Ready To Retire Financially. Should I QUIT Such A Great Job? 1

Ready To Retire Financially. Should I QUIT Such A Great Job?

My husband and I are economically able to retire from both our careers. Just wondering if it’s worth it to give up such a congrats. 2,000,000 invested. We just sold the house but intend to use that money to buy our pension home, so that is not contained in our net value.

I have obsessed for a long time about how to cover healthcare until we reach 65. I’ve employer provided health care and it is cheap and very comprehensive. My job is very cushy. I work 6 days on/8 days off. On night-time shift taking calls for hospice and many evenings I work at home, I get few phone calls. I also do home trips but don’t go out every night. I get paid whether I do any ongoing work or not. I get additional money for weekends and holidays even.

It is a 16-hour on call shift, I get paid for 10 hours during the night to change differential. 100, a 12 months carrying this out 000. Oh, and I get 6 weeks paid vacation a year. Why would I quit such a great job? Here are my reasons: night-time change is hard on health.

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I am actually in excellent health now, but as I get older, I see my sleep getting more important. I also want to move from this state. I dislike the political climate, the weather, the crime, and the traffic, the price of living is high. Plan to move to another continuing state for a better lifestyle and a lower cost of living.

Hubby is very prepared to stop his job. 70, a calendar year with 4 weeks vacation 000. Reasons to stay: medical health insurance. A month for both of us through my employer 2000. It’s an HMO and would need to live here for 6 months a year and have to stay in network. 1 mil per event Max. We are eligible, but I’ve heard from friends, it takes quite a while to get reimbursed.

Thinking of just placing money apart and pay cash, get reimbursed from healthcare then. I am a savvy consumer of healthcare and can get good prices. One option is: hubby quits his job and we travel to sunnier state on my weeks off. We keep our health and wellness insurance and my income but incur air travel expenses and continue steadily to pay the high cost of living for rent, etc. In sunnier place, can live for cheap with my sister, who I am very near.

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