FAQ For Create-A-Book Dealers

If I don’t bring a product, must i DELETE it? It is your option to choose which products you’d prefer to promote and sell, however, we recommend departing all products ACTIVE. In the event that you sell it and don’t own it in stock, a drop shipper could have the order out in 1-2 days. The drop shipper charges less than retail, so a profit is manufactured by you and You get another potential do it again customer. Plus showing more products gives your visitors a much better impression of you business, and escalates the chance they’ll find something else they want to order at another time.

I accidentally deleted a product, how to I add it back.You’ll follow the same steps to add a new product. Since Create-A-Book no longer has licensing contracts with books that are discontinued, and we’re a Create-A-Book website, we cannot lawfully add those images in the default selection. However, you aren’t bound by the same contracts and are allowed to scan the book cover and add product and image to your website. Unless you have a scanning device, you can also get the images from Google.

Open google and select “images” link so it will seek out pictures, and enter book cover you need. Find picture you like best (make sure to “view bigger image” if available), and right click on the image and choose “Save As.” This will save the image to your personal computer.

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Then you just have to follow the normal steps to “Add product” (view video tutorial). Why Doesn’t CAB set a “minimum” retail price? Because Create-A-Book is not just a franchise, and for that reason, because the dealers are unbiased retail sellers, there is absolutely no real way that we could control, established, fix, or limit the prices of the merchandise on the market place.

The Sherman Anti Trust Act does make reference to this, which is illegal. EASILY owned all the stores, and all the dealers were my employees, i possibly could set the purchase price for all your books then, but it could then only be one company establishing the purchase price. Many companies (dealers with business licenses) sell the books which is not legal for me to need a set price from the dealers. Price fixing is an agreement between business competitors to sell the same product or service at the same price. In general, it is an agreement intended to push the price of a product as high as possible ultimately, resulting in profits for all the sellers.

Price-fixing can also involve any agreement to repair, peg, discount or stabilize prices. The main feature is any agreement on price, whether expressed or implied. For the customer, meanwhile, the practice results in a phenomenon similar to price gouging. Price fixing requires a conspiracy between several sellers; the purpose is to coordinate pricing for shared benefit at the trouble of customers.