Project Sharp Proposes A 500-job, $145 Million HQ Near Fidelity National Campus 1

Project Sharp Proposes A 500-job, $145 Million HQ Near Fidelity National Campus

145 million corporate headquarters. 29.9 million in condition and city incentives. Sharp is referred to as a global financial technology services company. 85,000 to the 500 jobs and maintain its existing 1,216 careers in Jacksonville. Virtually no time body is included in the quality. 23 million in a Recaptured Enhanced Value grant from the populous city over 20 years. 130 million to stay qualified to receive the REV grant, which indicates a creator may be involved that would buy the land and build the framework for the company.

3.5 million closing fund give that Sharp would get upon substantial conclusion of building. The DIA quality includes an aerial map that presents the site is a surface parking lot next to a parcel owned by Fidelity National Financial Inc. close to the existing Fidelity campus along Riverside Avenue. The car parking lot is owned by Florida Blue. The proposed development agreement and term sheet for Project Sharp does not point out the Florida Blue parking lot as the development site for Project Sharp and only indicates that it’s “in the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area. DIA CEO Lori Boyer said Monday a development site for Project Sharp is not announced.

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“I did not supply the aerials,” Boyer said. 3.5 million offer to create a 750-space parking garage area two blocks western on Magnolia Street. Florida Blue has 4.5 acres at 323 Riverside Ave. that it uses for parking. “We have nothing in connection with that. It’s possessed by Florida Blue. If Florida Blue markets it or negotiates a sale of it, that’s Florida Blue’s decision,” Boyer said. 22.5 million car parking garage. If approved by the DIA, both resolutions would want City Council acceptance.

43 billion acquisition of Worldpay Inc. on Wednesday. 12 billion in annual income and 55,000 employees worldwide. “This transformative combination significantly enhances the scale, stock portfolio and global footprint of FIS to help our clients capitalize on growth opportunities at the same time of rapid market place change,” FIS LEADER Gary Norcross said in a information release. FIS is based along the riverfront at 601 Riverside Ave., close to the site targeted for Sharp. That includes the closed Fire Station No. 5, which the populous city wants to remove. Today That purchase is planned for council Finance Committee account. It will need full council approval also.

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