What Is YOUR PREFERRED Makeup Look?

Have you ever explored your talent on other mediums? Why do you select the true face as your canvas? I think that interest in photography has sparked again with the start of my instagram and has developed thus. I’ve taught myself to work with photoshop, premiere pro, and I keep developing my art form across multiple platforms. If I’d have significantly more time on my hands I definitely would like to explore a real canvas, however the face retains a fascination to me that won’t perish out anytime soon. Do you prefer color or shape exploration when creating a new look?

Both go hand in hand, not to just forget about texture. I really do see a more graphic idea in my work. What’s your favorite makeup look? I’d be able to choose never! It’s like picking a favourite child. If you could maintain the world right now anywhere, where would that be? I’m going on christmas with my boyfriend on the first of May to finally visit a tropic beach.

That’s where I wish to be right now! Can you rather be considered a bird in the air or a fish in the ocean? Both hold attraction, as the fish can explore depths that human kind hasn’t seen, but I’d favour the freedom of a bird with less mortal dangers around. What message are you seeking to connect to the world? Self-worth, creative expression, freedom. Day explore Do you have any passions you hope to one? I’m enthusiastic about stories, in film or books. I’d like to narrate audiobooks!

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