HOW EXACTLY TO Put Google Custom Site Search Into YOUR PRESENT Website Design 1

HOW EXACTLY TO Put Google Custom Site Search Into YOUR PRESENT Website Design

Until lately the free site search provided by Bing were less than ideal. Whenever a user searched from your website, they would be studied to a search results page that was jarringly not the same as the web page where they joined their search query. But when you put a search term (let’s seek out “Rand Fishkin”) for the reason that package and press “search,” you get redirected to some other page that is quite a bit less pretty.

Okay, the desired search results can be found, but wouldn’t it rock if those results arrived similar to this? The above-mentioned image is using Google custom search results. It looks lovely, and since the total email address details are integrated into the website design, it doesn’t mistake anyone doing a search. I rank the Google custom search as one of the best free ways to improve a user’s experience and improve your (or a client’s) site. It has a “Wow” factor with clients that is huge, yet it is free and really easy to do.

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It only had taken me about twenty minutes to make a custom internet search engine that queries SEOmoz and displays the results of their own very spiffy design. It is that simple really. You can too make money with it! Google took the lead when they created the ability to seamlessly integrate users into a website’s design.

Create a search results web page for your site. Make a copy of a webpage within your site that gets the desired design elements on it and then name it “searchresults.html” (or whatever you want). For the above-mentioned example using SEOmoz, I copied their “services page” and called it “seomoz.html”.

This new web page will be where your search engine results will be shown by Google, so when we create our new internet search engine we are asked to get into a URL where we want our results shown. It is easier to make this page and have it live on your server first.

Create the search engine. Go to the Google Coop page and click the “Create a Search Engine” button. You’ll be asked to register to your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, follow the instructions to create one. Search engine name: This name used to be displayed in the user but isn’t more, so you can name it whatever you want.