Beauty And Elegance 1

Beauty And Elegance

I’ve been thinking about color analysis for a while now and the more I find out about it, the greater I’m really needs to ‘see’ which color season a person belongs to. Its really amazing, if you can take a look at a person and actually see that they are an autumn (warm and spicy coloring) or a summer (light and cool). I’ve made a decision to use some popular celebrities to give examples of each of the 4 main seasons (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Autumn).

Color analysis is a lot more in-depth than classifying people into 4 categories. However, I needed to give an instant exemplary case of the 4 basic colors types and reveal next to each picture the diversity within each season. When I believe about the summertime color types, I automatically think of women who appear stunning in blue-gray, powdery cool-pastels, light fuchsia, orchid, and light lemon yellowish tones. When you can rock the bluish-pink lipstick, you are a summertime definitely! Bar Refaeli – Bar’s light blue-gray eyes are characteristic of the summer color type! Here is a photo of the past due Farrah Fawcett in her ‘Charlie’s Angels’ times – her hair is super ‘ash’ blond – a hallmark of the summer!

Cameron Diaz – notices how Cameron always looks stunning in sterling silver and incredibly light tinged platinum earings (cooler months look better in silver is silver). Also, look how fresh her makeup appears when she wears the pastels and goes for a sheer light red lip – simply stunning! When I believe about women who participate in the spring color type, I believe: peach, light silver, warm, and coral sand colors.

Springs come alive in warm-toned pastels and appearance amazing in light coral and warm red tones. Jennifer Aniston is a classic Spring – notice how her locks has a stunning warm, golden glow (compare this to the picture of Farrah Fawcett and you will start to see the difference between cool/ash blond and warm fantastic, blond).

Mischa Barton is another traditional Spring. She appears excellent when she adds warm, golden blond highlights to her locks. Notice that in this picture, she appears great in the yellow metal tinged lipgloss (compare this to Cameron Diaz’s light red lip color and you will really start to see the difference between warm and cool lip tones).

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The ultimate winter female was ‘Snow White’ with her ivory pores and skin and black hair. However, Winter is not limited to this coloring – a lot of women who have an awesome olive undertone our winters! When I think of the winter woman, I deep think, cool, crisp colors – winter women can wear the most deep, dramatic color and look fantastic!

Courtney Cox – I selected this picture of Courtney since it really shows how well a winter female looks in icy blue – it compliments her dark locks and stunning blue eyes. Catherine Zeta Jones appears amazing in her winter palette colors – especially the jewel well developed colors of ruby, emerald, sapphire – she sparkles in her deep, cool colors!

Elizabeth Taylor simply ‘glows’ when she wears her winter colors – look at how fantastic she looks in red! Elizabeth can be an example of a person who is more of a ‘clear winter’ – she really sparkles when she wears the clear, bright colors of her palette! When I think of the Autumn woman, I think spicy and warm always.

Deep burnt oranges, marigold yellows, moss greens, and deep teal – all these colors are stunning on the fall months! Audrina Patridge appears wonderful in her teal colored dress! Notice how her red lipstick comes with an orange/warm undertone and exactly how well the yellow metal earrings compliment her coloring! Audrina appears the best in the deep, brilliant shades of fall months!