Welcome To Motilal Oswal Private Equity

Motilal Oswal Private Equity (MOPE) was founded in 2006 to place the investment viewpoint and acumen of Motilal Oswal Financial Services (MOFSL) into action. Through the outset, MOPE’s focus was the mid-market portion, where there is an severe need of capital, and where the MOFSL brand got significant leverage. 500 million across development capital and real property private collateral. 275 million across two private equity funds.

The MOPE team contains a balanced mix of investment and business experts, who between them, bring several hundred years of trading and working experience. Vishal Tulsyan heads the private equity business at Motilal Oswal. MOPE is a sector agnostic account with core focus on: usage led businesses, financial services, pharmaceuticals & market and health care manufacturing. Investment in mid-size enterprises with preference for either market leaders and/or led by first generation entrepreneurs.

  • Claims of high investment comes back with little or no risk
  • Minimum amount that needs to be deposited in the PPF accounts in the financial year is Rs.500
  • Unemployment rate is higher than (above) the natural rate of unemployment (NRU)
  • They used a more substantial postcard (6″x 8.5″ vs. 4″x6″)

But the kind of money I make now is very hard to walk away from. I’m compromising passion for prosperity. Later, when I’ve got all the money I want pursue all my passions I’ll. None taken, assures the blogger. Feeling a little ashamed the investment banker points out to the blogger that he’s accustomed to a certain lifestyle. “Decent money is relative. …

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