12 Best Desktop Speakers For Incredible Sound (2019)

The Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II is probably not the latest and ideal speakers out of this prolific brand, but they have still earned a likely long-term spot among the best desktop speakers. This speaker’s two tall satellite speakers deliver the entire range of sound expected of high-fidelity sound despite the fact that they do not have a subwoofer.

‘re looking for the deepest low-end sound from your personal computer audio, this will be an obvious setback then. But if you need a nice-sounding system that is clearly a bit more space conscious, the T40 speakers are a great pick. In conditions of appearance, they may be kind of like a hybrid between computer loudspeakers and bookshelf loudspeakers. The three-driver configuration with woven fiberglass cones looks very classy from the front.

The plastic material casing runs deep behind this front side plate, which gives the audio speakers with much-needed space for air displacement. Each loudspeaker has a bass interface at the top also, which further enhances the reduced end. Creative calls this BasXPort technology, though it is nothing new to speaker design. For the way they actually sound, the T40 audio speakers are accurate and clear. While they make some sacrifices in the low end obviously, these speakers have superior imaging capabilities, which is something that matters a lot if you are sitting only 2-3 feet from your audio source.

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The mid and high-mids are a strong indicate the sound, providing superior detail to your favorite tracks. The highest frequencies can be a little bright depending on the type of music you pay attention to, but this is fixable with the EQ knobs on the right speaker easily. The dome tweeters really bring out snares, cymbals, and other percussion hits, however the overall sound has a good sense of balance still. Still, the low-end performance of the T40 must be addressed.

Because of the physics of sound, the bass expansion from these desktop loudspeakers is never going to match that of a full-sized subwoofer. But the midrange cones execute a decent job of recreating punchy low end. That is until you can higher volume levels. When these loudspeakers are forced by you to their potential quantity, the bass becomes sloppy, though still plenty present.

This means that you get more of this airy room sound and less of the limited bass details that the discerning listener wants. One more shortcoming is that the power-saving system can be considered a trouble if you listen to music very quietly. If your sound is too quiet to hit the power threshold, your speakers might switch off in the middle of a track mistakenly. Aside from this and a lack of bass, there really isn’t very much else to worry about with this setup.

These tall desktop audio speakers are a small percentage of the price tag on most bookshelf speakers, but these sound as good just. If a 2.0 system fits your space and sound needs, then your T40 speakers are a great option. Jim from JimsReviewRoom shares his applying for grants in the latest iteration of these speakers, the T50W, in the video below. Aside, from some added (however, not necessarily needed) wireless functionality, both are simply the same.

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