Business That Cares

It is hard to believe that a little over a year ago when a friend of mine delivered me a web link to the website of small restaurant procedure in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Mission Street Foods. Mission Street Foods began as a food truck and expanded into an operating restaurant twice a week, with all of the proceeds donated towards a designated charity.

This happenstance inspired me to make Business That Cares and write my first blog post. In addition, year this past, I finished this program and received my certificate in Positive Business and Society Change through Case Western University’s Weatherhead School of Management. Area of the planned program requirements were to submit three tales to the Center for BAWB, Business Agent of World Benefit, for his or her World Inquiry project, which I also published on the blog: Replyforall, Better World Books, and GoodCapital.

The World Inquiry into B·A·W·B, hosts a global dialogue through the highlighting and posting of tales of successful business enhancements that are making a positive impact on culture and the environment on their Innovation Bank site. And looking forward, it appears clear that taking a look at business philanthropy from an Organizational Behavior and Organizational Development perspective, can help businesses know how it relates to the entire working of the carrying on business. This is to be commended. And today, it’s time to begin which makes it really effective.

NoRedInk – A good site for helping college student w/ their grammar and writing skills. Teachers can assign lessons and quizzes as well as tracking college student progress. MeoGraph – A forward thinking new site for four dimensional storytelling that comes with an educational portal. Inklewriter – A great site which allows students to write creative tales online free of charge. It works by adding to a current tale or starting your own and then branching off to where you want to go.

It’s great for collaborating w/ others as soon as it’s finished it gets published online and can be shared w/ others. 9Slides – Is an excellent site for adding video or narration to slideshows. This is ideal for professional development or for explaining and introducing a new concept or subject. Winged Sandals – That is the best site for everything Greek Mythology. That is a great site for learning interesting facts, images, games and pictures.

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Learnia – A good educational sociable learning network that is great for students and educators to share and learn knowledge through online lessons. Playfic – This is a niche site after my own heart which allows users to create, play, and remix online text message based games (Zork anyone?). A great way to interact w/ others and reinforce your writing/sentence structure skills. Teachers Tech – Is a wonderful iOS app for finding “how to” videos on all things blogging platforms 2.0 related in the class.

Trash Chaos – Is a fun original iPad app for studying recycling. This application is well suited for younger kids, has excellent animated images and by a high notch company, Yogome. Humanline – One of the better new sites around for finding free educational images. Hello Slide – That is a very cool site that gives a tone of voice or narration to slides simply by typing what you want it to state.

Moms w/ Apps – Is a great place for finding educational applications as well as learning about other great mobile programs such as App Friday. InSkilled – A distinctive site which allows users to monitor and talk about what they learn online through an extremely useful personal paced interface. Musicshake Edu – Students create music online that can then be downloaded or used anywhere.

Knowmia – A nice place to find educational videos on 1000’s of lessons for every subject. Perfect for the HS level. Nulu – A innovative site for learning Spanish by reading comparative articles on a wide variety of topics that is translated into Spanish. A user can then choose which words are problematic for these to help guide their learning.