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The Body Shop Rebate Deal & Review, FIVE FREE Products!!






Last night I loaded up my teenage son and my 2 yr old daughter, and headed to the mall to take advantage of the $35 in rebates from The Body Shop and Sephora.  I have not been to the mall in YEARS!! I do the majority of my shopping online, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for $35 in FREE bath, makeup, and beauty products. You can find The Body Shop Deal HERE, and the Sephora Deal HERE.

I ended up waiting on the Sephora deal as they were completely out of Dior Airflash Foundation in Ivory, which is my one beauty splurge that is a must have for me.  It is pricey, so the rebate will give me to opportunity to get it for only $42.  One bottle lasts a really long time, but want to grab it while I can save $20 with the Swagbucks and Ibotta offers combined.

When my son was little, we went to the mall regularly, but since it has been so long since I have been, this was my daughter’s first time.   I’ve never seen a two year old who loves fashion so much.  Clothing, shoes, accessories, she takes it all very seriously.  She also is completely enamored by makeup and beauty products already. Needless to say, shopping is her “thing” and she was in absolute Heaven!


When we arrived at The Body Shop, I told the sales associates that I was shopping for the rebate. I asked if they have had a lot of people coming in for it, but they had not even heard of it. While it doesn’t surprise me, when there are great deals to be had, I can’t help but wish everyone knew about them.   I told as many people as I could before leaving the store.  One lady was so excited that she signed up for Swagbucks right there on her phone so she could use it right away.   From that experience we learned that it really does activate immediately, and the rebate is processed immediately as well!

I always purchase products from The Body Shop online, so it’s the first time that I’ve been inside the actual store in forever. My toddler wanted to look at, and smell, everything they had. So it did take a bit, but it was so much fun to see how excited she was for every new scent. It was particularly amusing when she didn’t like one. She helped me choose every piece I purchased, and I could see other customers amused by her as well, we could hear them talking about her as we shopped.

I really wanted to stay as close to the $20 minimum as possible. I ended up choosing the travel sizes so I could try as many new (to me) scents as possible. I had the sales associates helping, and even though the entire time we were adding up the total for the products in hand, my first transaction didn’t go as planned.  There was no signage alerting that some of the products I had picked up were on sale, and the girls helping me didn’t tell me either.  Hopefully they have fixed that now.  Because of this, my first transaction ended up with a subtotal of only $19.00.  Therefore it had to be returned and rung up again.  The next time adding an additional product to reach the $20 pre tax subtotal required for the rebate to activate.  Before returning the merchandise, the manager actually asked me if it was okay to just raise the price on an item in order to reach the threshold.  However, I knew I could add a hand sanitizer for only $2, and would rather pay $2 more for an extra product, than be charged an extra $1 for one I already had. I declined her offer.  On a side note, I did find that a bit odd considering the point of a sales team is to sell as many products as they can.

After trying everything, I ended up choosing 6 products in the scents I liked the most.


Here is what I purchased:

  • Mega Wild Argon Oil Body Butter 1.69oz Sale $5 (when you buy 2)-  This was my absolute favorite of all of their products!  I am normally not really drawn to the smell of most Argon Oil products out there, although I love the effects, especially on hair.   So I was really surprised at just how much I like this product’s scent.  Their Body Butters are always so incredibly rich and creamy, and they really do hydrate for the 24 hours that they claim.  It smells heavenly and while the scent lasts, it is not overpowering.
  • Strawberry Lip Balm .6oz $3-  I’m going to divulge my age on this one, but I purchased this because it smells and feels EXACTLY like the Strawberry Village Lip Lickers!  The tins are just much larger and round. Lip Lickers were the must have rectangular tins that every little girl in the late 70’s and early 80’s had in their Jordache purses.  I had The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm previously, but the Strawberry is so reminiscent, that it’s just a fun little piece to keep in your bag.  If you loved those little tins when you were young as much as I did, it will definitely bring you back!
  • Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub Gelee 1.8oz  Sale $5 (when you buy 2)-  This has a VERY sharp grapefruit scent.  I love the smell of grapefruit, so I like that. To me it does not smell like pink grapefruit though, rather the more bitter yellow ones.  Their body scrubs exfoliate well and leave your skin incredibly smooth.  I liked using it this morning as the sharp citrus smell was invigorating.  However, this is not one I would use prior to bedtime.
  • Strawberry Body Puree  $4– This is a really lightweight lotion that absorbs very quickly.   I prefer to use these in the warmer months.  Though I LOVE the Body Butters, when it’s 110 degrees outside here with the heat index and 98% humidity, the Body Butters are not the best.  It feels like it slides right off your skin when you start to “glow,” as my mother used to say.
  • Satsuma Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 2oz  $2–  This has a REALLY nice citrus scent that I love.  Their sanitizers absorb quickly, and this is the perfect size to keep in your purse or car.
  • Pink Grapefruit Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 2oz  $2– This has a VERY SHARP grapefruit scent, a bit on the bitter side, and at first rather strong.  I do like it, but I prefer the Satsuma scent for sure.  Don’t make the mistake I did, accidentally squirting a drop on your face while smelling it.  It hit around my lip and I can not put into words how badly it burned!!  I can only imagine judging from the pain, that it does in fact kill every germ in sight.  Because of how strong it is, it is NOT a product I would use on children, whose hands seem to have an uncontrollable link to their mouths.   The Satsuma doesn’t have the same punch as this one does.


