Are You Able To Do Both?

There is always that Next step! Yes, there is a ‘next’ step when writing or doing anything always, if you want to reach your goals. If you’ve read “How to get started earning on HubPages” are excited, and raring to look, it’s about time for the next step now. It seems in life there is always something more doesn’t it? Well of course is!

In my last Hub I described that writing for HubPages was like starting a fresh job. You’d to determine what kind of worker you were etc. I’m not heading to reiterate everything I had written in that Hub. If you want to know, please feel absolve to go read it.

  1. Bottom Up Approach
  2. General and Administrative (“G&A”) expense (payable in cash) reduced by 33% to $0.27 per Mcfe
  3. Create and email custom invoices and quotes
  4. Passive Income by means of Blogging
  5. Baird Stories

When writing a Hub, you want to provide good information. What that means exactly is this; Tell the person who is reading, something! Don’t hint around at what you are writing. Tell them what it is you want to say. How many times perhaps you have visited read articles anywhere on the internet to leave that web page scratching your head, not only questioning what you read just, by why you remained on it so long?

Or possibly reading it to the finish just wishing that the writer was going to be going someplace with the article? You are going to hear the phrase “Content is King” on Hub Pages a lot. What that means to me is this, when writing a Hub, make sure that you say something to your visitors!

They might be visiting your page in the expectations of finding an answer to a question. Give it to them, don’t leave them hanging. Make sure that when you write about something, you know what you about are speaking! You’ll get questions if your Hub is good certainly.

If you have no clue regarding what you are writing about, and someone asks you a question, what exactly are you going to do? At the very least, you will want to have the ability to point your readers in the direction they have to go, to find an answer. It doesn’t matter what you reveal, just be sure you know what you are talking about. Don’t take someone else’s work to turn the expressed words around a bit then call it your own.

If someone happens with an idea that another person has written about, that is fine you can use the same kind of subject, but make it your own work. I’ve heard people discuss finding your own market. Which means you have found your house with that you like to write and are comfortable in it. There are numerous ‘types’ of authors.

You have to determine which category you fit into. It might not come right away, it may take several Hubs for you to figure it out. That is fine, keep on writing just! Some people prefer to write ‘add type’ of Hubs, that is excellent. When you can do that, go for it. I have written several of those, they don’t appear to prosper.

That is simply not my niche market`, I’m sort of a homey person who creates like I speak. EASILY don’t’ know what I’m discussing, usually I shut up and listen just, or ask questions until I’ve learned what it is that I have to know. If you are going to create about a product, I would suggest you’ve at least attempted using the merchandise.

People will be coming to your page for ‘expert’ advice, and if you haven’t attempted the product your words will show it. You need not be an expert on the merchandise, just at least anyone who has attempted it. For me, there is nothing worse than curious about more in regards to a product and then find the same information that is shown in ads, or on the box. I usually get frustrated and either move to the next product or give up on it altogether.