Young Men’s Clothing only $5, Walmart Clearance, Denim Jeans, Call of Duty, Graphic Tees, & More




There are some great clearance deals at Walmart right now on young men’s and men’s clothing.  I didn’t have a lot of time, but was able to grab a few pieces that my son could use.   Everything on sale was priced at only $5.00.  They had a lot of cargo pants, jeans, graphic tees, plain tee shirts, sweatshirts, and even jackets.  I saw a really nice Starter jacket, but it was an XL which I am not sure my Vegetarian teenager will ever wear in his lifetime.   Great buy, but won’t use it, so left it for you 😉

The No Boundaries jeans for men are actually really nice looking in person.  However, I personally do not like the belt, so I will be donating it.  The Russell performance Dry-Power tee shirts incredibly soft, which is a must when shopping for my son, and I was really surprised by the quality.  And last but not least, they have Call of Duty Modern Warfare long sleeved layered look tee shirts that come with matching hats.   I will be donating the hat too, as I can’t pay my teenager to wear a hat right now.

There is a lot more available than what I grabbed, and there were four full clearance racks of clothing.  Lots of great clothing items, and all for only $5.00!


Walmart Young Men’s Clearance Deals:



  • No Boundaries Denim Jeans clearance price $5.00


  • Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Long Sleeved Layered look Tee Shirt and Hat combo clearance price $5.00


  • Russell Dry-Power Performance Tee Shirt (super soft cotton feel) $5.00