Methods Of Hair Removal For Men 1

Methods Of Hair Removal For Men

Some men, with heavy hair regrowth on backs and chests are using laser beam treatments, not to remove the locks completely, but to make it slimmer considerably. Waxing specialists also see many men requiring eyebrows thinned out and the trunk of the neck and around the ears treated too. Men are also deciding on the male exact carbon copy of the ‘bikini wax’.

Apart from routine beard shaving men often find removal of body hair in other places something of the secret, unlike women who become expert in their teenagers. The most frequent options for hair removal are laser beam waxing and treatment. Laser hair removal for men uses the power of laser light to kill the hair root and deters any more growth.

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The hair follicle is still left intact so that it is possible for the hair to regrow but this is uncommon. Although not completely permanent hair regrowth shall not happen for a very long time, if ever. In addition, many men grow more hair on their back and chest as they age so these need to be removed at regular intervals too.

Treatments are usually 30 mins in length and the number of treatments will depend on the amount of hair to be removed. Some men choose to slim out the hair rather than completely remove everything. Laser hair removal is best used on the chest, stomach, shoulders, and around the genitals.

Almost permanent although an annual treatment to take care of any light regrowth may be needed. Waxing has developed from the honey structured waxing methods that have been sticky and messy. Soy-based waxes are a far greater alternative and don’t stick to your skin, only to the hair. The wax is permitted to dry then removed with strips of towel.

Treatments take around 10 minutes to an hour. Waxing is used on legs usually, arms, underarms, eyebrows, and ears. 80. The treatment shall last around 5 or 6 weeks. It’s important to look after your pores and skin to avoid infections by using anti-bacterial lotions soon after. Some studies suggest that laser treatments are far better if done after waxing.