Women With A Disabling Neurological Disorder ARE IN The Risk Of Center Conditions Double 1

Women With A Disabling Neurological Disorder ARE IN The Risk Of Center Conditions Double

IIH is a debilitating condition where the pressure around the mind is severely raised, causing disabling persistent headaches. It could compress the optic nerve also, causing permanent vision loss in 25 % of those affected. The problem is most common in women with weight problems in their twenties and thirties. A study, published today in JAMA Neurology, compared the GP patient records of 2,760 women with IIH with a control band of 27,125 women who don’t have IIH. The researchers discovered that women with IIH were as apt to be vulnerable to cardiovascular disease double, including center stroke and failure, as women of the same age and weight without IIH.

Professor Sinclair is also an expert neurologist at UHB, leading one of the world’s largest IIH scientific services structured at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. By combining scientific neurology with translational research, Professor Sinclair and her team are actually world-leading experts in brain pressure. Individuals with a higher body mass index are in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. We therefore wanted to compare women with and without IIH who had the same age group and weight to establish if there was an improvement in risk between women with and without IIH unbiased of weight.

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  • Syndrome X or insulin level of resistance, which causes hormone inefficiency
  • Drink plenty of drinking water to help flush the uric acid from your system
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