In total, I purchased 6 products with a subtotal=$21

Received $15 (1500 Swagbucks)

Final Price=$6, the cost of just one of the Body Butters or Body Scrubs, like getting 5 products FREE!


By the time we we made it home, we were all exhausted.  As I pulled in the driveway and took out my keys, I realized we were locked out.  Miscommunication with my teenager left the house key on the kitchen counter instead of in my purse where I thought he had put it.  After having my neighbor try to “break in” through our kitchen window to no avail, we ended up driving across town to my father’s house for a spare.  We didn’t return home again until 11pm, but when I got inside and checked, my rebate had already processed, with the 1500 Swagbucks waiting in my account.  With Swagbucks, you can cash out via Paypal, or a plethora of store gift cards.  You can even donate to different charities.  There are gift cards you can get for as low as 100 Swagbucks, which is $1.  For Paypal though, the lowest denomination is 2500 Swagbucks, which is $25.  However, if you prefer Paypal like I do, it doesn’t take long at all to have enough bucks.  If you use both rebates, you can cash out via Paypal immediately.

It definitely works, it’s absolutely safe, and you do in fact receive your rebate immediately.  It is honestly a SUPER DEAL that you don’t want to miss.  If there are other products you wish to purchase, don’t forget there is an ADDITIONAL rebate from Ibotta (I give instructions on The Body Shop Deal post) that gives you $5 when you spend $30 in store at The Body Shop.  There is also an additonal $5 for Sephora when you spend $50 in store. These both can be combined with the Swagbucks rebate as it is based on your original store receipt.

I hope you all enjoy the rebate and the FREEBIES that it brings!!  It is really easy and takes just a minute, but if you have any questions or need help, I would be happy to walk you through it.  The quickest way to reach me is to either post or send a message on the Facebook page here.


Once again, you can find the full deals and instructions on The Body Shop Deal HERE, and the Sephora Deal HERE.


Sign up for your free Swagbucks account now, and start saving and making money immediately!


This post contains affiliate and/or referral links. I use them whenever possible to recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!



Nutri-Grain Bars only $0.14 a Box at Target This Week! Print Now!




I posted the Nutri-Grain deal last week in preparation for the new sale period.   If you have not yet printed the coupons, PRINT NOW!  They won’t be around much longer.  Starting today through 11/22, get Nutri-Grain Bar Boxes for only $0.14!

This is a fantastic stock up deal, great for snacks, school lunches, and to keep with you for anytime you are hungry. I keep a few of these in my purse for the kids. It is inevitable that at least one of the two will be hungry at any given moment, and stopping for snacks while out, takes up a lot of unnecessary money.   Even over the course of just a few months!

Like all printables, you can print 2 copies of each coupon per computer. For SWAGBUCKS coupons, it is the same, you just need to also have an additional account per each computer. You can share a printer as coupon prints are based on computer IP address. You receive $0.10 for every SWAGBUCKS coupon you redeem, and an additional $0.25 every time you hit 10 prints!

Bring your reusable bags and receive $0.05 off your receipt for each one you use. Use a Target Red Card and receive an additional 5% off all your purchases. If you are like I am and refuse to use credit cards, you can get a Red Card simply linked to your bank account, and use as a debit. All the savings with none of the fees!




  • Buy 4 Nutri-Grain Bars 5-10 count sale $2.50,  through 11/22

Buy 4, receive $5 Target Gift Card through 11/22

Use FOUR $1/1 Kellogg’s Nuitri-Grain Fruit and Oat Harvest Bars, or Special K Moments printable SWAGBUCKS

Use one reusable bag, receive $0.05 off your receipt

Pay $5.95, receive $5 Target Gift Card, and receive $0.40 for redeeming four SWAGBUCKS coupons

=$0.55, only $0.14 each when you buy 4





This post contains affiliate links. I use affiliate and referral links whenever possible to help recover a small portion of the costs required to run this site. Thank you in advance for using them, as it is much appreciated!


