Accounting VS BS In Accounting : Accounting 1

Accounting VS BS In Accounting : Accounting

Before I start there’s a TLDR in the bottom. I am conducting research where degree I wish to pursue currently, and I would like to listen to from you and from your experience! I am currently looking into and debating between obtaining a level Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting OR a BS in Accounting.

Professionally, I wish to enter accounting. I’ve heard getting an accounting degree isn’t necessarily required to enter the field. However, I feel that I would be forgotten VS someone who built a basis via an accounting level. Additionally, Personally I think like getting a BSBA is taking the easy way out credited to it being such a general degree without much depth (IMHO no offense to whoever has it). Additionally, I’ll walk away with 18-21 credits in accounting with the BSBA emphasis in Accounting around. A couple of more variables easily go with the BSBA – Accounting.

Things to consider are the pursuing: GPA, internships, marketing- to name a few just. At this time I am leaning towards doing the hard right and going with the BS in Accounting. Thanks for taking your time and energy to learn this and give your advice! TLDR: I wish to enter the Accounting Field. Should I get a BS in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting or a BS in Accounting?

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