Business Etiquette And The Job Interview 1

Business Etiquette And The Job Interview

There will be a lot of advice around that’s designed to cause you to feel more peaceful about job interviews. Many people say you should just treat an interview as a business conference. But imagine if you’ve never experienced a business meeting? As students or recent graduate, it’s likely that you don’t have much, or any, connection with business meetings, so what in the event you expect?

Most business etiquette is based on good sense and good manners – meaning some of these tips will sound apparent. There’s no mystique about this: generally, it’s about behavior that shows you respect the other people and want to make them feel comfortable. Be punctual: turn up on time or a bit earlier.

Shake hands when invited to do so. Expect some small chat before getting right down to business. This helps create rapport between people who have not fulfilled before. Business meetings generally have a seat – somebody who leads the debate, ensures that the plan is covered, and indicators when the meeting over is. At a job interview, this may not be explicit but you will notice the HR manager or another person on the interview panel to take this role.

Be particularly alert to what this person says. Wait around for someone to reply to stop speaking before you; don’t interrupt. Answer thoughtfully and make eye connection with the individual who’s talking. Don’t swear, and avoid slang whenever you can: it might not be understood by all present and can sound unprofessional. Avoid making jokes: they are best avoided with people you don’t know as they can misfire.

They could also suggest that you are not taking the conference significantly. Give your full attention to the meeting. Turn your phone off (and if you’ve forgotten, don’t answer it in the middle of the interview!). It’s acceptable to take a drink of drinking water, though, if it is offered, and it’s also OK to take notes. By the end of the meeting, thank people because of their time.

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