When To Consider Weight Loss Surgery // Middlesex Health 1

When To Consider Weight Loss Surgery // Middlesex Health

What options should you consider if you are attempting to lose excess weight and are considered morbidly obese? “Surgical treatment is considerably superior to conservative procedures of diet and exercise,” says Dr. Jonathan Aranow. “Patients who have surgery have dramatic weight loss with an increase of than 90 percent experiencing long term, profound weight loss.

Surgery options range from gastric bypass and sleeve surgery. At Middlesex Health, we use the da Vinci robot to perform these procedures. That is a minimally invasive option that provides the benefits of traditional weight loss surgery. It, however, can mean smaller incisions, faster recovery times, and shorter hospital stays.

Weight loss surgery is for those diagnosed with medically severe or morbid weight problems and might not be right for everyone. At Middlesex, Dr. Aranow shall review your health background to determine if it’s your best option for you. To see Dr. Aranow, you must meet specific requirements before you are believed for an evaluation.

These are based on guidelines established by the National Institutes of Health. Depending on your insurance, you might need a referral from most of your care doctor also. Morbid obesity is a significant, chronic disease that impacts more than 25 percent of American adults and 14 percent of American children. Every day, more than 1,000 people in the United States will die from obesity and related health issues.

People who are obese likewise have an increased threat of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory illnesses. “In these patients, surgery is preferred as the best chance for long-term survival and health by several leading organizations, including the American Diabetes Association and the American Medical Association,” says Dr. Aranow.

The center recognizes that having weight reduction surgery is a huge decision. In addition to providing high-quality health care, the center helps support groups. Thus giving patients to be able to gain understanding from a dietitian and psychologist before having surgery. In addition, it allows them to connect with other patients after surgery.

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