.85 after coupon and cashback!


Boy’s Toddler Denim only $5.12 after coupon and cashback


Boy’s Polo shirts only $3.87 after coupon and cashback!


Sign up for a FREE Big Crumbs account by clicking HERE.  Type “The Children’s Place” in the search box, then click “shop now.”  This will bring you to The Children’s Place site.  Shop, and when finished add code 76ED372 into the promo code box.  This will take 20% off EVERYTHING including clearance.  Pay, and that’s it!  Your 3% cashback will be credited shortly with big crumbs!!

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The Children’s Place, Extra 40% off Clearance, 30% off Coupon, 5% Cashback, & $10 Cash!






HURRY for INCREDIBLE SAVINGS at The Children’s Place!!!  Get an additional 40% off clearance, an extra 30% off coupon code,  5% cashback, plus $10 cash with a new account!!!



Best Gift Blanket Sleeper only $4.38 after Coupon and Cashback!


Uniform Ruffle Polo only $2.39 after coupon and cashback!


Panda Mittens only $2.51 after coupon and cashback


Microfleece Hoodie $3.32 after coupon and cashback


Uniform Polo Dress $3.19 after coupon and cashback


Owl Knit Hat $4.19 after coupon and cashback!



Sign up for a NEW free Topcashback account, by clicking THIS LINK.  It is the only way to receive your $10 cash.    Type “The Children’s Place” into the search box.  Click “get cashback” which will take you to The Children’s Place site.  Add your items to the cart and checkout.  The clearance discount of an additonal 40% off is added in your cart automatically.  Enter code HOLPLCCDM30  into the Promo code box, which will give you an extra 30% off other items.  Shipping is FREE, and taken automatically upon checkout.  It did not show up for me until the last confirmation page.  Make your purchase, and that is it.  TOPCASHBACK will confirm your 5% cashback in your account within 7 days. 

Once you earn $10 in cashback, Topcashback will automatically deposit your $10 cash into your account!  You can cash out with Paypal, or choose from other payment options.

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HURRY! The Children’s Place 70% Off, Coupon, Cashback, Plus FREE Shipping!



Hurry and grab great clothes at The Children’s Place for INCREDIBLE PRICES!  They are having a SUPER SALE for 50% off.  But, use code D7FQ5KTM22  or code 4PB920FAF at checkout and receive an additional 20% off which means you save 70%!   They have quite a few things for only $2.70, which will be only $2.05 after coupon and cashback! Plus, get FREE SHIPPING!

But, we can do even better than that!  Sign up for your FREE TOPCASHBACK account, and receive 5% cashback!!  TOPCASHBACK is by far my favorite cashback site.  I have used them for years now.  Not only do they offer the GUARANTEED highest cashback percentage available, but they also have a grocery rebate program with their Snap & Save, and also offer OVER 100% cashback on products.  This means you get the product totally FREE, plus are PAID for it!

Sign up for your FREE TOPCASHBACK account.  Type “The Children’s Place” into the search box.  Click “get cashback” which will take you to The Children’s Place site.  Add your items to the cart and checkout.  Type the  code  D7FQ5KTM22 or code4PB920FAF  into the Promo code box, which will give you an extra 20% off.  Make your purchase, and that is it.  TOPCASHBACK will confirm your 5% cashback in your account within 7 days. 

I purchased a lot for my daughter last time, and we absolutely LOVE the clothing.  The bright colored shirts like the one in the photo we purchased in every color.  They are now an essential part of her wardrobe, and have held up with excessive washing surprisingly well.

Clothing, accessories, shoes, and more!  HURRY while there is still a great selection!


These adorable toddler Jelly butterfly sandals are only $3.41 after coupon and cashback!








Or these cuties for only $6.83!




This adorable twill bow coat is only $10.94 after coupon and cashback!

Sign up for your FREE TOPCASHBACK account now, and get incredible deals at The Childrens Place!