8 Tresemme Hair Stylers and Playtex FREE, Plus $4.08 MONEYMAKER at Target!





Starting tomorrow, Sunday October 12th, Get 8 FREE Tresemme and Playtex products at Target, plus make $4.08!


SUPER deal alert!  Starting tomorrow at Target, there is an incredible deal which gives you $43.92 in products totally FREE, plus make $4.08 off them!!!

Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags, and receive $0.05 off your receipt for each one you bring and use.  Use your Target Red Card and receive an additional 5% off all your purchases.

Make sure you check in with your free shopping apps JINGIT and SHOPKICK. and earn money just for being in the store.  You can also scan a few product bar codes and watch quick ad videos for money as well.

When you are finished shopping, take a quick photo of your receipt in RECEIPT HOG, and earn money just for sharing your purchases which help companies with advertising, marketing, and product development.  You also earn free spins on their slot machine where you can earn even more money, and even get paid the amount of your last receipt that you entered!   Plus, it is fun to play!

If you don’t have the paper insert coupon included in this deal, you have plenty of time to order it from Coupons and Things by DeDe clipping service.  She has the cheapest, fastest service, with the most extensive coupon catalog.  You receive your order in 2-3 days max after placing it, and pay on average 10% of the coupon value.  So for a $1 off coupon, you would pay only $0.10.  Still tremendous savings, and a great way to get coupons that didn’t come in your regional paper, or buy multiples of items you use regularly.


As with almost all coupons, you can print 2 copies of each one per computer.  In deals such as this if you need to print more, you just need another household account on a separate computer.  You can however share a printer, as coupon prints are based on the computer IP address.



  • Buy 4 Tresemme Hair Stylers $3.99
  • Buy 4 Playtex Tampons $6.99

Buy 3 Tresemme Stylers, receive $5 Target Gift Card

Buy 2 Playtex Tampons, receive $5 Target Gift Card = $10 in Gift Cards

Use four $3/1 Playtex Tampons printable smartsource.com

Use one $1/2 Playtex tampons Target printable target.com

Use two $5/2 Tresemme product RP 9/28 exp. 10/26

or you can Use four $2/1 Tresemme printable SWAGBUCKS (pays you $0.10 for every coupon you use ) if you don’t have the paper insert coupons and don’t want to order them

and Use $10 off $40 Target Mobile coupon text BRANDS4 to 827438

Pay $10.92, receive $10 in 2 Target Gift Card for Playtex, receive $5 Gift Card for Tresemme

=FREE plus $4.08 MONEYMAKER when you buy all 8!


$43.92 of product, TOTALLY FREE!



TOTALLY FREE MEAL at Long John Silvers, Sat June 28th! Plus FREE DRINK!

TOTALLY FREE MEAL at Long John Silver’s on Saturday, June 28th!  Plus get a FREE DRINK!

Everyone will receive a FREE meal at Long John Silvers on Saturday!  They are giving away FREE Fish and Fries to every person that comes.  You can get your FREE MEAL by either dining in, or through their carry out/drive through service! Typically with promotions like these, restaurants require customers to dine in only.  So getting a FREE MEAL while never having to leave your car, is REALLY COOL!!!!

FREE DRINK from Long John Silvers

FREE DRINK from Long John Silvers


If that wasn’t great enough, they are also giving away a FREE DRINK by texting FISH to 41522!  Visit the LJSilvers.com website and join their coupon club and newsletter, to receive even more free offers and additional coupons!  You can already print coupons directly off their website.  By signing up though, you will receive exclusive discounts, promotions, freebies for your birthday, and other offers not given elsewhere.


Here is the information on their website:

“On June 28 from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. at participating locations, Long John Silver’s will give one crispy golden fish filet and a serving of natural-cut fries to every guest who visits the store (dine in or carryout only) completely free of charge.

“Long John Silver’s wants to celebrate our loyal customers who have made us America’s favorite seafood brand for the past 45 years,” said Mike Kern, Long John Silver’s Chief Executive Officer. “There is no better way to say ‘Thank you’ to America than by offering everyone the delicious, classic fish and fries that first made us famous.”

Free Fish & Fries is just one of many special offers and events that Long John Silver’s will announce over the coming months as the restaurant sets out to surprise and delight its customers with the mouthwatering seafood they love and crave all summer long.

“We want everyone in America to enjoy the craveable, one-of-a-kind taste that only Long John Silver’s can serve,” said Kern.”


Text for your FREE DRINK and head to a Long John Silver’s Restaurant on Saturday to enjoy your FREE FISH and FRIES for your whole family!