Management Introduction Questions And Answers 241 To 250

Planning can be explained as the process where managers established missions and goals, assess the near future and develop classes of action to perform these objectives. The quantity of time spent in planning would be the best that of the next degrees of management? Which of the next is thought as management which conducts business by requirements established, by facts or truths gained through organized observation, experiment, or reasoning? Today, many organizations are involved in social activities.

Since the objectives of the culture have transformed, organizations have become more aware of their social responsibilities. A careful analysis of argument for and against the participation of organizations in sociable welfare is essential to determine whether a business should implement public initiatives. Which of the following is an debate against Social Responsibility of Business? Problems are encountered at all levels within an business, and managers at various levels have to resolve them or control them in the perfect way. Which of the following is a statement that spells out what should or should not be done in a specific situation? Middle level managers would engage in environment which of the following goal(s)? II. Organization objectives Overall.

III. Individual performance goals. IV. Specific overall business objectives such as those regarding key result areas. Managers involved with strategic planning purpose at translating the wide motives of the company into more concrete and measurable proper plans, policies and budget allocations. There are various steps mixed up in strategic planning process. Which of the following steps in the proper planning process usually precedes the others?

Shah Industries conducts its business in various industries, the hotel industry being one of them. Hetal Shah, who heads the hotel business, is concerned about how her business in going to effectively combat the increasing competition. At this point, Ms. Shah has made a decision to identify ways and means to accomplish a competitive advantage and respond to the changing environment and competitive situation.

At which organizational level is Ms. Shah presently dealing with her planning attempts? Product divisions are divisions intended to concentrate on a single product or service or atleast a relatively homogenous group of products or services. Which of the following is not an benefit of product departmentation or division? Which stage of the decision-making process is either nonexistent or given little attention in programmed decision making?

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According to which of the next decision-making models, is the power of managers to be completely logical in making decisions tied to certain factors? Reason : The quantity of time spent in planning would be the best for upper-level managers. Hence, from above discussion, we can infer that option (d) is appropriate.

Reason : Scientific management conducts business or affairs by criteria set up, by facts or truths gained through organized observation, experiment, or reasoning. Options (a), (b), (d) and (e) are arguments for Social Responsibility of Business. Reason : Rules are claims of actions that must be used or not used confirmed situation. ยท An operation is a series of interrelated sequential steps you can use to respond to a well-structured problem.