A Black Woman’s Journey To Physical Fitness

Should Black women measure their fitness the same way White women measure fitness? Is the BMI an accurate way of measuring Health? As I get closer and nearer to reaching my weight-reduction goal, I must wonder what does it suggest to be healthy. Should I measure my fitness by the BMI, should I calculate my ideal body weight, should I measure it by could look and feel, should it be assessed by me by risk for diseases like diabetes? Of all First, there are several issues with using the BMI as a measure.

The BMI project is a slide show of women with diverse BMI. Take some right time to check it out, you might be surprised by what “overweight”, “obese”, and “morbidly obese” appear to be. In Kate’s BMI project the pictures are mainly of white women. Imagine if this task was recreated with pictures of women of color. I wish I possibly could do a BMI project with Black Women (maybe I’ll in the future).

But for the present time below are a few pictures of me and my health position according to the BMI. So again, How will you measure your Health? I’ve always questioned the validity of the BMI. About a year ago I was Obese, well at least according to the BMI. I did so not think I fit into the category of Obesity but I did think that my weight was putting me at risk for several diseases.

I wanted to reduce my risk for diabetes specifically which is common in my family. So, at this time I am choosing to disregard the BMI. Clearly it isn’t perfect because it does not ingest account muscle. But it is thought by me is effective to use as a starting place. I recommend consulting a medical doctor to determine your risk for disease and health status. I would also prefer to mention that a colleague of mine is currently taking a look at AA women’s perception of shape in a formal research study. So I believe she shall have results to discuss with the public soon.

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How did this fitness myth come about then? Well, I want to offer some recommendations. When a fat person teach with weights, he will build muscles and then for his muscle definition showing, he shall have to lose fat. He will do aerobic exercises and eat healthily to attain a healthy weight loss. When that is accomplished, he’ll reveal a lean muscular body because he has already packed on some muscle mass and have lost a large amount of surplus fat from his lose fat and build muscles program.