3 Membership Site Ideas 1

3 Membership Site Ideas

If you’ve already got a popular website or blog, you almost certainly provide some great content free of charge. It might be blog posts, podcasts, videos, or something else. Maybe you’re already selling some advertising, or possibly you are not monetizing your website in any way. As we’ve discussed, adding memberships to your website provides your community a simple outlet for helping your work.

Remember, you do not need a complicated strategy to start a regular membership site. You can slowly start adding some extra member benefits as you go. Here are three membership website ideas that we’ve seen work well in real life. This is the most apparent way to provide something special to your associates, but it isn’t always easy to decide what you ought to offer. I’ll talk about two different ideas for people only content.

The first, value content, attracts your audience from a small business and learning perspective, while the second, insider content attracts your audience from a more curious angle. Either strategy can be effective. You find a way to utilize them both Preferably. Value content is content that will help your readers to make money or take action they’re really thinking about.

If you’re writing great content about DIY do-it-yourself, like Young House Love, one idea is always to write a weekly post with a particular member only do-it-yourself task. Another idea would be to add a printable PDF step by step guide for users in each restoration-style post.

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This is the value content. It’s especially useful and highly relevant to your readers. Insider content gives your audience some insight into you as well as your work life or program. Humans are naturally curious and thinking about people we admire. Entire TV publications and shows are dedicated to documenting celebrity life. Ways to you switch this interest into a basic idea for your account site?

In the Young House Love example, John and Sherry could include some behind the scenes video they had taken while completing a renovation, or a blooper reel of mistakes made through the process maybe. They may also do a quick members only video explaining the thought process behind a do-it-yourself project. Put in a members only discussion forum to your site where paid members can discuss ideas and trade tips.

The biggest benefit you’re selling is trust. It’s a safe place to talk to like minded individuals who share some of the same interests. Spending money on the privilege creates a sense of personal privacy and community that normally wouldn’t exist. If you are going to add a discussion community forum, it is important that you’re committed to taking part in the debate.

Members will really appreciate the special gain access to them’re getting to your time and effort and ideas. You don’t have to participate in every debate, but it is important for the city to know you’re involved. You are visiting to share some thoughts can make all the difference. If you already have conversation discussion boards that are free, try adding a new “Members only” community forum. This is a sensible way to leverage the energy of premium with your debate forums.

Free-participants might be enticed to buy an account to participate in the private discussion board. If you’re using Memberful with WordPress, adding a protected discussion forum with bbPress is simple really. Once you have installed the bbPress plugin, put in a new forum and choose any plans that are required for access from the Memberful Restrict Access box. Simple Fitness Habit is a distinctive program designed to create positive new practices around healthy exercise. Simple Fitness Habit uses Memberful to protect access to a forum where members can support one another and have questions. If you create the majority of this content on your site, it’s likely your audience looks up to you.

They would be absolutely excited to get some real-life time to ask questions and go out with you. Unfortunately, hanging out with everyone separately doesn’t really level. Luckily, it is made by the internet simpler to scale your time. When you have just one hour a week to spare, it can be made by you work. Set up a time each week when you’re available live to chat via video, voice, or even text with your members.