GMAT And GRE Coaching Center: February 2019 1

GMAT And GRE Coaching Center: February 2019

Csquare Learnings will take this opportunity to Congratulate all the seven admits to ISB this season (the titles are mentioned below). We know everyone was waiting for this moment since a long time and we are excited to see your DREAMS come true. We are pleased with all the seven students of Square who have accomplished their goal and made it to ISB. It really is indeed an invigorating moment for Square to have everyone as our alumni.

This journey to success has not been a cake walk for all of you right from searching the very best institute for GMAT to clearing the interview. We can recall the times with a few of you when you prepared the day and night for GMAT and went through all the mind storming classes to draft essays, and at the end must say THEY HAVE ALL PAID! This truly demonstrates hard commitment and work may lead you to your DREAMS.

Time and again all you have demonstrated the zeal and inspiration to make it into a Big School of your decision and finally here it is-Indian School of Business! Finally heartiest great job to all the ISB admits for the splendid performance so far. Square wants the ISB admits All the Best for the future and continuous success and May you be bestowed numerous such enlivening occasions.

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